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Breast Cancer Campaign Wonder Woman

Breast Cancer Campaign

Breast Cancer Campaign

“Nobody’s immune to breast cancer.
When we talk about breast cancer, there’s no women or superwomen. Everybody has to do the self-examination monthly. Fight with us against the enemy and, when in doubt, talk with your doctor.”

Advertising Agency: DDB, Maputo, Mozambique
Creative Directors: Anderson Lima, Zeca de Oliveira
Creatives: Sara Vale, Christiano Vendramine, Erick Vasconcelos
Illustrator: Maísa Chaves (me)
Graphic producers: Faruk Issufo, Mauro Mussagy
Planner: Cristiana Oliveira
Accounts: Vasco Rocha, Christine Ramela, Fernanda Neves
Media: Khida Ismael"

character: WonderWoman
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I would love to have a copy of this print. Are they available for purchase?
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Amazing! THX! :)
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Wow I love this artwork, I've shared it on my facebook page to raise breast cancer awareness.
Being a superhero fan and after recently discovering a lump in my breast (luckily its benign), it would be an apt image to help support those that weren't as lucky, and hopefully save more lives with these beautiful heroes! Well done Halfy. You're a Hero too!
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Congratulations, that's an amazing and powerful work? 
Will you mind if I share your deviation? In a few days is the international day of Breast Cancer, and i'm sharing free information about cancer and prevention. Making it with art support makes it more easy ^^
Thanks a lot for support the fight against breast cancer!

With My best wishes,:hug:
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Thank you all for your kind comments. Its such a pleasure to see them.
M. C.
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Thank you for your Breast Cancer awareness creations.
My elder Sister was diagnosed years ago, had double mastectomy due to advanced tumors.
Respectfully yours, Christian Heller
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Thank you so much Christian. I also have history of breast cancer in my family. Lotsa strength and love for your sister.
Maisa C.
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BRILLIANT. Seriously, amazing and beautiful, thank you so much for sharing these.
These are wonderful images with a great message. Very nice!
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I love this! What an awesome idea for a campaign!!
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This is wonderful and clever. I have a college project about breast cancer and I found this solution very inspiring! Thank you for your inspirational illustration c:

Congratulations for your work!
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thank you. good luck with your project
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Thank you so much!
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wow your the one that did this add campaign! Pretty awesome!
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Excellently done, a great piece in both art and message! :heart: :clap:
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Wow. Very nicely done.
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Nice choice in using Wonder Woman. I imagine it will really emphasize the need for every woman to do their monthly checks. Beautifully rendered work also!
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! Great idea. Good message.
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Excellent way to permote the message. Way to go.
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The kind of ironic part is that the amazon women used to cut off their breast, to keep it from getting in the way of their archery...

But this is an excellent drawing, and it's handled so well.
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