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GNOME Shell - Atolm

This is a GNOME Shell theme based on the Atolm GTK2 theme.

Atolm GTK2 theme by SkiesOf Azel

Faenza Icons

GNOME 3 Desktop Environment


Please avoid a manual install and use the GNOME Tweak Tool, it's much easier.

You can use the gnome-shell theme extension for easier switching of themes.

GNOME Tweak Tool

Make sure you have user-theme-extension installed. Load the GNOME Tweak Tool and go to Shell Extensions and click the "Use Theme Extension" switch. Now go to "Theme" and click the Shell Theme box and locate your theme zip. Now you can select the theme in the dropdown box. Make sure you selection the right version for the GNOME version you have, otherwise the theme will not show properly.

If you run GNOME 3.4, just extract the 3.4 version to ~/.themes

License: GPL

Compatibility: GNOME 3.2/3.4.

Update - 1.1 - Sun 15th May 2011

- Fixed padding on calendar day
- Fixed Intl switchers pointing the wrong way..
- Fixed submenu background colour for when the menu has a long list(i.e network manager).
- Better URL highlight colour.

Update 1.2 - 7th September 2011

- More suitable extended menu background.

Update - 18th October 2011

- Added GNOME 3.2 compatibility.

Update - 7th April 2012

- Added GNOME-3.4 compatibility.
- Aligned menus to panel better.
- Improved panel buttons.
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You say you don't use GNOME anymore, may is ask why and what you use instead? It's just because I liked your themes very much and I'm very sorry they won't get updated.
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You can read my journal about it. [link] [link]
I like it a has a very clean feel to it. Thank you.
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You're welcome.
I love this theme! After upgrading to Gnome Shell 3.6, the notifications aren't working. Is there any plans for an upgrade to 3.6 for this theme?
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nope, I don't use GNOME anymore
ShippD's avatar
looks i need to boot into Ubuntu and try it out.. :sprint:
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you are welcome
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fantastic work!
many thanks for sharing this one with us and for the 3.2 compatibility.

this is really a beautiful theme!

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Thanks and you're welcome. :)
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Hi, I really like your theme but to me happens on Fedora 16 that it just hangs up upon application search and I have to kill the gnome-shell process by hand. Is it a known issue or it only happens to me?
Thanks in advance.
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Make sure you're using the right version, i.e 3.2 version in the zip.
SLB81's avatar
Thanks, it worked. I was using the theme from the fedora repository, I guess then it's not updated to the last version. Thanks again : )
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hey mate,
any chance for some "for dummies" tips/ instructions on changing the blues to oranges?
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Well, you could search for gradient colour values in the css and change it for all the parts of the theme.


.panel-button:focus {
background-gradient-direction: vertical;
background-gradient-start: #47586e;
background-gradient-end: #3e4247;

So just search the to gradient values above and change them to your colour. Start is top, end is bottom.
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Hey where do you download user-theme-extension?
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Depending on your distro it should be in their repos.
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Perfect! I love it! Thank you!
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You're welcome. :)
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Looks very good! Still waiting for that Openbox theme :)
X4fyr's avatar
Is it right that the window color won't change with this theme. I'm new to Linux/Gnome and am just wondering. If it's right, is there a possibility to change the window color to the same?
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