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Bellow is the prices and examples of commissions

If you have interest, reach me through twitter or tumblr at:

Most commission money will go for food and paying college as my family doesn't have money to afford sometimes.
If you are interested in commissioning me, please note me and we can discuss the prices and such.
During the process I keep contact with the commissioner, constantly showing progress.
Once finished, I also send the commissioner the art without watermark.

NOTE: All prices here are a overall price, we can discuss about it depending on your need.

so here it goes:

Full detailed shading


+ $10-$50 with background
+ $20-$50 for each additional character


Trashed style

Made with different brushes to give a more 'chaotic' appearance to the picture.
$10-$15 with background
$20 for each additional character


Black, White & Color of choice

Pictures made solely with Black, White, and a color of the commissioner's choice, dark yet vibrant with the high levels of white and impacting with the extra color.
additional character: +$20 


Shadow style

Pictures made with mainly the black, to make everything look like 2d silhouettes which makes for good poster alike.


Sketch style

Drawing in a sketch style, thin, messier lines.
Lines only: $10-$15
Flat colored: $20-$25
Shaded: $35-$40
With effects: $55-$60
$15 for additional character


Cartoon shading and lining

Drawing that involves cellshading, thick outlines and tinner inner lines, giving a feel of a more cartoonized style
Lines only: $10-$15
Flat colored: $20-$25
Shaded: $35-$40
($15) for additional character



No shading.
$5 for each additional character


Planet commission

Detailed planets with textures
moons and suns, flares, nebulas can be added for $10


Please in case you are interested, note me
thank you
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I'm going to think about this one.