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GNOME Shell - Elementary Luna

This is a GNOME Shell theme based on the Elementary Luna OS theme.

Elementary OS [link]

Elementary icons by DanRabbit [link]

Wallpaper by Islingt0ner

Light Version

Modded Version

Elementary Luna GTK3 Theme


Please avoid a manual install and use the GNOME Tweak Tool, it's much easier.

You can use the gnome-shell theme extension for easier switching of themes.

GNOME Tweak Tool

Make sure you have user-theme-extension installed. Load the GNOME Tweak Tool and go to Shell Extensions and click the "Use Theme Extension" switch. Now go to "Theme" and click the Shell Theme box and locate your theme zip. Now you can select the theme in the dropdown box. Make sure you selection the right version for the GNOME version you have, otherwise the theme will not show properly.

If you run GNOME 3.4, just extract the 3.4 version to ~/.themes

License: GPL3

Compatibility: 3.2/3.4

Update 8th Aug 2011

- Improved switches to look better with the theme.

- Small Misc fixes.

Update 8th October 2011

- Added GNOME Shell 3.2 compatibility.

Update 13th October 2011

- Fixed lockup while searching(3.2).
- Themed contacts in search(3.2).

Update 18th October 2011

- Fixed search overview icon size so it's the same as the application overview size.

Update - 24th October 2011

(3.2 Version)
- Found a way to make hover on running apps show indicator.
- Added fake shadow effect to popup menu being as box-shadow can't be used.
- Made all dialogues consistently dark instead of grey.
- Workspace switcher and app switcher look consistent with the theme.
- Fixed shared buttons.
- fixed media buttons.

Update - 2nd January 2012

- Better popup submenu.
- Better panel button hover colour.

Update - 28th March 2012

- Added GNOME Shell 3.4 compatibility

Update -3rd May 2012

- Fixed scaling issues in the application overview for 3.4.
© 2011 - 2021 half-left
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skskolan's avatar
Well I read a negative comment here but honestly, I like your work.Good job!
jorgicio's avatar
Will be for Gnome 3.8?
Nice theme! But the dark one isn't working for me, only the white one. Do you know what's the matter?
half-left's avatar
Hard to say because I don't use GNOME anymore.
HagureYuusha's avatar
can you update this theme for gnome shell 3.6 please?
half-left's avatar
I don't use GNOME any more, sorry.
I was wondering if you could update this awesome theme with the same small fonts as the Elementary Luna Mod has please?
half-left's avatar
Just change the font-size in the gnome-shell.css, it's easy to do.
luishpardo's avatar
Hola, si quiero cambiar el color y la transparencia del cuadro que seleccionar directorios y archivos que parametro modifico. Gracias.
half-left's avatar
English please.
themrfarquad's avatar
Hey I absolutely love this theme but I'm also having cut-off issues in gnome shell 3.4. The icons get cut off along the top and left hand sides of the application menu and the text gets cut off after only a few characters, also feels like the icons are too big now. Also the text for the favourites bar comes up black which is hard to see on the dark overlay that gnome shell puts on top of the desktop. I would've taken screenshots of this but I couldn't work out how so here's some images taken from my phone (poor quality but it shows the problem).


(please note this is not criticism in any way, everything worked fine in gnome shell 3.2, it's just the update seems to have messed your theme up)
half-left's avatar
I've not got 3.4 at the moment. Download this [link] gnome-shell.css and overwrite your version, then restart GNOME Shell. Does it fix the issue?
themrfarquad's avatar
Hah! Thank you! That css file fixed everything! :D
Any reason why the css file was wrong?
half-left's avatar
Seems I forgot to fix the svg image in the overview in it's own container, so if the resolution changes the images doesn't scale right.
half-left's avatar
That's strange. What resolution are you running? I'll look into it anyway.
themrfarquad's avatar
I'm running my maximum screen resolution of 1280x800
need to fix appliciations on the activities Bar part of them are cut off but over all loving it
half-left's avatar
This is a cool theme but is there a way that i can make the top and bottom panels smaller?
half-left's avatar
Yes but it's not very simple because some other things need to position right.
haha, i tried messing with the gnome-shell.css and the text wasn't aligned correctly :angered:
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