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KDE4 - Google+

This is a Plasma theme based on the look of Google+ with Google colours in various elements.

Icons [link] [link]

Wallpaper [link]

GNOME-Shell version [link]


Extract the theme to /home/username/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme/ (hidden directory)

Select the theme in System Settings>Workspace Appearance>Desktop Theme>Theme

If the theme doesn't show right for some reason, delete the cache file ~/.kde/cache (machinename)/plasma_theme_Google+.kcache and reapply the theme.

Important Notes

The theme will not look like the preview in some ways with older KDE versions due to new design options in KDE 4.10, specifically scrollbar thickness(control of this has been added for designers), add widgets panel(tasks don't theme this now, it's done in a different file, which is a good thing). It's nothing major but be aware that some things will look slightly different but nothing should be broken.

In the dark panel version, the text on tasks maybe blurry in some instances due to hard-coded shadows which change colour according to the text colour, one text colour can only be used here and has to be balanced the against light, dark parts of the theme due to theme limitations beyond my control.

Licence: GPL


KDE 4.10 recommended.

Font Details

Roboto Light, 8pt, Sub-pixel RGB, Hinting: slight.

Update - 1.1 - 3rd March 2013

- Improved Quassel and Kpackagekit icons.
- Added new systemtray icons, Bangarang, transmission-qt, Clementine (you'll have to change these manually).
- Added mini calendar icon.

Update - 1.2 - 28th May 2013

- Updated scrollbar design to fit the theme better like Google+ in Chrome.
- Added slc systemtray icon.

Update - 1.3 - 5th June 2013

- Added light panel version of the theme.
- Darker text for light version.
- Task effects are now at the bottom and look more like Google+ selections.
- Task effects are thicker like Google+ blue selection.
- Folder view looks like info page like Google+.
- Inactive notification icon is now grey like tray icons.

Update - 1.3.1 - 7th June 2013

- Fixed light panel not showing due to the translucent folder not being updated.
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hi its possible make the taskbar a little transparent ?
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Yes but you need to go into the SVG file to do it.
It'll be real nice if you'd make a gnome shell or Cinnamon theme like this :D
How can I change from dark to light theme?? :(
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Very beautiful and I like it.
But I got two suggestions:
1. Could you please add a icon of NetworkManager applet next time? I bet lots of guys using this tool. Hint: NetworkManager applet is rewritten in QML since KDE 4.11.
2. I prefer a purely flat one, which has no round corners. I tried to modify it myself but failed. I don't know how to edit a svg file apparently. :-(

Anyway, a masterpiece indeed!
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Hi very nice theme !
How do i remove blur effect in bottom bar ?

and a big thanks for sharing this !
vryohpah's avatar
Beautiful work. I'm yet to try a KDE environment, this tempts me!
TanczacyZKurami's avatar
What icon theme you use as the base?
half-left's avatar
In the description.
Yeah, great theme but the blurry text makes it not usable unfortunately :( Is there no way to release another dark panel version without shadows used with the text? Maybe just normal text like how the produkt theme has it?
half-left's avatar
Not, like I said in the description, the text shadows are hardcoded, nothing I can do about it being a dark panel, light widgets
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This is an awesome theme! I would use it if the text wouldn't be blurred on the dark panel.
half-left's avatar
Thanks. Nothing I can do about that. :/
This looks really great!
Keep them coming! :)
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I have noticed some problems.Major one being that the light panel can´t render just bits.Screen:[link]
half-left's avatar
Just updated with a fix. :)
half-left's avatar
I've not tried the icon only task widget but I don't see why it should have issues, unless it does because the small task effects.
zagortenay333's avatar
Seems that there is no indication for a minimized app.So you can´t know what is open unless you hover over it.And the indicator line is not aligned with the icon :/
half-left's avatar
Minimised doesn't show an indicator anyway in this theme but normal does, i.e apps that are not full screen.
Nice work! Will you also add it on Then you can add and update it right from within the KDE configuration!
half-left's avatar
Thanks, I don't put my themes on kde-look any more, sorry.
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Is there a reason why the taskbar fonts look so faded and hard to read?
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