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Hunger [warning: blood]


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thats my minecraft oc that i rp as on a friends smp, its an enderman who killed a pink sheep that turned out to be a sort of paranormal entity and now hes hearing a voice in his head which lead to a series of even more unfortunate events. the drawing looks so dramatic because he used to not need to eat as a normal enderman but as he discovered mining he was losing more stamina than usually and experienced massive hunger for the first time


Minecraft (c) Mojang
Art (c) Me :')

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That's quite the interesting concept. I always wanted to be part of an SMP but me and my friends can neve make our minds up.

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Thanks! ^^ And SMPs are a lot of fun, you don't gotta start with any complex lore or you can plan it like a DND campain to help for example : )

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If I'll ever join an SMP I'll become the "Contract Man", sign a contract with someone and have the whole server end up underground in a way or another. I'm the kind of person who likes Faustian Contracts.

Then surely a Resistance will start to try and find a way to stop the process of buildings goin under. And we'll see how it evolves from there.

Sadly I'm not the best at building and I never have much time on my hands.