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I'm sorry to say this but I am abandoning any GTK3 theme making from now on. Upstream is impossible to work with and GNOME 3 has become a complete mess in regard to third party theme making. As if GNOME Shell isn't bad enough sometimes with every version being broken, GTK3 is even worse. For those of you who wish to make GTK3 in the future, good luck, you'll need it.

Honestly, Windows and OS X actually look more attractive to me right now.

I'm not leaving dA, just pondering what customisation to do next.

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I use e17 (hint).

But there's lots of theme breakage, because the API isn't yet stable. So you're probably not interested.
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Nah, did play around with Qt Creator at one point and it was pretty good.
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Why not switching to KDE, then? Rather than Windows and Mac... :-p
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Already have switched back to KDE.
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that's a late april fools journal.
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Might help the Elementary team out, we'll see.
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This is sad news, but I understand where you are coming from. I was so frustrated with the version of GNOME-Shell 3.4 included with Precise - it was broken from the beginning!!

I switched to Xubuntu because of the frustrations I have with GNOME-Shell and Unity. Xubuntu is very nice!
Perhaps you would consider theming Xubuntu? From looking on it looks like X still uses GTK and GTK2 themes.

Well, I wish you best in your future endeavors. I hope to see you theme making later (hopefully some of the crap with GNOME-Shell and Unity will be settled soon), but regardless best luck to you.
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Yeah, pretty much my thoughts too. But there is nowhere to go. :(
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Hey mate, you know that you are very very welcome back to KDE Community, right? It will be awesome to see some of your amazing ports in KDE. We still remember your Carbon plasma theme and it will be absolutely great to have more of your art. Think about it. Regards!
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Thanks. Yeah, who knows. :)
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Never say never. :)

I hope you're just taking a sabbatical, but do what makes you happy.

See ya around, & thanks for paving the way.
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I'm not leaving dA, just reconsidering what I should do in regard to artwork and customisation.
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Glad you're not leaving then. :)
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This is bad news my friend!
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You're soooo right man! But I've found a new home in KDE. :)
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Don't blame you at all mate. :)
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I really like your work and it's a shame that this whole
environment is so complete bad configurable and not good useable. :(

Thanks for your great work Sean! :bow:
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It's really sad, but...
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I have always agreed with these statements. It seems as if the trend is with XFCE but I am currently experimenting with mate. I pray for linux to become much better to design. If you left the linux design communtiy it would remind me of when [link] left and that was a very sad day indeed. We need you please don't leave.
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Yeah, he was a good artist for Linux and I liked his themes.
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It is crazy how far themeing has come. I think if done right linux can be much more beautiful than OSX any day. I wish XFCE supported Global menu better
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