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One day out of every year there comes an event where the ghouls, witches, hobbits (they're fashionable now!) and general freak-shows come out of hiding to rein their boogeyness on us folk. I speaketh of Halloween! [Insert scary orchestral music here! -- Ed.] And we're here now to help celebrate this most grand of spookfests with a contest of epic pixely proportions in collaboration with our  jolly friends at PixelJoint!

Prizes, scary dreams, rapid indigestion of defected candy-corn purchased at a discount: it's all happening at this year's PIXELWEEN 2005!


Here's the giggidy-giggidy:

  • Create a complete scene from, or inspired by, your favourite Halloween/horror themed movie. You must use the following template:

  • Submissions must be in pixel art form! Read this if you don't have a clue as to what pixel art is. (Tisk, tisk!)
  • Save your work in either .gif or .png format. For the love of humanity and all its future generations, no .jpg's! Animated .gifs are allowed if you want to spice things up.
  • You can not use more than 32 colors!
  • You can submit as many submissions as you wish (though you can't win more then once!). Remember however: it's quality, not quantity!
  • You must :bulletblue: submit your work by October 29 :bulletblue: so that the winners can be announced on Halloween, which is October 31!
  • If you do not follow the rules, your entry will not be considered for prizes and it may be relocated/removed!


Since this is a joint conest with dA and PJ, you must submit your works on both sites in order for your entry to be valid.

Using your dA account, submit your work as you would any other into the CONTESTS > PIXELWEEN 2005 section during the submission process. (If the section is not visible now, it will be shortly.) You do not need to link to your work in this article (though you can if you want to!) nor do you need to note me it. Just make sure it's in the right section and you're set on the dA side of things.

Using your PJ account, (create one here, and make sure you put your dA account name in your profile), just simply submit the work. That's it! The admins who screen submissions at PJ will recognize the Pixelween template and put it in the appropriate location for entries.

You see? Easy as pie!


  • 1st: 1-year dA subscription, $40 in deviantDOLLARS*, dA t-shirt of your choice**
  • 2nd: 3-month dA subscription, $20 in deviantDOLLARS*
  • 3rd: 3-month dA subscription, $10 in deviantDOLLARS*

* - deviantDOLLARS can be used anywhere, such as at the dA print store or getting more subs for yourself or others if you choose to share the love!

** - Due to the limited edition nature of deviantWEAR t-shirts, it may not be the shirt your heart desired because of availability issues. It has to be in stock at the time of your winning, in other words.

The judges for PIXELWEEN 2005 will be:

:iconpixelblink: :iconsedgemonkey: :iconrocksicle: :iconhalfliquid:

Entries will be judged on the usual criteria: quality, creativity, how well the rules are followed, and how your skills blow us away.

Both experienced pixelists and pixel-virgins are welcome to enter into the contest! It's all for fun, first and foremost. We can't wait to see what you guys have to show us.

If there are any questions, feel free to post them in this article and wait for one of the above judges for an official answer.
© 2005 - 2021 halfliquid
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Heatheru's avatar
Eeee, who won?
halfliquid's avatar
Will be announced shorty!

pixelblink's avatar
only 4 more days everybody! I wanna see that gallery filled up with movie stills!
gizmogal's avatar
i dibbs gremlins. >w<
aeon's avatar
nice, I can't wait!
halfliquid's avatar
Well, you're going to have to. You have no other choice!


(I always say that when people say they "can't wait".)
happienoodleboy's avatar
i actualy can't wait, it's a medical condition where if I have to wait for something, I explode! Public transport is always a messy busines! lol
fuzzyvos's avatar
i can that not bleeeeeeeew
pixelblink's avatar
I'm sorry... what??
halfliquid's avatar
Sometimes it's best not to ask question, PB.

*walks away slowly from ~fuzzyvos *
EarthernSweets's avatar
sounds interesting... *wonders what movie to choose...*
SylverStrike's avatar
OMG this is such a cool idea!
halfliquid's avatar
Glad you think so!

Anaka's avatar
Ah this looks fun. Halloween is the best holiday of the year. ^ ^
halfliquid's avatar
We should have more of 'em where we get to dress up as .. whatever it is we want to dress up as!

Anaka's avatar
Lol yea! I'd dress up as an evil mage! :nod:
Anaka's avatar
Hmm I can't think of a movie to do...*sobs* Are animes allowed? Or what about anime..movies?
halfliquid's avatar
I suppose if it's horror/Halloween related, we could let it fly.

Aakr's avatar
HELP!! I never practised pixel art and i want to enter this contest. Can anyone recomend me a good software that i can download and use? Even if it's trial version.
halfliquid's avatar
MSPaint is alright (but, eh, better free programs out there, if you can't get Photoshop, which I use!).
You should try to check out GraphicsGale or GIMP (poor mans photoshop, but still awesome!).
Aakr's avatar
Thx. I already have photoshop and i already started working on my pic. :)
Dont know if its gonna win but it looks great to me ;) Espesialy as a first attempt in pixelart.
I figured, even if i don't win, this is a great learning experiance for me. I didn't think pixelart is so fun! :)
Aakr's avatar

I already finished and submitted the picture. If u want, have a look (unless u'r not allowed to see the pics before a sertain time...)
halfliquid's avatar
Heh -- I see them. But I don't like to comment on pieces to a contest until the contest is over. Until Oct 31, my mouth is shut.

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