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RS Quest 'Mastery' Cape

By Halfingr
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A passive-aggressive suggestion or something.
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Denkir-the-Filtiarn's avatar
This, or rather the concept of this, is actually becoming a thing now!
Denkir-the-Filtiarn's avatar
I never knew I wanted this until I saw it.
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This is epic looking. 
SlayerWarden's avatar
Yes, yes & yes! I love it, it does have the dung cape look but that's what it will represent for people who keep up to date on quests. Very streamlined and awesome!
GandalfrRune's avatar

wow, its looks amazing :)

Mario-N1's avatar
yes please, let it be the new quest cape, it look awsome man :)
3mptylord's avatar
I don't think that additional requirements should be added to post-quest tasks, when most of them already have requirements. 

• Completed all the quest.
• Claimed all the leveled-limited rewards: The World Wakes, Death of Chivalry, etc.
• Completed all the bonus tasks/unlocked the bonus rewards: Fur 'n' Seek wish list, Balloon Transport, Love Story Trollheim teleport, etc.
• Completed all the miniquests: Abyss, Barbarian Training, Shadow Sword, Curse of Zaros, Chaos Tunnels, Dungeoneering Stories (full), All Fired Up (the Infernal Adze), etc.

You shouldn't need to add extra requirements, most of them have additional requirements (either fixed, or implied - such as Fur 'n' Seek needing you to kill Wyverns and stuff). ^_^
Peaceful-Image's avatar
Nice ^^ This would be better than my Quest Cape :D
NeotericDesign's avatar
What if the player has already done this quests and could not complete the extra requirements because they had not known? :(
Halfingr's avatar
I don't understand the question.

Anything required to get the Quest Mastery Cape would be based on post-quest content, IE, you'd be able to go for it whenever.
snowskeeper's avatar
Why insert a level requirement on a quest cape? Aren't the quest level requirements enough?
Halfingr's avatar
Also, I borked the original sentence in the description.

It was supposed to say "to get the tasks done", and "most" instead of "all".
Halfingr's avatar

Currently, the Quest cape is 100k short of requiring 2 99's worth of XP in skill requirements.


The only other "mastery" cape requires nearly EIGHT skillcapes worth in XP.

Forcing much (not all) of the post-quest content to have high level requirements would give it much more worth than a normal skillcape, warranting a change.  Or at least giving it a reason to exist.  =P


Besides, I'm going to start refining the list of requirements to more specific things (including things that haven't been added to the game, such as "defeat XYZ in the dominion tower" and such).  The level requirement was just a last second addition.

theemporer's avatar
Well, considering the regular quest cape is inferior already to trimmed skillcapes and requires far more work to get, even if it was only a reward for completion of all quests and the regular quest cape reduced to a halfway point or something similar, it would have a reason to exist. 
theemporer's avatar
Actually, nevermind. My info was off... xD
EizaBorealis's avatar
I'd bust my ass to get this cape. I'm surprised that Jagex hasn't added at least a trimmed quest cape with the same requirements as this yet.
Halfingr's avatar

Yeah, same here.


I REALLY hope they do something like this.

In fact, I'd like to see the normal Quest Point Cape have a different model than other skillcapes, seeing as it's not even a skillcape at all, really.  =P

SlayerWarden's avatar
Indeed, it is not a skill cape it is an Adventure cape. =P
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