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Games Icon Pack - Faenza Style

This is a set of icons in the Faenza style for various Linux games.

Faenza Icons by tiheum


Extract the zip and drop the tar.gz file into the Appearance Preferences theme window or extract to ~/.icons, for all users, /usr/share/icons. The icons will show up as "Game-Icons".


Some icons my not have the right names, since I don't have the games to know. You can just rename them accordingly or change the icons manually. 128x128 PNG and SVG provided.

If you want to use this icon theme with Faenza-Dark, you'll have to open the index.theme in the icon directory and change the line to Inherits=Faenza-Dark

Make sure you have the Faenza icons installed, since this pack relies on them.

Icon Naming

Icon naming is a pain, since icons use various directories and different naming styles(especially for third party games). Places to look for the correct icon names are, /usr/share/pixmaps, /usr/share/icons/hicolor or your game install directory.

Icons designed in Inkscape.

Update - 31 May 2011

- Added Trine
- Added DOSBox
- Added Wormux

Update 1.6 - 16th September 2011

- Added Unreal Tournament
- Added Vice Commodore emulator icons(better ones)
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Merci beaucoup

lugard1992's avatar
you will make a pack of current games?
Any chances for QuakeLive?
ampersandconcepts's avatar
You think you could add open morrowind to this pack?
half-left's avatar
Not sure if I've be doing any more icons.
ampersandconcepts's avatar
Ok, it is quite an old project, do you happen to have any of the project files so that I may open it back up again? I would be sure to credit you fully :)
half-left's avatar
They're SVG, so you can change them. :)
masnormen's avatar
Hey, can u make a Warzone 2100 & FlightGear icon? :D
half-left's avatar
FlightGear is already in the pack.
Anzhelrion's avatar
Hi! Can u make a Half-Life icon? its a windows game that has opengl and works on linux n_n
half-left's avatar
If I get time to update them but I'm only doing native Linux games.
Anzhelrion's avatar
okay, thanks for the beautiful icons!
ilikepie641's avatar
i would really have liked to have seen somemore emulators on here
UnaccountedFor's avatar
Hope you get the chance to update these, having all the Humble Bundle games in a single set would be awesome. :D
half-left's avatar
I'll see what I can do. :)
UnaccountedFor's avatar
You're the best! :D
half-left's avatar
Thanks for the kind words. :)
vitago's avatar
Incredible work of icons! The Best Thanks man...:+fav:
xPivotX's avatar
Weird request, but can you add an icon for Halo?
half-left's avatar
I only do native Linux games.
xPivotX's avatar
Aw... Dammit... Well, thanks anyways... :/
ilikepie641's avatar
too bad there's no openarena icon ;D
but quake icons will do :D
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