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Docky Theme Tutorial

This is a basic tutorial on how to make a Docky theme and how the layout works for the dock.

Hope it's useful.

More info can be found on the docky wiki [link]
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how to create semi transparent dock like macOS?
nice tutorial man, first time i use gimp i'm lost
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thanks man ;) ! it is useful for sure :)
I hate to say this... but why? what is the goal of creating a "theme" like this? not sure what the goal is here... not flaming you as I am interested in Docky myself but not sure what you are going for here...
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It's a tutorial on how to make Docky themes, not a theme.
I guess I am just not getting... again not trying to be a pain in the butt, but I am not seeing a practical use for this... I understand it isnt a theme but again, just not seeing a use for it. Is this leading into something or am I just missing it. I a m new to Ubuntu myself so forgive me.
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If you're not interested in making themes for Docky then it's no use to you.
its not really that, I am interested in themes and if I can make them thats even better, but like I said I just am not getting it. I guess if I actually try to make a theme I might understand. I will have to try to give it a shot later when i get home from work. Again, I am not trying to be a pain. I am just trying to understand...
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Well theme Docky and you'll understand.
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Thanks for sharing!!! :D
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You're welcome. :)
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Awesome guide, i'm trying to help out on a new linux customization site and I reposted this guide and a link back to the original post, the thread can be found here [link] the post will be deleted if you request so. I just wanted to thank you for all of your posts, you have awesome stuff.
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No problem and thanks. :)
Thanks. Don't use docky (or any docks) but I might so this could help me want to.
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nice tutorial =)
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Awesome tutorial!!!! I'll try some designs later.

It'd be nice to discover how to change the separator and the little indicators which are below the icons!
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Thanks. Well they can only be themed if you know dive into the source code, which is unfortunate.
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Do you think I can fix this? [link]
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