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it's about time $dygel received his own emoticon on deviantART.

i diddled with his battyz avatar (created by `liquify ) and created a miniature version of it.

created from scratch -- animation created in "ImageReady".

if you want to actually see the animation actually in play, you have to download it.


here you go, dyg. and thanks to `liquify for granting permission as well.

- - -

permission granting:

The IRC log of permission granting:
<dygel> Hooray! You are here.
<frank> yes i am!
<dygel> Hey, is it cool with you if HalfLiquid submits an eIcon he made for me of the red-eared batty?
<frank> yea.
<frank> as long as it's not using the 50 x 50.
<frank> it's cool.
<dygel> Nope. It's, like, 15x15 or so.
<frank> there is a :batty: emoticon yanno.
<frank> lol.
<dygel> Lemme look.
<frank> if he used that for a base he needs to talk to blackice.
<dygel> I don't think he did.
<dygel> But I'll make that clear.
<frank> just giving you a heads up beforehand.
<dygel> Of course. Thanks, though.
frank is ~jen@* * jen
frank is on @#seniors #vocalized @#trivia @#pixelart +#gfxartist @#devart
frank using [link] deviantART IRC
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Comments (39)
tony-spats2's avatar
What does it mean??
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Rika4's avatar
Rika4|Professional Artist
:dygel: He's so cute!
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Crystallinne's avatar
this is the cutest thing that reminds me of DA...
i really luv it...
itz my fav emoticon on DA :rose:

congrats! :w00t:

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marimochida's avatar
oh, so YOU are the one who made it! =D
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cazian's avatar
Wibble wibble.
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war-fool's avatar
war-fool|Hobbyist Digital Artist
1st to :+fav: this one :o.. it sure is worth it. :!:

:clap: (dude i'm late to comment on this :slow:)
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dygel's avatar
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faeryshivers's avatar
faeryshivers|Professional Digital Artist
wow cool ..the shading is very suttle and really adds to the piece ^_^
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littlesu's avatar
littlesu|Hobbyist Digital Artist
awww how cute
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flash12's avatar
he likes movin his feet. :slow:
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splat's avatar
splat|Professional Interface Designer
Well done. You did an excellent job of scaling this down and not losing any of the necessary detail, which is not easy with small pixel art. I know from experience. =)
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mick-mick's avatar
mick-mick|Hobbyist Interface Designer
Nicely done. As perfect a miniture as it gets.
So cute too.. :giggle:
I bet it gets all the girls. :D
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mick-mick's avatar
mick-mick|Hobbyist Interface Designer
18 to 80 blind cripple and crazy.. thats my motto.
17 will get you 20 in these parts.. :lmao:

Well.. maybe not 80 but definately 18.. :laughing:
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halfliquid's avatar

yeah - in $dygel's case, the younger the better.

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midnight7711's avatar
Awesome work HL... but is it just me or is there like a square around the image???
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dygel's avatar
You know I think it's awesome shizznitt. I'll talk to $chris about getting it added to the list ASAP.
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halfliquid's avatar
i'll be looking forward to it.

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BronzeRocket's avatar
BronzeRocket|Professional Interface Designer
it seems so natural to do a dygel emoticon. i can almost see a splat emoticon next`
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dygel's avatar
Hmm. I didn't realize splat didn't have one yet either. He should get one at some point as well, yes...
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halfliquid's avatar
there is a four leaf clover somewhere on the legend .. but that hardly seems, well .. adequate for the man.

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dygel's avatar
Yeah. We need that five-pointed green star! But he's an apt pixel artist. He can make his own! As opposed to me, who has the pixel art skills of a small rock. I did once make a pixel art potted plant in a pixel art room (that was about 50 x 50) It was really... small.
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lemontea's avatar
looks quite nice, good subtle animation :D


//lemontea||more.addictive.than. heroine_+''
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warfish's avatar
warfish|Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, looks just like him.
And also like liquify and the rest of her batty creations. :P
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anonymous's avatar
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