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KDE4 - Ubuntu Ambiance

This is a plasma theme designed to look like the Ubuntu Ambiance theme.


Extract the theme to ~/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme/

Select the theme in System Settings>Workspace Appearance>Desktop Theme>Theme

If the theme doesn't show right for some reason, delete the cache file ~/.kde/cache (machinename)/ubuntu-ambiance.kcache

KDE4 Ambiance Suite [link]
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Theme qtcurve don't work in KDE 4.11
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Love your work!!!
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Kubuntu should use this :)
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I can't find ~/.kde to begin with...
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~/ refers to your home directory and . files are hidden, so to get to it in the address bar /home/myusername/.kde or show hidden files in the file manager.
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It's very nice. I love it..
Looks very nice. :)
Switching to KDE was a good decision. :P
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Yeah indeed, thanks. :)

PS: Can I ask you which icon theme are you using? And are you using a particular color scheme?

Thank you for providing us with this great theme
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Thanks. Icon theme is the default Ubuntu one which works in KDE4. There is no colour scheme, just the plasma theme.
Thank you. No, I did not mean a color scheme for the plasma theme. I was actually asking if, on your computer, with this theme you use the default blue oxygen style or a specific ubuntu-like color scheme (or maybe a different style altogether, like qt)
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I'm just using the default Oxygen theme at the moment.
Can I ask you another question, please.How hardcoded are the colours. I will try to explain myself. I would like to use this theme but with a different "color scheme" from ubuntu (i.e. blue tinted as opposed to orange-tinted). I know plasma themes are svg and have a "color file" where dolors are defined. Would it be enough to change it there (and maybe in other svg files) or is it hardcoded in some image-like files?

I hope the question is clear.... :-)
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You can make a theme where the colours of the plasma theme change with the colour scheme but it has limitations, and the plasma theme needs an object name in the theme to tell it to change colours.

The main hardcoding of colours comes in the form of not being able to change colours per widget, like text colour, so design is limited to that in a way.
Thanks. My question, however, was specifically related to this theme: with this theme, if I substitute in all svg files the code for orange color with the code for blue color, will it be enough to make a blue-based theme or will there be still sume bitmap in orange that I need to change?

Sorry for not being clear. Thank you for taking time to answer me
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The colour for this theme is set in the SVG as drawn in the svgz files, so what colours you see in there is what you get.
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You are welcome!:)
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