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iPhone for Samurize

By halfwayglad
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iPhone for Samurize

Update 1.2
-Updated all included plugins
-Fixed a bug where the search application would disappear when moved.
-Fixed the calendar day highlight position to be more accurate.
-Centered the media player artist name and song title text.


-Fixed the calendar functions.
-Updated the calendar buttons.
-Fixed the color of the 'notes' text area to match the background.
-Fixed a weather icon.


1.This config uses the following fonts: Arial, Franklin Gothic, and Vernanda. Place any missing fonts in your C:\Windows\Fonts directory.

2. Extract all the files to C: \Program Files\Samurize. Overwrite any existing files.

3. Make sure that the installation has completed as follows:

--The iPhone configs (4) should all be in C: \Program Files\Samurize\Configs directory.

--The Skins folder should be in C: \Program Files\Samurize\ and the skins folder should have a folder titled 'iPhone.'

--You should have all the included plugins in your C: \Program Files\Samurize\plugins directory.

--You should have a Media Controller folder in C: \Program Files\Samurize\Scripts, as well as a new sysinfo script in C: \Program Files\Samurize\Scripts.


1. To start the iPhone for Samurize, open up the Instance Manager, select the default instance, and click the edit button on the bottom left. Select the corresponding iPhone config file. Hit 'OK' and then run Samurize. The iPhone should start.

2. To change the weather location, simply edit the [link] default location.You can find your location ID by typing in your location in

weather.com. Once you are at your locations page, simply look for the loctation ID in the URL. For example, Hamburg, Germany's url is weather.com/...local/GMXX0049?from=search_city, so it's location ID is GMXX0049.

Known Bugs:

1. Certain functions (search included) will become 'stuck' on the screen. Going back to the applications view or locked view fixes this problem. (This is caused by the ConfigPosition meter which loads the iPhone in the center of any screen: there is no fix).

2. This configuration may be CPU or memory intensive (10% average for CPU | 18k average for memory). If your computer cannot load the iPhone properly, open up the configuration file and completely remove all the 'stuff' that you won't be using.

3. Many times an action which requires a click will necessitate the mouse stay OVER the button being clicked to allow the action to initiate.

Feel free to email me or send me a message with any bugs or comments.

PLEASE be very specific when describing bugs.

Best wishes,

Special thanks to judge from deviantart for the permission to use his iPhone dock icons as a part of this release.

Thanks again to the crew at Samurize for all their help and dedication.

Please do not use the images from this release without permission or repost this file anywhere else.
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Tks very much for your post.

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I can't get this to work at all.

When I select it, I get an ImageCycler message saying 'No Images were found' with red X.
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do you know how to make real iphone apps?
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dude, i have put in my location id and the first page of weather works, but for the second and third page, it is still not updated and is on the default location (wallingford). is there anyway i can update my weather or izzit auto? thanks in advance :)
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i managed to install it! took me bout 5 to 6 times installing and uninstalling.. thanks dude, great job.
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Do you perhaps have a link to some larger weather icons, they are greet!! (but little :) )
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Wow, that looks very cool! :-)
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Have to say I'm not much of a Apple fan but this looks awesome, I really hope I can set it up with Foobar as my music player.
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This is amazing. Just wondering, can you jailbreak it? lol
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i follow all your instructions (three times) but when i go to launch in instance manager, it opens up (with itunes), shows the iphone for a little bit, and try and use it and nothing happens, and then immediately crashes.
any idea whats goin on here?
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Couldn't honestly tell you. Samurize is finicky.
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dncubeHobbyist General Artist
How to start instance manager in windows. Please give more details about starting your i-phone
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amaziing work
to +fav
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looks pretty incredible. Even if I am against the idea of branding my desktop, I am going to download and try it out to see if I like it. Is there any way to associate the music player with MediaMonkey?
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Not that I know of - sorry.
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too bad! I'd really like to use it! I even visited you thread on the Samurize forum to see if there was more information there :(
I'm going to try again..
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shucks! couldn't get it working. I thought I almost had it, but it crashed after hitting a few buttons on the interface. I like the idea of Samurize, but haven't gotten it to work super proper. I'm sure this is quite the find for those people who have it working. I downloaded and installed Samurize just to try this out, and that might have something to do with it. I noticed that you have to run the program once in order to produce the "Default" instance. I wonder if there is more that needs to be done in order to make this work.
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amazing work, mate!
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Impressive... I will try it in a my desk... thanks... ^^
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zweeZwyyProfessional Digital Artist
:wow: Looking forward to using this :winner:
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