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Extracted and fiddled from watchers' Pixel Portrait Project.

The aim of this project is to make a huge (depending on the amount of participants, of course!) wall of pixel faces. Each face has to be in a 16x16 square. Each square should have a 1 pixel thick border (so the square in the center is 14x14 pixels in size). Also, you may only use 10 colors total per face to make it challenging.

So you're basically working in this simple template: I'm a 16x16 square!

Finished pieces should look something like the following:

Pixel Portraits by Mrichston Pixel Faces x5 by rocksicle :thumb27242153:

Remember that you can be as creative as you want to be! Experiment with different skin colors, multiple eyes or whatever weird concoction you have in that twisted mind of yours!

Also, this face should be a close-up. You've leaving out the shoulders and the ears. Example:

Right vs Wrong

Submit as many faces as you want but remember that to be placed in the final wall of pixel portraits it must be considered of quality by watchers, the project's originator.

All files should be PNG format and, without question, pixeled from the bottom up.

Each contributor that makes it on the piece will be credited and linked to in the description.

Quick recap:

  • 16x16 pixels
  • 1 pixel border
  • 10 color max
  • close-up of face only
  • PNG format
  • Deadline is Jan. 18, 2006

Submit under the Digital Art > Pixel Art category and throw the link down here for watchers (or you can note him or by put the link in this deviation -- so many choices!). You can group multiple faces together as one submission if you wish. watchers doesn't mind spending his weekend chopping everything up!

Any questions? Feel free to ask within this article.

Have fun! Remember: overall sweetness of the final output will be determined by the amount of helpful pixels received!

© 2005 - 2021 halfliquid
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-black-eye-'s avatar
awesome ones... gratz to the winners
halfliquid's avatar
Where was your entry?

-black-eye-'s avatar
i missed the event :(
halfliquid's avatar

Sorright! Next time.

-black-eye-'s avatar
hopefully ;)
can't wait the next bigger contest... i'm hawt for pixelart currently :P
halfliquid's avatar
I see! You have some rocking stuff. I should be getting to comment and the lot of it a little later on, time permitting!

-black-eye-'s avatar
Soswa's avatar
:mangapunksai: awsome congrats to all winners
rumiko-skiler's avatar
Yayness, how cool =) I like the first one mostly :D
SR7884's avatar
WOW....it must have been tough to choose the winner,,,,
timstapels's avatar
Great stuff guys! :D
championchap's avatar
shaun of the dead!

the first place winner is impressive... but i dont get anything more out of looking at it
streetmilo's avatar
Very cool, congrats to the winners :)
disFUNKtional's avatar
i like the second place winner.
GothicAmethyst's avatar
Wow Those all look great! Congrats everyone!!!
Gnade's avatar
dang! they create better work with pixels than i can by drawing! it's awesome.
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limucat's avatar
he1z's avatar
dawnsierra's avatar
Congrats to all the winners! Excellent entries! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
passacaglia's avatar
Wow, these are simply fantastic, congratulations!! :clap:
Pumpulaatti's avatar
Congratulations to the winners! Those are all amazing! :)
Heatheru's avatar
Woo.. +:heart:'s some of the runnerupz+
r0man-de's avatar
the second is awesome :)
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