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KDE4 Ubuntu Ambiance Suite

Here is a QtCurve theme, colour scheme and Aurorae window theme for KDE4, made to look like Ambiance for Ubuntu. The idea is to get a consistent look between GNOME/GTK and KDE4/Qt apps


Make sure you have the QtCurve theme engine installed, then go to System Settings>Application Appearance>Style and select "QtCurve" for the widget style. Select "Configure" and import the Ubuntu-Ambiance.qtcurve file.

Load the colour scheme in System Settings>Application Appearance>Colours and "Import Scheme".

Copy the Ubuntu-Ambiance directory to ~/.kde/share/apps/aurorae/themes/ and select in System Settings>Workspace Appearance>Window Decorations.


If you use Ubuntu then you can make GTK apps use the ambiance theme by running "gnome-settings-daemon" within KDE4. You can also use the Humanity icon theme, which will show up in System Settings>Application Appearance>Icons

Make sure the GTK+ theme is set to QtCurve and KDE applies it's colour settings to non GTK apps. This is make the theme render seamless between GTK and Qt/KDE apps.

Ubuntu Ambiance Plasma theme [link]
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Thanks for this theme! I can make Krita look much more native under Ubuntu now.

There's one issue, though: the bg of the arrow of the combobox doesn't follow the color theme, so I have to set a custom color every time I change the color theme :/
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You're welcome. You could try messing around with QtCurve settings UI.
Looks ok so far, but but applications in fullscreen show a higher titlebar (probably 4 pixel more dark space beneath the window title than applications with windows that are not maximized ...

any ideas?
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Make sure the GTK+ theme is set to QtCurve and KDE4 applies the colour settings in System Settings>Application Appearance >colours>Options, that should work.
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I found this issue after release and it seems a pain to fix because of the padding and only seems to be GTK apps. This is my first aurorae theme so you'll have to bear with me.
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Thank you!
I'd like to use with the color scheme DarkAmbiance [link] , but there is a problem in white borders windows.
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Not sure how to adapt it to other colour schemes because the borders are the Ubuntu colour. You could chage it yourself in the svgz file.
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Please tell me which svgz file to edit?
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Okay, I will. Thank you. :)
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Great aurorae theme!
Awesome! Only one thing... some apps like chrome or firefox looks great maximized, but when not maximized there is a bright border between the title bar and the tabs. Same happens in Thunderbird. When maximized, instead, these apps looks like in ubuntu, very nice... there are some setting of QtCurve that I can change for solve this issue?
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Not sure, maybe try kwin --replace and see if it helps. Chrome uses it's own window manager and not sure about firefox and thunderbird, they seem not to obey any setting because they're not native apps.
Hi, the problem is not in QtCurve but in the Aurorae theme. We need to adjust the settings in layout section of Ubuntu-Ambiancerc file.. When I have some time I try to play with these settings
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Yeah, it's the padding, but padding is needed for the window resize. Typiical it's GTK apps that have the issue.
This is what I mean:
maximized: [link]
normal: [link]
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I'll look into it anyway.
I have the same problem with all applications: maximized window titlebars have a dark padding underneath the windows title, - minimized windows don't (beneath the windows title theres no dark paaing at all ... ).

I also tried to adjust the button sizes with the windows decoration settings dialog: configure windows decoration : if I increase the button size the buttons will push out of the windows title decoration ...

thx for reading, thx for your efforts,
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awesome now i can have ubuntu and kde in one
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I've been following your progress on this one. Looks great.
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