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GNOME-Shell - Ubuntu Precise Pangolin

This is a GNOME Shell theme based on the look of Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin.


Radiance version


Please avoid a manual install and use the GNOME Tweak Tool, it's much easier.

You can use the gnome-shell theme extension for easier switching of themes.

GNOME Tweak Tool

Make sure you have user-theme-extension installed. Load the GNOME Tweak Tool and go to Shell Extensions and click the "Use Theme Extension" switch. Now go to "Theme" and click the Shell Theme box and locate your theme zip. Now you can select the theme in the dropdown box.

License: GPL

Compatibility: GNOME Shell 3.4

Update 1.1 - 31st May 2012

- More accurate Ubuntu colours for various parts of the theme.
- Fixed a few padding issues.
- Added a shutdown icon to fit the theme.
- On-screen keyboard style improvements.
- Summary button improvements.
- Switcher tweaks.
- Added contact overview hover the same as the app hover.
- Fixed an issue where the notification popup didn't show proper(tested with Amarok).
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I don't like GNOME at all...........
but it's really beautiful
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It doesn't work on Gnome 3.6 :(
It works on Gnome Ubuntu Remix 12.10. :/

The only point where fails its on notifications at the bottom bar (the windows dont display correctly)

Sadly wont be updated :(
Check [link]

I've tried to make it work for 3.6; notifications do appear now, but haven't tested it a lot.
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No surprise there than, it's only 3.4 compatible and won't be updated.
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i hope visit my works
adama88's avatar
Very nice work.
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Hi, i hope you dont mind, i forked this and updated it a bit. The source is here: [link]
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the best theme for default!

is there a way to make applications icons smaller?

i tried 36/68/68/48 for grid/spacing/overview and they appear squished.
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Yes there is, take a look at the alternative theme [link]
i have that one, it's very nice, though this UPP one rocks as a default theme.

will mess around with the paddings i guess?

thanks for the reply hl
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Do you plan to make some updates to this theme in the future? (for new Gnome Shell versions at least) :)
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Nope, I don't use GNOME-Shell anymore.
"invalid theme" on Fedora 17... am I missing something?
half-left's avatar
Works fine here. I assume you just loaded the zip file into the gnome tweak tool without doing anything else?
gutigen's avatar
Great work!
I hope you will keep making and updating your themes till Gnome 15 and Ubuntu 32.04 and above! :)
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There's some issue with notifications, just the icon pops up from the bottom without any text or any box surrounding it. and hovering over, the icon jumps to the screen centre.

Is it just my system or any one else face this issue ?
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