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Due to an unreasonable cable company, I will be offline until I make my move up to Ohio. After which, I should be getting back online after I'm settled in. Looking like I'll be offline for about a month or until further notice.
Seems like two years on these pages, cleaning some of the cob webs and spiders *stomps/squish*

I've been around, just been using Fur mostly. I have drawn hardly anything in long time.

I notice alot attention on the American Dragon Pic. The funny thing Jeff Goode had applauded me on the pic himself at Rocket City Furmeet. For those who don't know Jeff Goode, he created the American Dragon for Disney. I got to hang out with him alot. Even got a sign poster.

Hello, it's Draconya once agaon inplace of halfshell to forward a message that his phonesat home are non working and he is without net there untill they are up agin. when that is, is still unknown but he will be around where he can be, Thank you

End Update

All art will be forward to the "fur" freindly FurAffinity

Link ---->…