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GNOME Shell - Orta

By half-left
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This is a GNOME Shell theme based on the Orta GTK2 theme.

Orta GTK2 theme by SkiesOfAzel

Wallpaper Hole by GuillenDesign



Please avoid a manual install and use the GNOME Tweak Tool, it's much easier.

You can use the gnome-shell theme extension for easier switching of themes.

GNOME Tweak Tool

Make sure you have user-theme-extension installed. Load the GNOME Tweak Tool and go to Shell Extensions and click the "Use Theme Extension" switch. Now go to "Theme" and click the Shell Theme box and locate your theme zip. Now you can select the theme in the dropdown box.

License: GPL

Compatibility: GNOME Shell 3.4

Update - 17th December 2011

- Added GNOME 3.2 compatibility.

Update - 29th May 2012

- Theme now supports GNOME 3.4.
- Made some design changes to fit better.
© 2011 - 2021 half-left
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please update this to work with gnome shell 3.8+! please! :)
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can i use this on latest gnome shell version?
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Only works with the version said in the description and the themes are not supported any more because of the constant breakage on GNOME's end.
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Can you make a version of Orta for Xfce? :D
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No, sorry I don't do GTK stuff anymore.
I love this theme. Nice work!

For whatever reason, I did have a little bit of trouble in the overview. The hover-over text for the dash apps and the icons for the application overview were all smashed together. I assume it was just some weird thing with my set-up, but if anyone else had trouble with this, I changed gnome-shell.css to include:

.dash-label {
border-radius: 7px;
padding: 4px 12px;
background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.5);
text-align: center;
-x-offset: 8px;
background-gradient-direction: vertical;
background-gradient-start: #5d5d5d;
background-gradient-end: #757575;
border: 1px solid rgba(255,255,255,0.0);
box-shadow: inset 0px 0px 3px 1px rgba(0,0,0,0.3);
color: #fff;
font-size: 10pt;
-shell-caption-spacing: 4px;

which more or less (more less than more) matches the window captions


.icon-grid {
spacing: 50px;
-shell-grid-horizontal-item-size: 118px;
-shell-grid-vertical-item-size: 118px;

thanks for the many good themes!
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Thanks. Yes, it's not 3.4 compatible yet.
Well that does explain it, now doesn't it?
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Yep, you have 3.4 CSS lines there which is what the problem is, same with the contacts in the overview.
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A very serious work!
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Beautiful theme, thanks for sharing :)
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You're welcome. :)
Hum I used meld to see the diff between Orta 3.0 & 3.2, It's CSS only :(
JS seems to be only for declarative properties.

I think I could made a 3.2 Dark from 3.0 Dark by copying your changes on the white Orta, but I could do some mistakes.
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It's a lot of work as it is making all my themes 3.2 compatible, never mind the different colours. :)
Do you need some help with the Dark version ?
I'm no good for design, but maybe I could give some help for the JS
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Are you going to update dark version?
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Not sure. I've got too much work on.
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It's OK, I understand.
Any updates on GTK3 3.2 Shell compatibility?
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