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KDE4 - QtCurve Google+

This is a widget theme and window decoration based on the look of Google+ social network website.

Icons [link] [link]

Wallpaper [link]

Google+ Plasma workspace theme [link]


Make sure you install the QtCurve package and GTKCurve for a consistent look for GTK apps. Go to System Settings,
Application Appearance>Style>Widget Style and select "QtCurve" in the dropdown box. Press the Configure
button and press "Import" in the QtCurve window and locate the .qtcurve theme file. Click OK and then apply the theme.
Select the window decoration in System Settings>Workspace Appearance>Window Decorations

In Application Appearance>Colours, select import Scheme. and load the colour scheme file, click apply.

If you want a consistent look with GTK apps, change the GTK theme in "GTK Styles and Fonts" to QtCurve.
Make sure the KDE4 colour scheme is applied to GTK apps in the KDE colour scheme options "Apply colours to
non-KDE4 applications".


The icons have been change manually, it's easy in KDE4 to do, just right click the icons and locate the png files. The icons in the preview are not a KDE icon theme, just png icons from a couple of icon themes.

Licence: GPL

Font Details

Droid Sans, 8pt, Sub-pixel RGB, Hinting: slight.
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