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KDE4 Ubuntu Ambiance Suite



Here is a QtCurve theme, colour scheme and Aurorae window theme for KDE4, made to look like Ambiance for Ubuntu. The idea is to get a consistent look between GNOME/GTK and KDE4/Qt apps


Make sure you have the QtCurve theme engine installed, then go to System Settings>Application Appearance>Style and select "QtCurve" for the widget style. Select "Configure" and import the Ubuntu-Ambiance.qtcurve file.

Load the colour scheme in System Settings>Application Appearance>Colours and "Import Scheme".

Copy the Ubuntu-Ambiance directory to ~/.kde/share/apps/aurorae/themes/ and select in System Settings>Workspace Appearance>Window Decorations.


If you use Ubuntu then you can make GTK apps use the ambiance theme by running "gnome-settings-daemon" within KDE4. You can also use the Humanity icon theme, which will show up in System Settings>Application Appearance>Icons

Make sure the GTK+ theme is set to QtCurve and KDE applies it's colour settings to non GTK apps. This is make the theme render seamless between GTK and Qt/KDE apps.

Ubuntu Ambiance Plasma theme [link]
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Thanks for this theme! I can make Krita look much more native under Ubuntu now.

There's one issue, though: the bg of the arrow of the combobox doesn't follow the color theme, so I have to set a custom color every time I change the color theme :/