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You Don't Have to Rub It In



Twilight done goofed. Somepony else is laughing their head off about it.

Exactly what she was trying to do and who would be taking pleasure in her misfortune are left as an exercise for the viewer. ;)

Done for this week's MLP-ATG-Alumni prompt: "An Embarrassed Pony / A Red-Faced Pony".

(I was half-tempted to simply draw Big Mac in a completely normal pose...)
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I found a story on fimfiction that is about twilight's early years regarding being the student of Princess Celestia called "Underneath Her Wings" it is very good and there is a scene where the princess takes Twilight to the castles communal baths for a lesson in blocking out distractions to better control her magic (and before anyone asks, there is no shipping in this story) anyways towards the end of the lesson the princess uses her magic to make a sphere of water and drop it onto her young protege (Twilight is 8 years and 9 months old in this story). Anyways, Twilight's described reaction is very much like this picture with just maybe a bit more poof to her cheeks. (that and about 20% more adorableness given the young age). good job