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From a light to a dark existence.

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Published: March 17, 2014
This are both ghosts, though they are clearly different in appearance and also in power.

The Left:
Dust Maiden: That is currently her first concept, she was made during an rp with :Crystallized0Rose: in which her character, Jericho, made with Nightmare Fuel(his power that brings nightmares to those that are hit by the dust) a flower, though stead of destroying it, he allowed General to remain with it and differently from the common other flowers, this one evolved into a small female shaped being, which General corrupted, filling ghosts into a crystal and turned her into a ghost.
 She is not meant for fighting, stead, she is calm and soft, she will take your life by using her dust to send you into a trance, being able to command you, she will take your soul in the touch, though, it's painless, it's like peacefully going to sleep.

The Right:
Intuor: Intuor is a ghost set as one of the 4 lieutenants. He is a mass of corrupt matter formed by the ghosts trapped inside his crystal. He is faster than the ordinary ghosts and he fuels himself by corrupting and draining more souls into the crystal, making him bigger and bigger, making the crystal shatter more and more, until at some point the crystal can't support anymore and the Intuor explodes. His method is really painful, a sharp constant pain goes into the victim when he's taking their life.

The difference between them is that Intuor can be summoned by just corrupting souls and binding through necromancy powers while Dust Lady is unique.

EDIT: Changed to most black so you can see the Dust Maiden better.
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ariya-saccaStudent General Artist
Looks very cool!
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CookiesofWarHobbyist General Artist
Oooh~ Pretty! ^^
Really love how Dust Maiden looks.
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KomradApexHobbyist Writer
I love monochromatic artwork like this.
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ouhhhhhh this is really scary!!! Xd love it!! Xd
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noface30 Artist
Scarecrow anyone? No? Just sayin it's a pretty close ability...
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Ruka-DesuHobbyist General Artist
uuuuh... prevejo tretas...ou shipagens... ~w~
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