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This is a GTK3 theme based on SLAVE for Windows 7 . The theme comes with a Metacity theme to match.

Special thanks to :iconguillendesign: for letting me port the theme. Original idea, design, Inspiration and icons by GuillenDesign Look at his gallery for the icons.

G4 Background by :iconalexander-gg: Alexander-GG



Unzip and copy to ~/.themes and use the GNOME Tweak Tool to switch theme and titlebar. To switch the theme manually, you will have to use the dconf-editor in GNOME 3.


The toolbar pattern scales and doesn't repeat so it will look squashed in small windows and there is no repeat option(There will be in GTK3.2).

The theme comes with WoW GTK2 since it's the closest GTK2 theme to SLAVE. Make sure you have the right GTK2 engines installed to use it(gtk2-pixmap engine). All credits are in the "Credits" file supplied with this theme.
WoW GTK2 theme by nale12 [link]

Font: Aller Sans.

License: GPL3

Compatibility: GNOME 3.0 only, not 3.2 compatible yet..

Update 1.1 - 9th September 2011

- Smaller toolbar image and add shadow.
- Fixed underlined colour.
- Remove radius on the selections.
- better looking progress bars.
- Change URL link to Black.
- Fallback mode improvements.

Update 1.2 - 15th September 2011

- Removed strange border on selections.
- Improved metacity titlebar buttons.
- Small misc fixes.
© 2011 - 2021 half-left
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Indeed a very good work!
Rakus-kun's avatar
now, a KDE version xD
username0x's avatar
can you help me o fix it : [link] please? i'm using xfce
half-left's avatar
I don't use GNOME anymore and it's only compatible with the versions said.
username0x's avatar
hehe, fine! thanks anyway
half-left's avatar
You can always try the KDE4 version. :)
username0x's avatar
Yeah, i know it's not a XFCE theme, and you are not using gnome anymore. Sad ):
HeKeL's avatar
GTK3.6, plz?
half-left's avatar
Don't use GNOME anymore.
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Nice, looks awesome in GTK2 and Metacity, but it's all glitchy and messed up in GTK3. Gnome has updated it's design specs so perhaps you just need to apply some fixes to the CSS file(s)... The new Gnome styling ability includes animated transitions between styles, BTW. I'd love to use this theme but it's all messed up with the latest GTK3.
half-left's avatar
I don't use GNOME anymore and I was sick of the big changes after release with broken themes. Making themes for GNOME 3 is like working with alpha software.
trusktr's avatar
I know, the Gnome updates are horrible from what I've seen happening to themes. What desktop have you switched to?
lei00's avatar
Amazing work, I adopt it for my Xfce ! thank you half-left for your work !
jceasless's avatar
I know the GTK devs remain oblivious to how they shoot themselves every release by shooting their theme developers in the head, but I am hoping you might find the motivation to port to 3.6. Just so you know that there are still folks who love your work and miss running it.
half-left's avatar
Sorry, I've given up on GTK3 and GNOME, I use KDE4 now.
CLEARviewMaui's avatar
That is very sad, I want to use it in the latest Gnome 3.4. But It is not yet compatible. Very sad!
half-left's avatar
Blame GNOME, they changed the GTK syntax too much and made it even more complicated. It's like maintaining alpha software.
CLEARviewMaui's avatar
That is true. That is the way open source linux software use to be.
mors77's avatar
please give us a link to the icon pack and update to gtk 3.2. this is by far the best desktop i have seen!!!it's perfect!
half-left's avatar
Thanks. I've done some work on making it 3.2 compatible but just need to finish it.
knstnin's avatar
Is there any updates? =)
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