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GNOME Shell - DeviantArt

This is a GNOME Shell theme based on the deviantArt website.

Wallpapers in the workspace thumbnails by Bo0xVn [link]


Backup your theme directory first, extract the zip file and copy the "theme"directory inside to /usr/share/gnome-shell/. This path is usually where GNOME Shell is installed.

Restart GNOME Shell by Alt, F2, then type r and press enter.


This theme supports the gnome-tweak-tool/extension for easy theme switching.

License: GPL

Compatibility: GNOME 3.0.x only.
© 2011 - 2021 half-left
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shikariibk201's avatar
and the name of these theme icons is............?????
mushrooom123's avatar
i can't find the wallpaper
half-left's avatar
It's just for the preview.
griddark's avatar
so when are you releasing the wallpaper haha ;)
phillips1012's avatar
Just download the screenshot and use gimp to copy the logo on a green background (use the color picker to get the exact color).
Alba-Jimenez's avatar
This is awesome! I got some troubles with Linux Mint Debian with xfce on my laptop ;^; so I'm going to install regular MInt with gnome :B and I'll install this! I'm an xfce fan but... gotta be happy for having it on my desktop machine xD
holmes8600's avatar
who can send this wallpaper or like this to my Email? thanks!
i can't find it on the internet
half-left's avatar
That's because I made it for the preview only. :p
holmes8600's avatar
i like it very much!
now i'm looking for like this wallpaper.
and i'm chinese,english not good. sorry
half-left's avatar
You'll find some devinatArt wallpaper on this site.
holmes8600's avatar
do you have the logo or ather picture about this site?
i make the wallpaper myself
in this site i don't know how to search
half-left's avatar
I just use the Bezier tool in Inkscape to do the logo. Try these :) [link]
Alucryd's avatar
I've put together a PKGBUILD over AUR for easy installation of this theme on Archlinux, I hope you don't mind : [link] :D
half-left's avatar
Yep, no problem and thanks. :)
uh8myzen's avatar
Great as always!
XLooo's avatar
Amazing work :D
great, black panel pls :P
ilnanny's avatar
Thank you so much :D
half-left's avatar
Xilantra's avatar
Awesome man! Good job.
half-left's avatar
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