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Sonar - GTK3

This is a GTK3 port of Sonar used by default in openSUSE.

The theme comes with the metacity theme and the GTK2 version. License and authors are in the theme directory. Note that the metacity theme and GTK2 theme are not my work, just distributed via GPL.

Wallpaper: Terraform-green (part of the official GNOME backgrounds).

Icon Theme: Sonar(openSUSE).


Extract the version of the theme you want, i.e and then exact to ~/.themes and use the GNOME Tweak Tool to switch theme and titlebar. To switch the theme manually, you will have to use the dconf-editor in GNOME 3.

License: GPL3

Compatibility: GNOME 3.0/3.2

Update - 22nd October 2011

Added GNOME 3.2 compatible version.

Update - 25th October 2011

- Improved tabs.
- Added dark border on menus.
- Lighter selection.
- Don't use dark Adwaita theme for image viewer.

Update - 2nd November 2011

- Fixed rubberband selection looking solid white in the filemanager.
- Added DnD.lines.
© 2011 - 2021 half-left
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Hello! First of all thank you for creating this port, Sonar is simply awesome. Secondly, are there any chances of getting an update which works with the latest GNOME versions?
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wooooooja exelent i remember gnome 2.x Waaaah! but thanks for the theme y like Love 
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Excellent theme............. Can I install the same in Gnome 3.6 or 3.8? Using Fedora 18............
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Only compatible with the version said.
hi, well i don't have any idea how i can create a new theme , or modify one , if you can help me giving me any clue where to begin or what to search i will apreciate it . Open suse is not the same without that colors or theme.
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I don't do GTK3 anymore, had to learn it myself.
As you know GTK3 theme Sonar is a part of the official openSUSE distribution: [link]

But in openSUSE 12.2 (GNOME 3.4) there are some glitches.

Could you please fix them:

Thank you very much!

There are some other glitches, so if you can fix at least some of them, I will create update for the package with this theme.
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Sorry, I don't do GNOME themes any more, GNOME broke every new version anyway.
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Really amazing, hope you'll make it compatible with Gnome 3.4 someday!
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Thanks. Unfortunately not due to GNOME making it painful for us theme makers to update themes to new versions but there is nothing stopping someone else updating it.
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Most excellent, will we see 3.4 compatibility? Looks like something happened with the icon-selection hues and stuff.

(Debian Sid user)
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Thanks. 3.4 theme configuration is a bit confusing so I'm not sure how to go on this.
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I'm sure you will figure it out ;-).
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i love it!!
blue version??????
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Thanks. Not much chance of a blur version no.
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Thanks :D
i love it :D
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Impressive result, well done i do love contrast and colors used. Nice green. :D
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You're most welcome! ;)
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Awesome work. Installing right now in my new Archlinux config =)
awesome work!!!

how i can install those green icons in gnome tweak tool?
i can't see the icons theme in the icon theme list

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Install them just like other icon themes if you have the right package.
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