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Violet Brooks

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Made this mostly for myself, and my poor neglected friend Apprentice who's been desperately waiting for my next renaissance.

More specifically in this case, going back to probably my best story I've ever made. The story of Violet and her 'mom' Pinky, a 1955 Ford Fairlane. A story adapted from the film The Brave Little Toaster, as sort of a side-prequel to the movie. If you haven't read the comic I highly suggest you do so, it will appeal to any car fans of mine and will especially resonate with any of my watchers who are OS. The story is spread through my gallery, but here it is in order here: half-dude.deviantart.com/gal..…

Anyway I drew this as a sort of test. I want to draw a sort of tribute picture to the story in the future by drawing Violet and Pinky together but in a sort of more realistic sort of style. Violet looking more or less like this, and Pinky actually looking like a 55' Fairlane. I'd really like to get a more realistic human style someday but seems like no matter what I do I can't stop myself from putting big cartoony eyes on my humans. XD But at least she looks a bit more organic here, the eyes actually looks a bit unintentionally anime.
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pookiesaurus4Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So cute!
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lol And I'll keep waiting for it too!! I know you'll have one again my friend! And it's very nice to see a picture of the Pinky Series's little darling!

And I think you sort of undersell yourself on this one, the story will resonate with ANYONE! It's a charming little story much in the same vein of the Brave Little Toaster movie itself! It's a charming and imaginative look into a world of child-like magic where everything is strange and interesting and the world is so full of life and possibilities that the imagination is the only boundary! The Pinky series was, is, and forever will be a great story with its balance of child-like wonder and harder topics like depression, rejection, and even death! It's a story of loss that's beautifully crafted and even has the courage to end it all on a positive if not even hopeful note. The whole series was a little masterpiece that anyone could enjoy!

I think I see what you mean by anime eyes on this one and I'm not quite sure you hit your mark on realistic. But credit where it's do, the proportions and body structure look a lot better than in the series itself! I think you did a fantastic job with this one and it's more than a respectful tribute to the original works! To be honest I think the only thing holding this back from looking more realistic is the largeness of the eyes and I think the head might be a bit too large. That being said, this is by no means a bad picture! This is a charming picture of a beloved character that really shows off your improvements as an artist. To be honest I've been holding off on commenting on this until I had studied it closely enough to really lay out a decent opinion on it. The clothing has the proper period look, you really get a sense she has these little pinchable cheeks in this picture, her little smile is absolutely darling, her larger eyes don't detract from the picture but help drive home this cuteness that you can't quite get in realism. This feels like a larger than life sum of who the character was in that regard! Like as silly as it might seem this feels like that perfect image, that picture your brain goes to when you think "Who is Violet?" and it's here. It's her, that little girl up there with shining eyes and perky bows, of shoes laced tight and hair combed neat. This is something that really warmed my heart seeing after how long the Pinky story was over. Congrats man, on a job well done.
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Half-dudeHobbyist General Artist
Lol poor you, I'm leaving you so starved for Pinky material aren't I? ^^;;

Well maybe you're right.. I dunno, I guess I just figured people who weren't car people wouldn't connect? Like.. judging from what sells in movies and the like, I'm betting people would prefer Pinky was a dog or something... >> friggin over rated dogs.. ANYWAY, yeah it's like the Nostalgia Critic, have you SEEN his review of Cars? His problem with it wasn't even any of the obvious things wrong with it. His problem with it was that the characters were cars... like.. like that cars aren't relatable or something? Why do I relate to cars then?! What's wrong with me?! O.o *freaks out*

Yeah I kinda dropped the ball I guess with those eyes lol. Maybe when I do the actual picture I'll force myself to put human proportionate eyes on her.. but damn those big eyes are just so cute! Lol friggin Invader Zim man.. ruined me. I'm NEVER going to be able to draw characters without gigantic heads because of that show lol. I actually noticed if you look at this picture from the shoulders up.. it kinda works better as a bust picture. What do you think? Agree?

Lol those 50s outfits... man Ms. Brooks had her work cut out for her on laundry day.
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lol well hey, once a fan always a fan! It was a good series.

Hey, people connected with a toaster, a lamp, a blanket, and a Vacuum in the original movie! So long as the series and story is well written I don't think people will have trouble connecting with the characters therein. I think the key is allowing them the ability to see something of themselves in the character's personality or making the personality of the characters strong enough to reach beyond the pain. Well NC lost a lot of credibility in my eyes with a lot of his more recent stuff anyway so I don't much care what he says or thinks either which way!

Hey whatever you do I'll be happy to see it! lol and hey, you rocked the Zim thing for a long time! And yeah I kinda agree with you there, but I still find her pose very sweet and charming in its own right!

lol And how!!
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SeiferAHobbyist Digital Artist
The art style is really good in this! Really would love to see a recent take of Pinky someday!
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Half-dudeHobbyist General Artist
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Wario-GirlHobbyist General Artist
I must admit, I love the way you draw humans. :heart: She looks adorable here!
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a-user23Student Artisan Crafter
what a cuite drawing :)
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Zim999Professional Writer
Glad to see you drawing Violet again!
I love the dress she's wearing. :)
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