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Naos - GTK3

This is a GTK3 port of Naos. This theme comes with the GTK2 version and metacity theme.

Naos GTK2 and metacity theme by horst3180

Faience icon theme


Unzip and copy to ~/.themes and use the GNOME Tweak Tool to switch theme and titlebar. To switch the theme manually, you will have to use the dconf-editor in GNOME 3. The GTK2 version requires GTK2 murrine engine to look properly, so make sure it is installed.

Font: Aller Sans

License: GPL3

Compatibility: GNOME 3.0.x only.

Update - 16th September 2011

- Fixed error background colour.

Update 1.2 - 17th September 2011

- Fixed selection colour overridden by the settings file.
- Cell and row improvements.
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As long as it uses GTK3.
Please, please, please update this for 3.2/3.4 - please!
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Sorry, I don't use GNOME anymore.
If I update it, may I release my update of it? I've already asked the permission of the original author and would of course give you credit!
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Of course you can, go ahead. :)
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Suits perfect, nothing more to say!
Hi! Any update when the new version is released? :)
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Busy updating for 3.4. I'll get around to it at some point since GTK3 themes take longer.
Hi! I really like this theme.. will there be an update for gnome 3.2?
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Not sure, depends on how much work it is. :)
Hi, I have a issue:
- I have a small padding, if I look at your picture it seems it has more padding at the top.. I'm I missing a package?

Thanks for your theme. :)
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Shouldn't be missing anything but remember, this theme is only 3.0 compatible at the moment.
Sorry.. I have gnome 3.2.. Is it already fixed for that? Thanks!
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On the screenshot, would you be able to tell us where to get the image named 20.jpg?
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Thanks a lot, I ended up figuring out that was you named your images. Thanks :)
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Any chance this will be updated for GNOME 3.2?
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In time probably yes.
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Is a good idea to carry gtk3 old themes:)
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Very nice (I hate round corners, especially when jagged, as they are in metacity). Only drawback for me is the absence of the window titles.
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