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Eulogy for the Lost by Half-dude Eulogy for the Lost by Half-dude
Something a bit different this time, I'll be surprised if this drawing gets much attention since I understand it's sort of a personal project of love and really requires nostalgia goggles to give a sh*t about. But if you're interested in some mystery, some detective work, and a little bit of creepiness stick around.

A little information, I grew up as a little boy in the 90s and around the same time I was absolutely crazy about the Titanic, I was also crazy about sunken wrecks in general. I remember watching Titanic: Anatomy of a Disaster on VHS at LEAST once a week obsessively, that's the Auspergers you see! XD But aside from that, I also watched another documentary almost just as much which was also recorded on VHS straight off of the TLC channel back in 1996 entitled "Bermuda Triangle: Secrets Revealed" One of the best and creepiest of any TV documentary on the subject I've seen even to date. But what fascinated my young mind more then anything was the abundance of exploring old creepy sunken boats an planes on the bottom of the ocean complete with overly creepy music and the lifeless almost haunting narration provided by Richard Crenna, the whole show having a very creepy Unsolved Mysteries-like feeling.

I recently felt inspired to re-watch this old show from my childhood and dug up the VHS though it was so old and fuzzy and muffled I decided as of last year to order a brand new VHS copy of it from the internet and proceeded to upload it in parts to my youtube channel. Months later I discovered comments on the videos claiming the show's stories were off for one of the wrecks (the Piper to be exact) which inspired me to do my own digging online. It felt great doing my own detective work and discovering what really happened to these long since sunk boats and planes from my past. : D

Recently, with my new found respect for vehicles the want to explore what really happened to them only felt more noble. As strange as it might sound, it almost felt owed. These old boats and planes gave me so much fascination and thrill watching them as a child, it felt so noble to try and uncover their stories for myself. They may be gone, but in their death they can have someone grow up with and care about them enough to do research, I feel that they then didn't die in vane. Sounds pretty familiar to Pinky's mindset about her own life come to think of it. :)

If anyone is interested in watching this old documentary I've been talking about, again you can watch it on my youtube channel:…

Below I talk about the group of boats and planes bound together in eternity by this old show, that this tribute is to, and what I found out about them. You'll probably find it interesting. ^^

While I was doing some of my research I was quite randomly listening to the
Blue Oyster Cult's: Don't fear the ReaperI didn't notice it at the time but listening to it later I noticed the song is pretty fitting, especially the first couple lyrics. It's also got a good retro feeling, just like the boats and planes themselves and even the show. Another song I found fitting that I was listening to lately is Bob Walkenhorst's Sinking Hour

TBM Avenger FT-87: (top left)
This was the first wreck looked at during the show, it was early on during segment where the crew lead by Oceanographer Graham Hawkes was searching for the legendary Flight 19. FT-87 was one of a cluster of 5 Avengers all wrecked in close proximity, naturally it was suspected to be of Flight 19. I don't think I'll ever forget seeing those close up shots of the cockpit underwater with the interior and pilots seat totally covered in algie and corroded, it was very haunting. During the segment they tried to find the bureau number for the plane which is the actual number unique to the plane that could identify it. Oddly enough, even thinking so as a little kid, the show just abruptly gives up after showing that they were having trouble finding the numbers.

It wasn't until a couple days ago when I had a really cool thing happen. I watched a relatively random documentary from the 2000s (<--- watch that part) which itself had a segment on flight 19. To my extreme surprise and boyish glee they made a return to ol' FT-87 in this new show! I know how weird it sounds, but it was almost like seeing an old friend from your childhood, I was even surprised to see the ol' boy looked just about exactly the same as I'd seen him back in 1996.. a real testament to the durability of those old planes. Graham Hawks was even around for it again this time, though funny enough by the sound of it he didn't even seem to remember having seen FT-87 before. XD Turns out the idiots back in the first show weren't even looking in the right place for the numbers! The numbers are on the tail which had snapped off apparently when FT-87 slammed on the ocean floor, but luckily it'd landed right there on FT-87's left wing, FT-87's true name turned out to be: NAV 23990 and from that they were able to dig up the accident report, here's a cliffnote version taken from the document shown on screen:

"LOST AT SEA - Oct 9th 1943 - Returning to Fort Lauderdale after bombing run
Crew -
George Swint III (pilot)
Slc Sam Treese
Slc J Lewulis

-Pilot was of the opinion that right main tank had plenty of gas in it for glide bombing maneuvers. When his engine cut, pilot had about 400-500 ft altitude and was traveling at 160 knots. He made new attempt to switch to another tank or to make use of the emergency fuel pump. Trouble Board believes the engine suffered a lack of fuel, and feels that the reaction of the pilot during the emergency was poor. He had time to switch to another tank and to make use of the emergency pump - an act which might have eliminated the loss of the plane.

Pilot's Note: I then gave my aircrewman the order to stand by for a crash landing. I made a belly landing on the water, and te plane stayed afloat a sufficient time to allow my aircrewman and me to escape."

Beechcraft A23 # N3647Q: (top right)
Ah yes, N3647Q, this little guy also holds some good memories for me. It's the only sunken plane of it's type that I've ever seen, that being a small personal plane rather then a warplane. It's also the only time I think I've ever seen an ROV explore the interior of one, as ethically questionable as doing so might have been. This was also that one that someone had mentioned on youtube that the show had some faulty information on. I was able to find this lil' guys true story and the fact that I was able to do so with a simple google search when a professional show couldn't gives me quite the feeling of accomplishment. Either the show was really bad on its research, or it just made it's story up to make it sound creepier. They claimed that N3647Q was a Piper (which it's not) and that according to police it'd been stolen from th airport and assumed to have been used to run drugs having never been seen again. Ignoring that garbage, here's this plane's TRUE story:

N6347Q was a 1967 Beech A23, he was privately owned by a Mr. Jerry Stonecipher who was 32 at the time according to records. On Dec 27, 1969 he was piloting N3647Q from Fort Lauderdale intending to fly to Opa Locka Florida. I'm not sure if the records are exactly correct, but they propose that the crash was caused by pilot error, an improper level-off/touchdown and that the plane was trying to land when it lost control. How the plane ended up landing in the ocean is still a mystery, there's a remark in the report apparently from the pilot himself saying "L GR KNOCKED OFF.LDG SUCCESSFULLY ABORTED. CIRCLED ARPT FOR ABT 1HR.FURTHER DMG DURG NEXT LDG." It's kinda hard to understand with the heavy use of shorthand, but it sounds like he had landing gear trouble and tried to land twice and circled for an hour after the first try. If anyone knows pilot jargon let me know if I'm reading it right.

I will say that looking at the reports, the way they coldly say that N3647Q's status is: DEREGISTERED is just a little bit unsettling, considering it's actually under the ocean.

Scarab Speedboat: (bottom left) "Nice boat when it's smooth, but when it gets rough out there these... probably not the safest thing to be in..."
Oh this speedboat... oh boy! You know we all have our scary moments in our childhood, well this guy was one of them, Heck my mom probably remembers me telling her how creeped out it made me and me making her watch it to see what I man. It's definitely not the boat's fault even if it is sorta freaky looking to be honest, but for whatever reason the show decided to pull out ALL the punches when they looked at this boat. The most horrifying music you've ever heard in a documentary and perhaps even in movies, that coupled with the emotionless ROV controller talking about what he thinks happened and going on about "low water lines" oh god.. >-< *shivers* Just watch the link if you don't believe me!

Man.. well, anyway, unfortunately I wasn't able to find anything on this boat's story. Unlike planes which are pretty obviously numbered and extensively tracked, boats seem to be a lot harder to find identification for. The only writing I could find on the thing was a marking of "US-1" which might point that it used to live right off of US-1 highway, a coastal highway on the east side of Florida. As for the drug-running angle the show was pushing, for all I know it could be true, speedboats are notorious for being used to run drugs with their high speed and ability to avoid radar. But that epic gold centipede looking decal on it's side looks like it might have been a custom job, leading me to think it had an owner who cared about it, not some drug runnner just wanting a fast boat. Unless the boat was stolen, which is a possibility, but who knows. Heck this is the first one in this picture where I honestly don't know if it was a fatal sinking or not. Someone on youtube kept going on about that when these boats are used for drug running they usually meet another ship outside of international waters, unload their cargo, and then the speedboat is sunk purposely. So because there are signs the sinking happened at night that could be what really happened. But I don't think we'll ever know for sure, and honestly the mystery keeps this boat a bit creepy.

I had NOTHING to go on when trying to look up this boat other then it was a speedboat. I thought finding the model of the boat would help find records on it but alas no. But I didn't. Amazingly I was able to find out what kind of boat it was, and even more shocking, I found out that it's actually like the Christine or Herbie of the boat world! It's a 1987 Wellcraft 38 Scarab KV, which turned out to be a model of boat made famous for being in Miami Vice!……

30' Sportcraft Sportfisherman 300 Big Mom: (middle) "her name was the big mom, the trail ended there..."
One of the most haunting when you first see her, you're not expecting to see her and then suddenly bam and the way she looms out of the dark surrounded by merky dirty looking water, the way she just sits there elegantly almost looking like she's sailing on the ocean floor right towards you.. it's pretty surreal! The show kinda helped me here outright saying she was a Sportfisherman, but it still took a while to find her exact model. She seems to be a deluxe version with a second floor deck above the bridge, I haven't been able to find any others online with that feature. But I HAVE found her look alike here:…………

While I wasn't able to find any interesting or contradicting story for the Big Mom, I am able to debate and possibly take some of the mystery out of her. The show seems to be pushing that it's weird that her rudder and steering gear were 'missing.' But if you look at the pictures for that type of boat, the rudders are up underneath the rear-end and wouldn't be visible the way she is sitting on the ocean floor. On top of that, it very much looks like she sank rear-end first or at least hit the bottom rear-end first, notice how her bow isn't buried at all in the suilt while her rear has a big blown out crater behind it. She probably slammed into the bottom relatively hard, bending the rudders up forwards and thus causing the steering mechanisms to be pulled aft and punched out through the body, that's probably what you see cracked out of the back of the rear. They also make a big deal about the captain's chair in the engine hatch, but I believe the engine hatch is directly behind the steering controls, if she landed rear-first the seat might have just snappd off and landed back in there. The engine door being open might be evidence she had engine problems though, but it could have just as likely been blown open by air pressure.

I honestly am very interested to find out what happened to Big mom though, and to know if he crew survived. If anyone knows where to look up records on her let me know.

Fishing Trawler Michael J.: (bottom right) "It's a big trawler, a big net dragger, I'd say she's about 120 feet long.."
Another one that I couldn't find anything on as much as I wanted to. I even looked up the numbers seen on the side of the bride there, but nothing. Though I might have gotten the wrong numbers, it's hard to make them out because there's a handrail in the way in the shot. The Michael J's home port was in Corpus Cristi Texas, If the show is to be believed, he was returning to Texas when he ran into a sudden storm. According to the show the crew survived the sinking, and he may have sunk due to human error, the outriggers being left in the raised position making the ship unstable. I don't have a lot go on, but he definitely takes a place for being one of the biggest wrecks explored in the show. He also looks like he was quite adored by his owner, the custom paint-job and the fact that he was named after the owner's son.

Alright, I'm done talking, you can go now.
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Sidakins Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
Scarab speedboat guy reminds me of that guy from the angry beavers. XD
Also I LOVE the Bermuda triangle theory. I clicked on the link as soon as possible the bermuda triangle is my FAVORITE irl creepypasta. 
Half-dude Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, Daggot? XD I can see the resemblance actually. Gah that Speedboat, so much mystery.. I can only imagine and wonder what must have happened when he sank, was it really at night-time? Was it intentional, an accident, engine trouble? WHERE did he sink? Far off in the middle of the ocean, or within view of the land?
Sidakins Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014
Yeah that guy. The Bermuda triangle is so mysterious. That's why it's so alluring.
Kabraska Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Big Mom is a real eyecatcher =P
Half-dude Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
is she? IS she still, in the show? XD
Kabraska Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
huh what show?
TheApprentice225 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014
You have no idea how badly I was sitting on pins and needles to see this!! I am very happy you uploaded this at long last and I already love this picture! Thank you so much again for showing me that documentary! And I share your fondness of 90s documentaries lol and those off of TLC! When I was in third grade I had every single last deck from top to bottom of the Titanic memorized! But yeah I had tons of old documentaries on VHS that I would watch very very often. Among some of my favorites was one about the good ol' Edmund Fitzgerald that I sort of remember, they used crude cgi at one point to speculate what happened when she sunk and they used that song throughout the program and at the end they had just pulled up the bell and they rang it once for each crewman; and for the briefest of moments it was like she was alive again as her voice rang out in the air over the great lake. I remember it was rather powerful hearing that song, the bell calling out almost sadly with the deepest of respect and sorrows, and seeing the faces pop up on the screen as the end credits began to roll. That's again why I find things like this deeply interesting and I am so very VERY happy to see this picture uploaded ^^

lol and I agree with you whole heartedly about the creepy factor regarding that documentary you showed me XD That god forsaken music they'd play!! They tried so very hard to make this like Unsolved Mysteries regarding the vehicles sunk seem like the murder victims. It was kinda cool seeing the documentary regarding them so much as persons and unsettling at the same time as it made the documentary more grim. The people would be talking and the music would settle down and then we'd cut to an image or footage of the wreck then BAM, PREPARE TO SHIT YOURSELF VIEWER!! YOUR ASS SHALL NEVER CLOSE!!! THINK IT CAN'T GET ANY CREEPIER? THINK AGAIN!!!! That Documentary had some good atmosphere though and I love the fact you shared that part of your past with me ^^ I also find it really cool when Inspector Ian is on a case doing research!

TBM Avenger FT-87: What an interesting tale behind this plane!! It's cool to know that the people escaped but still ultimately sad about the plane's loss. Out of the two you drew I think this is my favorite plane ^^ I hope you don't mind me doing that thing I do where I absolutely focus and praise on detail about the overall picture like I tend to do but I completely LOVE your job with the mouth on this guy! it flows and fits so SEAMLESSLY to the design of the plane, despite being on a machine it has such a natural and organic look to it and the way it is placed on the body. It easily is one of my favorite versions of living planes I've ever seen. Your use of the body of the plane to give it expression and where you place the actual face it just without challenge! You and Light Concord do planes like no one else's business and I could imagine them both in the skies comfortably together. Nothing feels just plastered onto him to make him seem alive because everything just seems like it SHOULD naturally be there! Like this is how a plane would look if it were born! I also sort of get a shark vibe from it's look and I think that's cool because it works for the plane and gives it a feeling of naturally belonging in Earth's ecosystem! Like a real species of animal or person that just naturally makes sense and looks like it should be on Earth! I also love the spike on the cockpit XD since this is an army plane it just makes me think of a human getting a buzz cut for service but the barber missed just one tiny sprig of hair that stands at attention defiantly having survived the barber's razor XD

Beechcraft A23 # N3647Q: Oh yes! The cute little plane, such a terrible shame. I said it when we watched that documentary and I'll say it again, I think it was HIGHLY disrespectful for them to smash that plane open to look around inside. It had been PERFECTLY preserved on the ocean floor and then they damaged what was the plane's grave. I think the fact that they got it's story so very badly wrong on top of it all was very unprofessional of them. Oh well, at least there's cool people like you to come in after them and mop up the mess they made with a hard mix of Pinesol and FACTS! Bonus points to you buddy ^^ It's true story is a bit more interesting that stolen to run drugs as there is an air of mystery around it still and a sense of dire emergency. I wonder what was going wrong that had him up there circling for an hour. I agree that the automatic and emotionless Deregistered does make me a trifle uneasy. I like the drawing ^^ it's very appealing to the eye and very faithful to the plane as all your works are, but there's something with it that doesn't quite strike the right cord with me as your other works do, I can't quite put my finger on it though... it's either the angle of the mouth or the size of the pupils. Not to be nasty or nit picky or anything I LOVE this entire drawing and am happy it's hear so I don't want to sound like a dick or disrespectful considering this is a tribute people to vehicles who passed before their time but something with A23 just hits me wrong. I think perhaps his pupils are a bit too big. Either way I still love the drawing and am enthralled by your level of research and work ^^

Scarab Speedboat: I want to start off by saying I LOVE how you portrayed this boat! Your work with the boats is INCREDIBLY strong! I love all the boats you drew here and cannot pick a single one who is drawn better than the others! This is a perfect example of that Half-Dude magic that has me head over heels with your gallery! Each one of the boats looks like they SHOULD be that way, that this is the RIGHT portrayal of these vehicles' inner life. EVERYTHING about them hit a home run and knocks them out of the park. I CANNOT stress how much I love your drawings of these boats, and as someone who deeply loves boats and who always have I think that to have me literally applauding over this picture shows how awesome you and your skills are. The speedboat showcases all its characteristics perfectly and I love your design choices! Everything about this drawing exudes the shark-like aggression and power of this boat and makes visualizing it ROARING across the ocean's surface, engine drumming as it pushes it's own limits and dares to race sun beams themselves, water trailing up behind it as lesser boats are shaken in its wake, and it full of life on a warm sunny Florida Morning as the sun begins to kiss the sky and it begins to rip across the water very easy. The pointy teeth really help add to the character and bring it to life in a way that really works to strengthen the overall drawing into the masterpiece it is! The cocky look fits very VERY well giving him a very strong Camaro of the see, sure of himself with every right to be as his engine is powerful, his body sculpted by talented hands, and his speed hard to match! I also love how you used the square narrow windshield to give him a very sharp and predatory gaze, increasing the power of his stare. Everything about his face and the way you drew him speaks volumes of power as it should be. My hat is off to you sir! lol and I agree wholeheartedly with you on the documentary, again you've already heard my two cents on this XD they just collectively went off their meds in the studio and tried to make the scene as SHIT-YOURSELF-inducing as they could manage! And yes that Decal is awesome! Sorry you couldn't find out more about this mysterious beast, apparently it's just as powerful and fast in death as it was in life, able to dodge the law and elude the investigative prowess of Inspector Ian, for now.

30' Sportcraft Sportfisherman 300 Big Mom: She's actually my favorite of the three boats, not because she's drawn better than the others as again your work with the boats was just phenomenal in detail and design! Just her name paired with that lovely kind face you gave her I think just appeal to me ^^ I guess I just have a soft spot for sweethearts XD I'd hate to keep repeating myself and keep telling you that everything you've done is just completely perfect and right because it feels so natural and perfect but I find in your pictures that's a running theme, total perfection in the character and realization of the vehicle's inner life and expression. Her eyes look comfortably and relaxedly as though happily staring out at a sunset reflecting across the water surface and contently sailing along. Your work with the mouth and the points upward in the middle to convey the point in her bow is very nicely executed and I think makes her expression all the warmer and content. A dead ringer who was realized, animated, and captured superbly! I wish there was more of her story known! To know what happened or what her life was like before tragedy befell her! You know, when they show those boats that have sunk but still look to be in good shape, I always used to wonder why they didn't return the boats to the surface and repair them! But regardless, whoever owned her must have loved her felt very close to her to name her something like Big Mom. Rest easy you big beauty in your bed below the waves, long may you run; rust in peace.

Fishing Trawler Michael J.: The work with the eyes is lovely making him look like a tired but content worker, happy with his trade no matter how tired he may be at the end of a day. Your accuracy with the details and commitment to realize and convey them all is wonderful! Again I applaud you ^^ The fact he was named after his owner's son must have made his loss especially hard, though I find the fact that the outriggers were up to be very suspect however. It's a shame you can't get more information on him, like how many times he was used or how old the crew was or if there was a large insurance claim on him before the accident. It just seems so odd that the fishing crew would make such a peculiar and novice mistake. Unless they were suffering from some kind of mechanical fault and were stuck there I find it just baffling that they'd be intentionally left there, it's not like one can simply overlook them! But anyway, your work with dear Michael is splendid and I love how you give him his own unique face despite three other boats in the picture, it gives them each such a strong sense of individual character and persona! If they had not sunk and could see this picture for themselves I'm sure they'd love your portrayal of them! I do love that custom paintjob on him ^W^

I think I've prattled on quite long enough however, thank you for the wonderful wonderful upload! Good work Ian, you knocked this out of the park by lightyears!! It's an interesting feeling knowing that more than a few of these fellows have been or came from Florida ^^'
Half-dude Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I LOVE you man, absolutely LOVE you. XD I knew I could count on you to be the one to give me an epic comment. I think I'll go over and try and give you a nice big comment on one of your pictures in my inbox as repayment.

You were really that excited to see this huh? Thanks a lot dude that's real cool. <: ) I would have uploaded it on the 14th but the tab I was writing the description in got accidentally closed and I lost half of what I was writing! Frustrated I quite and waited till later to write. Man, it's surreal how similar our childhoods sounded, it sucks we didn't know each other as kids we probably would have been epic friends, but at least we're friends now right? :) Speaking of knowing the Titanic's decks by heart, I'm curious, were you ever fortunate enough as a kid in the 90s to get to play Titanic Adventure out of time? I sent you a soundtrack from it about a week ago I think. God, for a kid crazy about the Titanic like myself it was HEAVEN, the FULL ship practically recreated in 3D with almost every deck and hallway explorable. They even had a 'explore' mode where it was outside the story of the game and just let you walk around and look at stuff. I've even seen a lot of Titanic documentaries use footage from the game in them. XD The story you'd probably love too, you play as a British government agent sent to spy on a German colonel with plans for the future world war, it's a total mystery game so I bet it'd be right up your ally. Too bad it's too old to run on newer computers anymore, I know it runs on Windows XP though. :)…

Aww the Edmond Fitzerald, the name sounded familiar but I had to look her up. Such a strange design for a ship, I've never seen a giant cargo ship like that where the bride was on the front like that. What a horribly haunting wreck if I do say so, something extra creepy looking when a ship's broken in half, do you have any good documentaries on her you'd like me to see? :) Oh god and see what these guys are doing here, swimming around looking at her? I could NEVER do that! It's wierd, I'm fascinated with sunken wrecks, but also terrified of them, like if I was out swimming next to her like that I'd feel like.. gah I don't even know! It just gives me the creeps, almost like she's a big whale underwater that's gonna move and swallow me up or something.. I'm pretty sure it's a rare irrational phobia. To be honest I kinda wonder if that one scene scary scene in Jaws where Ben Gardner's dead body floats out of that hole in the boat underwater. I remember that scene really scaring me as a little kid, since then stuff like that's scared me, the way things move and sound underwater, also the way that you're kinda touching the ship with your whole body even when you're not actually touching it because you're sharing the water with it.. just.. gah. I have seen some forum posts from people like me though.… looks like someone on there says it's called "submechanophobia" it's kinda funny I'd be scared of objects but at the same time love them the way I do. XD .... btw

Heheh yeah I'd be interested to see what other documentaries whatever director did that one has made sense.. I wonder if he ups the creepiness for all the stuff he makes. XD I've seriously never seen a documentary, ANY documentary feel so unsettling. All the other ones I've seen since about the Bermuda Triangle try to be creepy but it just feels cheesy and phoned in, but that one felt so genuine! Richard Crenna sure was a good choice as a narrator though wasn't he? The only way they could have gotten it creepier is if they actually got Robert Stack in there to do it. I actually listened to the unsolved mysteries theme song for a bit as I was cleaning this drawing up, it was so amazingly fitting really. Aw dude, I was happy to share that with you man, I'm just happy you cared enough to wanna see. :)

TBM Avenger FT-87: Yeah I was SUPER stoked when I saw him on that newer show, if you haven't, you should check out that link I posted, it's automatically timed at the specific part of the show. I can kinda see why the first documentry tried to leave the fate of the crews and what happened to the boats and planes vague. It's a fact that what makes something scary is the lack of knowledge about it. Knowing the true story about FT-87, that nothing mysterious or supernatural happened, and that the crew all made it out DOES make him a tad less creepy. But still, I'd prefer to know what really happened then to be creeped out not knowing. It's a shame that FT-87 had to die in such a pointless way, that is kind of a sad part of the story. they intentionally give those planes multiple back-up fuel tanks, he probably could have so easily made it through that. But I guess the pilot just froze in shock or something, understandable though I'd probably do the same thing. : / Really glad you liked his mouth so much, funny he's the one that I was the LEAST sure of how to place a mouth on. I'm wondering if maybe you like his mouth so much in particular because it's at kind of a profile-type angle.. you can see the fold of the lips and everything, kinda makes it look more 3D and built in. Unlike say, N3647Q where it's a front on mouth that could very well just be a sticker or something stuck on his front. XD

These are really impressive planes, I had no idea how huge they were just from watching the show. It was only later when I was looking up on them for this picture, their design is kinda misleading, it makes them look like a small fighter plane. But in reality they're more like miniature super-fortresses, large open belly with a radio room and everything, 4 man crews, take a look at these interior shots:………

Beechcraft A23 # N3647Q: Yeah it really is a shame, especially if the dates are accurate I think he crashed when he was only about 2-3 years old.. it's sad. I honestly kinda would like to fly one of these planes, it'd almost be like experiencing his life or something. My room mate Eric mentioned he'd be interested in learning to fly, and we have a small airport in town so who knows. Yeeeah, I do so love this documentary,  but I do kinda have to swat them on the head for how they acted here. Considering the fact that they didn't even know at the time if someone had died or not it was kinda heartless. My guess is that cracked open window just got their curiosity running wild, would you admit to having at least a little bit of an urge to wanna see what was inside? They might have also needed to justify the dive perhaps, I think it costs a lot of money to do that underwater exploring stuff. I have a hard time though hounding them too much, because the fact that they did open the plane up is kinda what made the plane so memorable, that sense of nervousness and discovery. We can't forget that without this show we would have never even known this plane ever existed, we have to thank them for at least that. As for the story, it could have been a simple mistake, if you don't know.. the Pipers and Beeches of that model look VERY similar, maybe if you look up Piper N3647Q instead of Beech you get that other plane that was stolen.. I might have to try that. If you don't believe me, look at this, this is a Piper:… the main giveaway looks to me to be the shape of the side rear-window.

Hmmm really? Well don't be afraid of offending me, I'd be interested to know what it is you think is off. I did have trouble with his pupils though, I was trying to clean them up and had a bad mouse at the time that was really inaccurate so maybe they're kinda off because of that? OR maybe you're just not a fan of the Pixar type eyes eh?

Scarab Speedboat: It's been a LOOONG time since my childhood of drawing Titanic obsessively, I was a bit nervous if I would still be able to draw boats at all, lucky for me it seems like enough of my skill stayed with me. I'm not gonna pretend like I got the Scarab's shape down right the first time though.. ooooh no. I actually had no idea you were a boating person to be honest, you definitely live in the right place to be one though, does your family own a boat by chance? : 0 Heheh, and there YOU go again, showing me my favorite aspect of you; your ability to make a beautiful story out of anything with passion and heart. I really enjoyed your little tangent about the Scarab's life, it was quite beautiful. :) You really do have no idea though how much I really would like to find out the truth and story about this old boat, maybe possibly clear his name of the claims that he ran drugs. I don't know, I guess I just wanna believe he's innocent of that. I'm glad you liked the details I put in for his face, I was actually going for kind of a shark look with those teeth, his mouth area kinda has the whole shape of a shark, big pointy nose, curved chin, ect ect. I also wanted to make him look scary to match the scene I know him from. Haha I knew I'd make him look like that boat version of the Camaro if I gave him those yellow eyes, but I just couldn't resist! XD The fact that he had such a close to non-existent windshield had me a bit nervous if I'd be able to give him eyes, but I was and I'm glad that the look actually worked to his advantage as you said.. giving him the look of a predatory gaze. Your story for him was so emotional in fact you make me wonder if you'd want me to draw one more picture for him sometime, in a scene of your creation. :) Oh god yes, that decal, I'm amazed how well that paint held up you know? Am I alone in thinking it looks like a big centipede? Or maybe some kind of shellfish. I was actually surprised at the beefiness of these boats, now that you mention that. Did you know that they have twin V8 engines? That meaning the power of two cars, and GOD does the sound of those twin engines reving up sound amazing! Just listen and look at this and wait till he picks up speed 2:35 in, it's almost like seeing ol' Camaro Scarab going out to sea on that ill-fated day:…

30' Sportcraft Sportfisherman 300 Big Mom: Oh she's yours too huh? /: ) I understand you're not saying she's the best drawn, don't worry I know what you mean man. I think because I have the same feeling about her. ^^ I think I naturally made her look very warm and friendly, being the only boat that gave me a feminine vibe but also having mom in her name made me get Pinky'ish ideas about her. Just a very warm protective girl, Did you notice how it kinda looks like she's wearing a hat? XD. Thanks for the comment about her mouth, I wasn't sure people would get that the shape of her bow was the reason for the : 3 face. I wanted to make her look kinda individualized so I tried to give her kind of a unique smile where it kinda smirks off to one side. Again, huff, I wish I was able to find more about her as well. <: / There's probably some kind of identification number somewhere on her that they never bothered to show on the show, I just know close to nothing about boats and what numbers are needed for identification or where they're printed. I searched for the FL 3102 CV that was painted on her cheek and it brought up an address located on the far western side edge of Florida near Alabama so at least we maybe know close to where she lived. At least her second owner, as they said she was sold to someone... if that's true. I'm assuming her wreck is somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico which would kinda beg the question as to why she's in a show about the Bermuda triangle. xD

Fishing Trawler Michael J.: Yeah that's kind of how I envisioned him, just your tired but content ol' sailor. To be honest a lot of his details here had to be assumed or taken from pictures of other trawlers, they don't really show much behind his bridge during the show so I wasn't exactly sure how he looked exactly. Hmmmmm... do I sense a hint of suspicion about his sinking? like that maybe there was some insurance fraud or something going on? Well like with Big Mom that show tended to like finding things that looked odd on the wreck make some big mystery out of it. For all we know what if nets came detached as he was sinking and the drag from them pulled the outriggers up or something? It's just hard to tell with the state of a wreck how it looked before it sank you know? As for as the owner is concerned he said Micheal J sank because of a freak storm, that seems much more believable considering what we know about freak waves down there in that area. :)

Thank you Caleb, you gave me better feedback then I could have ever hoped for man and I mean that. You're so awesome. <: )
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Ah, you are far too kind my friend ^^ You don't have to repay me. I enjoy your art so I comment ^^ lol if you want to comment on something of mine that's cool lol but you're not under obligation to. It was my pleasure to type up that comment ^^ lol it's kinda what I do XD

Of course I was! It was a really ambitious project, but one I knew you could knock out of the park; and you did ^^ lol and that has happened to me more than once where I accidentally close out something I was all but done typing on. It's actually happened a few times when I'm writing some of my big comments to you XD Either I want nothing to do with it for a few hours after getting frustrated or I IMMEDIATELY start re-typing everything whilst frowning intensely at the screen XD lol I noticed that too btw XD but at least we're friends now ^^ XD and IDK maybe it's for the best I was kind of a stupid kid. As bright as I could be I was also kind of stupid all at the same time XD I've learned to keep my goofiness in check so I'm not a total spazz but when I was little til I think it was about first or second grade I tried to convince my fellow classmates I was a robot XD The screwy thing is I actually managed too one day when I had a sore throat XD And sadly no, I think I might have seen the box art once or twice but I had never actually played the game myself. I bet it would be awesome though from the sounds of it! The soundtrack you sent me was pretty darn epic! Explore mode sounds like it would be lovely!! lol I know I'd be looking around the engine and boiler rooms ^^ Such fun. lol then again my chance to be a detective in the story would be strongly alluring too!! XD and no fooling? They used footage of this game in documentaries? That's awesome! It must have been an awesome game in that case!! And I know, it's like I said on the phone, XP was fairly cool with anything while 7 seems to be constantly reminding me I need to get on the cutting edge. I shiver to imagine how 8 is like!! Hey, being a computer guy I'd like to ask you something! Do you think with modern day computers if someone was smart enough with DOS they could write an operating system better than Windows? Like an old vs new kind of thing, Is Dos itself just slower and inferior all together of could some kind of DOS thinking savant use DOS to make an OS that could go toe to toe with Windows? I know it would probably take up a lot of memory space either way though. Oh, and holy toledo!!! That game trailor looked epic! Here… This should be a playlist of the sound track of one of my favorite games as a kid! lol it pales in comparrison graphically but it's a fond memory I can share. lol this is also what I was listening to when I wrote my comment/scene regarding the speedboat.

Indeed! When one sees dear Edmund it is very hard to forget her face, she had a distinct face. And indeed it is, she look like she was clawed down under the waves piece by piece. I have the one that I mentioned a while back that I used to watch on VHS right here… I did a little looking and this is it! lol give me a call and we can watch it together! O-O and as creepy as that scene in jaws is I really don't see that fear as irrational! It makes sense to me! As hypnotic as they are to look at and wonder, to actually SEE them would require not only braving the water and sheer depths of dark nothingness all around you, but the sea animals around you, everything that could go wrong, the possibility of strong underwater currents, getting snagged or trapped on something inside the wreck if your crazy enough to go inside, and above all dismissing the fact you're basically floating in front of both a tomb and dead body all at the same time would be an incredible personal feat alone if not tremendously foolish! I admire the people who can actually do that but it is insanely dangerous. There's some underwater caves a short deal away from where I live that divers both novice and pro keep exploring for fun despite the number of people who get trapped under there or lost and die! It wasn't too long ago as I recall that a father and son got trapped in those caves and drown. Personal, I think there's too much that could go wrong as cool as it would be to see them. lol so I don't think your fear is unjustified but rather a completely sane survival instinct! They're fascinating if not awe inspiring to see, but their location spelled their end for a reason.

.....e-e It looks like she's some kind of mutant humanoid hermit crab whose just wearing the Big Fitz. lol artistically I don't think the design in integrated enough.

lol you'll hear no disagreement from me there! I'd love to check out some of his other works! lol and while that would have been impressive if they would have got Robert Stack in there I think the guy they had did a pretty damn good job making that position his own. lol and I love documentaries and hanging out watching stuff with you dude! lol XD hell I have plenty of shipwrecks still drifting around and haunting the recesses of my memories if you wanted to watch. As I recall the Wilhelm was REALLY bad… Really. Really. Bad.

TBM Avenger FT-87: I bet! Sort of like seeing an old friend again for the first time in years! lol and I don't know, sometimes truth is scarier than fiction when it comes to the creep factor XD And I agree, it is sad but for the guy piloting it must have been pretty bad to get him locking up. lol and that might be it, but the mouth placement just seems to make natural sense. lol You did a great job with this big guy!

Ah yes! The Flying Fortress and Super Fortress! Two good planes right there!!

Beechcraft A23 # N3647Q: Ah yes, I know that feeling well. It is always such a shame when anything dies young. Be it this poor fellow, the Titanic on her first voyage out, or that one car you showed me which had the misfortune of meeting one Jeremy Clarkson. Flying as I understand can be a fun hobby, though rather dangerous too. lol granted if you had the money I bet with a few stops in between for fuel you could be here in Florida for a Visit rather quickly XD just don't go asking me to take a ride in it!! I would have been curious about it yeah, but if they DID find human remains they might not have been allowed to make the documentary at all. People get kinda funny about showing real dead people on TV; and the families often do not like people seeing their loved ones in that way which is understandable. And no I can't fault them either too much, for all the shaky stories and research they did it was pretty damn cool and memorable! lol if not for the sheer creep factor they were laying in XD

lol well to begin with I know I'm not really a fan of the Cars movie style look but I've seen cases where it works. I think it's more of the pupils that anything like given the overall size of the windshield they're in I think they come off as just a hair too large. lol but again I'm not sure what it is 100% The drawing of the plane itself is simply splendid ^^

Scarab Speedboat: I wouldn't mind seeing some of those old Titanic drawings to be honest ^^ I'd love to see how you brought her to life! lol and you could have fooled me! I could never have told you hadn't been drawing boats on the side all this time, these drawings are good! lol and are you kidding me!? XD with all the ship wrecks I've mapped out in my head and documentaries I've watched over the years I've got a really strong love of boats and the sea! Boats are cool ^^ lol and no aside from a few Kayaks we used to own.… this is it right here ^^ I took a black marker and put a name on mine XD I called her Autumn. lol and you never cease to flatter me >W< that little bit was just a little something that popped into my head when I looked at your drawing. If anything I should be thanking you for the picture that inspired that little scene! And me too, you have no idea... lol well actually you do I suppose XD You and I would both be fairly happy if you could clear it's name ^^ Oh jeez! lol of course I'd love to see more artwork! lol whether it's the scene I described or not XD again dude you keep about this and I'm actually liable to blush!! lol and I just listened to that link you sent. HOLY SHIT does that baby roar!! Sad to think that's laying at the bottom of the ocean :/

Big Mom: lol same! I didn't want to drift too much into the Pinky Territory with my comment but I do get that feeling off of her. lol I'm sure she and Pinky would have got along well though XD maybe even making Pinky a trifle jealous as she had beds and a room more or less for her masters to sleep inside of her in. lol and I did! Like a sun hat to keep the rays out of her eyes on those warm sunny Florida Days that are really beautiful to look at but hot enough to make you brain imitate a popcorn kernel in the microwave. And as far as an individual look goes you knocked it out of the park XD don't worry, I'm sure people with catch the reason for the :3 look. I really do wish there was a way to find out more about her though. She looks so peacefully departed there; sort of like she's just sleeping. That always did bother me though when wreck look like they're normal just under the water, I always wondered why they weren't just brought back up! I know people can! They've done it before! You've got all these people crying about pollution and whatnot in the water or about how we'll run out of materials eventually and we're wasteful or whatever; why not save the ones you can? lol of course I just suppose that's the side of me who hates to say goodbye. And you know what's the biggest shame of all? We'd never have known about any of these ships ANY of them, not the Big Fitz, not the Titanic, not Big Mom, not a single one if it wasn't for the fact they died. It's so sad they get affection and are remembered for dying.

Fishing Trawler Michael J.: lol you're damn right I'm suspicious! The first thing I thought when I heard that it's outriggers were up. I don't think sinking would have put them up. lol I don't know, something about that just makes me fly a red flag upstairs. lol I don't know, the whole freak storm just feels too convenient. lol Me being a cynical suspicious arse aside though, I do love your drawing! I also love as a sort of parallel to Big Mom how her mouth runs smoothly along her hull, the one line in Micheal J's sort of backs in and makes him look bigger if not a tad heavier overall XD but it works! I like it ^^

lol mid way through writing this I found myself looking up sea shanties XD… this one specifically XD Oddly fitting I think!

lol man you are far far too kind. You're the one who did the awesome picture. A comment was the least I could do ^^ The fave was just to drive home how much I loved their piece ^^ But thank you ^^
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Aww well thanks dude, but I see it as a personal obligation as being a good person. You give me so much pleasure with your comments I just wish to give you it back. :)

Well maybe it was emotionally or thematically ambitious, but compared to my other projects the drawing itself really isn't anything so special. I think it's more the message and feelings behind it, kind of why it has a whole novel of a description. XD I could see maybe 80% of my viewers just looking and then saying "too long, did not read" and then leaving again... le sigh. Yeah that's the same as me, just sometimes grudgingly starting over right away being as angry as possible while doing it as if you're trying to shame the computer. I actually found while frantically looking for a way to get my tab back that firefox has a 'restore closed tab' option if you right click up towards the top there. But I only realized that later so I don't know if it'd restore what you had typed or not.

Hehe you remind me of Andy Wickle, he was this spazzy kid in grade school who'd run up to people and poke them saying "tranquilizer tranquilizer!" XD Aw well that's too bad, but I played through the game again a couple years ago.. it's definitely still enjoyable as an adult. I'll give a look on amazon see if I can find it for you cheap if you're interested. I really hope they put it up on so that it'll run on Win 7 and you wont need any disks. HAHA, you'll love that then, you can get into fist fights with the routy coal stokers down in the boiler room. XD Explore mode is a nice addition, but to be honest you'll spend SO much time running around the Titanic in the actual game that you really don't need it. I also like how your steward knocking on your door at the beginning will totally break character if you ask him how to play the game and tell you to go to XD The game must have been kind of obscure unfortunately as I can't even find one review of it on youtube.. there are lets plays though if you'd rather watch someone else play it. I use Windows 7, I have since I upgraded my computer I wanted a 64-bit operating system. Windows 7 actually isn't so bad, it's at least got the Windows XP stability.. unlike how Vista was like. I hate Windows 8 though, Microsoft for some reason wants to be more and more like Machintosh even though that's the main reason people CHOOSE Windows because it's not. Anyway, in Windows 8 they got rid of the start menu, what a fucking sin!

Oh god you're going to talk about DOS are you? Well now you've sure smacked the hornet's nest... hope you're in for another paragraph! Well the first thing you need to know relating to your question is that DOS is no longer in Windows anymore, I think Windows 95 was probably the best OS to have if you wanted DOS capability but wanted it to have the features like later Windows incarnations. Win95 still had a very hefty DOS side to it I think it was almost a 50/50 split between a base DOS system and the new 95 layer over it. That was back when you still had the option to "restart in DOS-mode." After that though on through Windows 98 up to Windows NT I believe, the DOS kernel became smaller and smaller till the eventually removed all traces of DOS in windows. That's why these old games from the 90s don't run on newer computers anymore, because they were made for DOS systems, you'd have to launch them from a command line.

cd C:\Games\Duke3D
changed to folder duke3D
run duke3d.exe

Now the closest things you can get to DOS in windows is running the command line (type cmd in the run box) or downloading and running DOS-BOX which is a DOS emulator. But the thing you need to understand is that DOS was Windows, back in Violet's early 20s that was all they had. You didn't have any visual interface like a desktop or icons, and if you didn't have a disk in the computer then turning the computer on would only result in a black screen with an empty _ prompt blinking in the top left. That's why they were called Disk Operating Systems, because they couldn't do anything without a disk in the drive.. computers back then had no permanent storage on the system like a hard-drive. You really can't compare Windows and DOS anymore, they're just too different, and I don't think it's that DOS itself is inherently slow, it's that the computers it ran on were slow.. compared to now anyway. It's also that it was slower to do anything because everything you did you had to type a command rather then move a mouse and click on a icon. : P I think you already have the best you can get using Linux, it's got a very slim interface blanketing a heavy DOS-ish interface.

Ah Top-Gear, hopefully unassociated with that dick-stick Jeremy, I think I remember you telling me it is. Catchy retro music, reminds me of my old days playing Donkey Kong Country at my friend's house. X3

Yeah, she was a pretty abnormally looking long and slim ship, makes since that the waves and currents would tear her apart. To be honest she looked like she'd do horribly in stormy weather waves. Will do, I'll wait to watch it with you. : 3  Thanks dude, <: ) It's nice to hear someone who doesn't have the phobia still feeling the same and listing out rational justifications. To me, I think I know partly what my issue is, it's the depth fog of water and lack of light.. the way that when it's dim underwater you cant see more then 5-8 feet in front of you. The idea of swimming through visual-less water and suddenly a gigantic nasty looking algae covered bow just comes out of nowhere out of the fog feet ahead of you! Then because of how water is you stop swimming but your momentum keeps you moving and you slam into it. I had a very disturbing image come to my head a day ago, I'm swimming in the middle of the ocean.. on the surface. I look at my feet and see this nasty decomposing boat rushing to the surface underneath me.. you see it's white seaweed and nasty covered roof first quickly fade into view through the fog moments before it hits my feet and I'm thrown up on top of it as it surfaces. That would make my heart explode with fear.…

I think.. I THINK that's the basis of my fear, the unknown, which of course is the basis of most fear. the fact that the depth fog limits your distance of view combined with the darkness. The way water limits your senses, you can't smell, barely see, can't touch (diving gloves), and barely hear outside of the muffled underwater sounds which also freak me out. It's just you, floating in this ocean/gulf worth of water.. floating in the open practically helpless. Just like you said, some creatures can see better in the water, some giant creature could be swimming at me fast as hell to get me and I wouldn't hear it and wouldn't see it till it rushed out of the darkness 5 feet away from me and snatches me up!… I think that's why I've seen other people with my phobia and I myself freaked out by buoy chains.. because you see them stretching down into the darkness... it's creepy like what if the chain wraps around your leg and drags you under.……
I think that movie ghost ship might have made me afraid of underwater machines and propellers too. That guy that gets ground up in the gears, remember? The muffled grinding, his inability to even be heard screaming.

<XD Hah...turns out the director of that documentary did direct some episodes of unsolved mysteries.. *face palm* o.o .. I didn't know it till I looked, Richard Crenna is actually dead.. I didn't know that.

TBM Avenger FT-87: ^_^ ...

Beechcraft A23 # N3647Q: Lets not forget those poor baby cars that are used in crash tests, forced face-first into brick walls at high speeds. Yeah it's definitely not the safest thing you can do, that's why I don't ever see us having flying cars in the future. Crashes are fatal enough, lets add a fall to the ground on top of it! XD The OS side of me would kinda like to be in the position of having private time with an airplane, they're so smooth and aerodynamic and sexy. X3 ANYWAY true it would be a nice alternative to have at your disposal for long distance travel.. I bet it's cheaper then buying a plane ticket. If they HAD found a body in the plane we never would have seen it in the show. XD

Scarab Speedboat: I think my ancient Titanic pictures are in my scraps actually.. mr. watches my scraps apparently. XP How I brought who to life??? Heh, that's cool, you're a kayaker eh. You receive the flattery you put out I suppose heh. X3 Man I don't know man, I haven't been drawing as much as I'd like to, now that I'm sleeping like a regular person.. going to sleep 10pm or midnight.. it's hard to find as much time to draw during the day. : / Oh yeah, I've never heard an engine roar that I'd describe as practically orgasmic till I heard that one! It is a shame thinking of those two epic engines just rusting underwater. But I do think they were right that the boat had engine trouble, if you notice the first time they show the Scarab after that dramatic reenactment. You'll see one of it's two engine doors is gone, I'm guessing he sank with the door open and in the up position, it probably got torn off it's hinges by the current of the water bending it back beyond the limits of the hinges... that is if he sank nose first that is.

Big Mom: Heh, you almost have me picturing a drawing of Pinky parked on or near a pier and eying Big Mom who just stares back at her not really effected by her glare and just smiling back with those same sweet squinty eyes. You do have to wonder how Pinky would react if she had some mom competition with another vehicle, like if the Brooks actually owned a boat. Pinky has no problems with Violet's real mom, but I wonder if it was another appliance if she'd be competitive. XD The first thing that comes to mind is just that Pinky would be over-protective and maybe not trusting of the other vehicle taking lil' Violet somewhere. As if a car itself really has anything to do with weather it wrecks or not. YEAH, exactly, it's funny how much it looks like a sailor's cap or something, or like one of those head-band visors you see people wearing. Yeah she does, it's so weird how she's just perched normally like nothings wrong down there on the ocean floor. I wonder how rare it is for a ship to land right-side up on the bottom.. thinking about it.. it's pretty wierd that Titanic landed right-side up too despite even being broken in half. Also more amazingly considering how destroyed her rear-end was coming down even cork-screwing downwards most of the decent I believe. Just seems unbelievable the odds, that she was in two pieces and both times they landed right-side up.. but enough about Titanic. I know man, you'd think a boat would be an easier thing then most to repair after being sunk.. considering how much of it is just solid fiberglass or metal. Thing is, even if they did raise Big Mom up, they'd just want to part her out for scrap anyway so it's almost better she stay down. I watched videos and that's like the only reason they raise ships up is for salvage.

Heh I wonder if you noticed the funny fact about what you just said. It's just like Pinky said, or rather Lee Ann Womack, when she was talking about Elvis. "You gotta die to be famous" which is funny because the only reason the worthless cars are cared about so much is because they died. People are the same way, so many famous people spent their lives with people not giving a crap about them and then only after they died being declared geniuses.

Fishing Trawler Michael J.: I don't know dude, I mean that area is so notorious for freak waves. I don't even believe anything paranormal is going on in the Bermuda triangle to be honest. It's just a mixture of the geography and currents in that area, it makes it an unpredictable death-trap. To be honest, I don't know if you've ever played the first Modern Warfare game, the first level takes place on a cargo ship during a gigantic mid-ocean storm.. it's so crazy! Makes me think of what that night on the Micheal J might have been like. Heh, what, you think he's a fat boat? XD Just more of that lip-work like you liked on FT-87.

Oh you want a sea-shanty eh? I'll give you one! XD *links you in YM*
TheApprentice225 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014
lol well I'm glad you enjoy it Bro ^^

lol well I thought it was rather different, they're all brought to life so wonderfully in the way on your talents can but none of them are a car! Considering your more recent works have been focusing heavily on cars and for this picture you just on a dime switch over to boats and planes without any loss of quality is not only quite a big goal but ballsy too! And the fact you pulled it off so well is very impressive! Aw, well I hope not; that would be pretty crummy. XD ah yes good ol RAGE TYPING! Something I have been forced to do on many occasions. It would be cool if it had an option to restore or save drafts of the text you were writing like a "Draft Recover" thing! With power surges, blackouts, program crashes and all the like I'm actually kinda surprised there's not more backup and save options on things now that I think about it! But no, unfortunately there's nothing you can do to recover it.

XD glad I make a good spazzy impression! lol that kinda reminds me of this one kind when I was in grade school one of those really weird heavy set kids who smelled funny who was running after me yelling "I'm a bomb I'm a bomb' before one of the teachers escorted him into the principle's office XD I remember he was drolling at the time and I made a snarky comment about "Yeah a slobber bomb maybe!" And that would be lovely! There are so many games I'd love to try still ^^ XD A good brawl in the boiler room sounds lovely! lol and you have to love characters who break the forth wall!! lol Especially when they sort of sigh before telling you what to do like they're going "Dude seriously? You need me to break character and walk you through this? You can't figure this out?" lol and Windows 8 seems to be the bane of everyone's existence.

lol not to worry I don't mind and I like DOS so I'm up to learn about it ^^ If I remember correctly Windows 98 had a start in DOS mode option. XD I remember the computers in my grade school library were like that XD The entire screen had like a green tint to them and their outer casings were kinda stained yellow from age XD I always thought that the little blinking thing in the corner of the screen was cool XD You felt important plugging stuff in XD

lol and nope, nothing at all to do with them ^^ And yeah ^^ Those to me still to this day are still some of the coolest songs in video games I've ever heard!

True and it was great to watch that with you ^^ I watched that Documentary so many times it's not funny! I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^ And think nothing of it ^^ lol thought to be honest that would be pretty frightening to anyone I think! A boat shooting back to the surface would be a hell of a thing!

And the idea of something just showing up so fast and so close to you itself is scary because there'd be little you could to to escape getting gobbled up. I bet ships have all kinds of ghost stories for one another about Buoy chains reaching up and dragging young and little boats down to the bottom!! XD and that was a BAD ASS movie!!

HA! Nice ^^ Nice to seem him bringing his talents to that Documentary as well as he did ^^ Sorry to hear that fella's dead though :/

TBM Avenger FT-87: Again, great work on this guy all around ^^

Beechcraft A23 # N3647Q: Agreed and agreed with you on both count! lol and don't you get that with Light Concord /: ) lol and again I must agree, usually unless they're skeleton

Scarab Speedboat: lol I must have missed them XD Did you ever draw one with the Titanic having a face? lol and the Titanic that's who! lol well I used to be a Kayaker, like I said we don't have them anymore and it's been a LONG time since we went. True but it's probably better for you to be doing that, here of late I've been turning in earlier and earlier more often than not. I remember I used to easily be able to rp through a night. XD and don't get too excited about those Engines Ian XD And what do you think happened? Engine wise that is

Big Mom: lol and what a lovely mental image it is! lol I bet it would make an awesome drawing XD and I think they'd just exchange motherly ideas and stories XD The only way I can see things getting a bit heated and competitive between them would be either if they had kids who competed at the same school in a sport or something or they had a motherly opinion on something that was the opposite of one another XD lol I could see that though XD lol oh god XD Irl I HATE those hats and ONLY tolerate them when they're being worn by people on boats! And yeah, I'd assume it's rather rare for them to land straight up like that, but it's a shame they don't bring them up for repairs if they could. Could you imagine bringing the boats up from the bottom and putting them in a Museum? Safe and kept for everyone to see and maybe even buy for sailing like in their glory days? Just letting them sit down there and get battered by the current feels kinda scummy.

It's truly sad, lol but I liked all the cars in Ernie's and would have felt bad for all of them because I DID feel bad for all of them being there XD

Fishing Trawler Michael J.: I'm not saying it's anything super natural, it just feels like somethings off by it; more in the vein that there was some kind a fraud going on. I'd like to see the insurance information on it. It might have been a while ago but if there's foul play afoot I'd like to see the people responsible get nailed because that's murder in my book!! lol and I did and I LOVED that level. I was kinda bummed there weren't more like it! lol and well maybe a bit heavier set than the others XD just an older tubby fisherman XD

XD thank you, thought that animation wow
Half-dude Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah I guess it was a little scary totally changing from cars over to boats and planes. But I dunno, having reference pictures of them right there in the video was creepy as they are. You know, they DO have an auto-draft save feature, but it's only for journals. Every time you stop typing it saves.. I notice because on this slow computer it makes any streaming music I have playing pause.. *rage* you know if you have frequent power problems where you are, and you're a writer like you are, you should invest in a UPS an uninterruptible power supply. They look like power-strips but they're much fatter and..well more expensive. But they're a battery backup system so if the power goes out it gives you like a couple more minutes power before your computer goes out. Time enough to save and possibly enough time for the power to kick back on again. :)

Hah, good thing that kid you knew back in the day saying he was a bomb isn't in our schools now. We're so terrorist and danger paranoid I wouldn't be surprised if a kid would get suspended for saying something like that.. seriously it IS that bad.

Ah yes, ol' monochrome computer monitors, black&white, two shades of green, or black and blue. We had those old computers in my school too in elementary school. I remember having typing classes and playing Oregon Trail. I'm assuming you played the 1985 evil Camaro version? : P

Omg, mommy and daddy boats scaring their little babies away from going out into the ocean by themselves. XD Telling them the scary buoys will drag them under.. oh god.

Random... have you seen the movie Idiocracy? ^^

TBM Avenger FT-87: Thank you ^^

Beechcraft A23 # N3647Q: Mmmm yes, my big sexy Light-Concorde, how I love popping her bubble. X3 Come on.. even if they were skeletons they still wouldn't be able to show it on the show.

Scarab Speedboat: No I've never drawn an anthro Titanic.. though I kinda want to. Also.. sorry to be crude but I guess it's been too long since we talked in this chat stream. But what the FUCK is a "Kayaker???" I honestly don't think I can guess what type of engine trouble they had, I think boat engines are kinda their own thing.. I mean I think boat engines still have carburetors.. so maybe a carburetor or fuel problem? Usually engine problems can be wound down to either a fuel or electrical problem.

Big Mom: I think you're giving the two ladies too much credit, I seriously could see Pinky being untrusting of Big Mom taking her little girl and family out on the dangerous ocean. I mean what would Pinky do if they all died out there? Aww but you don't hate Big mom's hat right? : 3 <3 Heh scummy... literally too, that's something that's creepy about sunken boats.. they're all slimey and scummy. I know it feels weird that they just leave boats underwater, maybe it's because the ocean is still such a mystery to us. We know more about space then we do about our own oceans.. that being the really really deep oceans.

Uh.. what? XD

Fishing Trawler Michael J.: Ah well.. you're MORE then welcome to try and dig up information on him.. I've tried and can't. : /
TheApprentice225 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017
lol it's been so long since I've been on here I don't hardly know what features they have from what! I remember in journals you had to put in <> and other such symbols with letters in them in order to get bold text and other features. lol looking back on it I suppose it's a little silly, you've got a knack for being able to bring life to everyday things like no body else! And I've always found that to be pretty cool! And since I've gotten a battery for my laptop I've been able to save stuff last minute when the power goes out. Power outages here happen quite a bit often.

lol and yeah, he'd have been taken down in a heartbeat!

XD actually I never got to play that game! Though my school district was pretty old and cheap looking back on it all.

And I'm sure that's a fear you can share in!

Yes I've seen the movie!

TBM Avenger FT-87: lol any time man.

Scarab Speedboat: Now that would be an interesting project to see you tackle! lol and that's someone who Kayaks! XD 

Big Mom:  There's and interesting conflict! I could kind of see that too! In fairness I think the open water is far more dangerous than the open road! And I live in Florida and can still say that! This is the state where the elderly come to drive!! lol and no, no I don't!

Fishing Trawler Michael J.: lol I'd love the challenge but I have quite a few already on my plate at the moment.
sharkplane77 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014
really love Bermuda Triangle themed pics, making the vehicles that disappeared alive and such =D 

with the Beech though, the FAA deregisters the tail numbers of planes that have crashed or are taken out of service permanently, just so they can recycle the number to be assigned for a new plane (cuz there are only so many tail numbers you can use :laughing: would be wasteful permanently throwing out the tail number of a crashed or deserviced plane :XD:) but on the FAA's website, looking up a tail number will bring up the plane's registration records, including if the tail number was ever on another plane. if it is, it'll list that former plane and tail number as "deregistered" lol heh, thats why they said deregistered so boldly and unsettling cuz its literally whats on the records :XD:… =D
Half-dude Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh really? I wasn't aware that many pictures get done on the subject. :)

Oh that's very interesting sharkplane! I knew I could count on you airplane buffs here to give me some good information. ^^ Interesting, it looks like the number N3647Q has still yet to be assigned to any other planes even after all these years, is that common you think? I remember that newer Bermuda triangle documentary pointing out something similar, that they had to find the bureau number because the number 'FT-87' would have since been put on another plane. Heh but yeah I know what you mean, deregistered makes sense and it's just a very cold and corporate way of saying it. It just sounds kinda eerily cold when taken from my perspective of seeing vehicles as more like people. XD

Do you understand the jargon the pilot have in his report by the way? Can you make out what he's saying happened? I'll post it again here:


I'm assuming L GR stands for landing gear, but I'm not sure if 'knocked off' is to be taken literally or if it's a term for something. Like I thought those planes had fixed gear that couldn't be folded up, so the only thing I can think of is that he lost the landing gear somehow and couldn't land, is that right? I'm then assuming ARPT is short for 'airport' right? Have you ever flown a plane, can you understand what kind of situation he was going through?

That's pretty crazy, they listed Jerry Stonecypher's full address, I wonder if he still lives there. XD I'm kinda really tempted to see if he has a facebook to get in touch with him. I'm curious if he knows he's old plane was on TV. if I was him I'd be kinda pissed to hear a show claiming my plane was used to run drugs. XD
sharkplane77 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014
no there arent many at all, is why i love them when they are done :lol:

it can happen sometimes, the FAA is slow as hell when it comes to getting anything done :lmao: mostly cuz they're still stuck in the mid-90s in terms of technological efficiency :lmao: but yeah, i guess its no different than a person being labeled as "deceased" on a death certificate or something :lmao:

yeah ^^ heh, all those acronyms and shortened terms they use in aviation :XD: he basically said "left landing gear knocked off (as in broken off probably). landing successfully aborted. circled airport for 1 hour. further damage during next landing" ^^ i've flown a plane for 15 minutes, i guess that counts :lmao: definitely not any real pilot in command flying time though lol

heh, that would be pretty cool :giggle:
soldier2333 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Student Artist
what about the U.S.S. Cyclops?
Half-dude Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This was more personal, it was for the specific wrecks that were featured in that documentary, not the main legendary losses.
soldier2333 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Student Artist
Hrodwulf123 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Flight 19 disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. I remember that "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" has the scene where aliens return the pilots to Earth.
Half-dude Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah they talk about that in the documentary. : P
MasonAndAGhast Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I like the plane on the right.He reminds me of Nugget.
Half-dude Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Nugget? XD
MasonAndAGhast Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Half-dude Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
RedTheDog Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh wow! I love the Beech Musketeer!!! :iconyayzplz:
Half-dude Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I thought about you the whole time drawing him. XD
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