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The Element of Raking It In (ATG7 - Day 24)

My submission for the ATG prompt "Draw a pony doing the unexpected."

AJ's been pretending to have a terrible poker face for years... all in preparation for this night.
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Clearly, she plays the long game.
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The pony card-holding contraption is a nice touch.
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I'd considered just having the ponies hold them with "magic hooves" but (fantasy setting aside and disregarding how ridiculously dexterous earth ponies can be) balancing five cards in a fan pattern on the frog of a hoof was just too much of a strain on my own credulity/sanity. ;)
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It is nice to know that somebody still plays five  card draw.
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Appaloosa Hold-em hasn't quite caught on in Ponyville, yet.
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