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GNOME Shell - Elementary Luna Mod

This is a GNOME Shell theme based on the Elementary Luna OS. This new version has light menus, notifications and a new switch design based on mockups by :icondanrabbit:

Elementary OS [link]

Elementary icons by DanRabbit [link]

Wallpapers by bo0xVn [link]

Dark version


Please avoid a manual install and use the GNOME Tweak Tool, it's much easier.

You can use the gnome-shell theme extension for easier switching of themes.

GNOME Tweak Tool

Make sure you have user-theme-extension installed. Load the GNOME Tweak Tool and go to Shell Extensions and click the "Use Theme Extension" switch. Now go to "Theme" and click the Shell Theme box and locate your theme zip. Now you can select the theme in the dropdown box.

License: GPL3

Compatibility: GNOME 3.4

Update 1.1 - 16th May 2012

- Added better window close button.
- Improved selection on menus.
- Popup-menu improvements.
- Removed shadow on message tray(might help improve responsiveness on some lower end systems).

Update 1.2 - 20th May 2012

- Improved switch text.
- Shutdown dialogue, modal windows, app switcher, workspace switcher are white.
- Smaller font size for overview contacts.
- Added new white button design from elementary.
- Added red button design for active button shutdown.
© 2012 - 2021 half-left
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I hate when people release a theme for software that is on a rolling release schedule. Gnome shell is updated every 6 or so months and developers and designers who make themes and extensions should keep up with it.

-1 For an awesome conversion that doesn't work on my version of Gnome Shell(3.8)
J4X0R's avatar
You do know its open source. You can take his code and keep it moving.

I hate when people complain instead of doing something about it.

-1 for being lazy and thinking the world revolves around you and your current version of Gnome.
half-left's avatar
GNOME don't support us, it one of the reasons why I don't use GNOME any more ,they even break extensions every release.
0xMatt's avatar
It's up to extension developers and designers to keep up with upstream packages. The changes are never significant and it's not hard to keep on track with it.

I don't care why you aren't using Gnome I'm saying you've released a theme for Gnome and you haven't stated in the description that there are no plans for further development and this is the final version of this theme.

It's not up to Gnome to support each and every developer and designer, it's up to you who have decided to take time out of your life to create something for the software to keep up with Gnome.
half-left's avatar
They're just themes, GNOME doesn't even support themes nor do they support anyone who does them. I don't see a flood of people updating the themes for me or taking them on.
beanaroo's avatar
@half-left I understand your frustration with Gnome's lack of support. You made an awesome theme and it's sad when people get upset and expect you to carry on developing for them out of your own free time. This is not your job and we are not paying you to offer us this.

On a lighter note, I'm finalizing a theme that's very dark and would like to make my next one light. If it's ok with you, I'd like to clone yours? With credit of course. :)
half-left's avatar
No problem, it's GPL, do what you like and it's nice to get a credit note. :)
I haven't used Gnome Shell for a long time but I want to try this theme and I can't because when I load up Gnome Tweak Tool is says I don't have user theme extension installed even though I've tried to install it so many times!! How do I do it on Ubuntu 12.04?
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Might want to try logging out and back in again.
When I enable it from here


I can't load Gnome Tweak Tool so there's no way to load your theme.
half-left's avatar
You'd have to enable it manually in the dconf then. I cannot fix your issue with that.
Cool that worked. Thanks :)
Aaron-A-Arts's avatar
nice. i wish i had gnome shell installed somewhere right now =)
half-left's avatar
Thanks. Try and fit it somewhere. :)
lgsalvati's avatar
You're creating a monster theme here,Great! :)
archvi's avatar
I loved the colors and clean design. Nicely combined into theme.
supetawesomedude's avatar
This is pretty awesome, but does this exist for gnome-panel? ubuntu 10.04 :D
half-left's avatar
Only GNOME Shell. :)
MameMame187's avatar
it doesn't work in 12.04. The applications view bug with 3.2 themes in 3.4 is present.
half-left's avatar
Use the right version, both 3.2 and 3.4 versions are in the zip
ajrpai's avatar
its wonderful. one of the best luna theme for gnome.

One thing though 'can u make the "ON" "OFF" switch a lil better?'
it looks a lil blurred...

is the font is Droid Sans? i've installed that on my system & also did a Alt+F2 then 'r' but the panel font is the default, am i doing something wrong here?

apart from that everything rocks, way to go :)
half-left's avatar
The font is blurred because it's vector not an actual font. If I don't make it into and object then the font will be required by the user.
ajrpai's avatar
btw, an update... i'm running Ubuntu 12.04 & the Ubuntu font is installed by default. U mentioned in one of the comments saying the font is Ubuntu. So i fail to understand why my panel font's haven't changed to either Ubuntu or Droid after restarting shell then a full reboot. Any ideas bro?
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