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Half-dude commented on Half-dude's profile

oh noooo! LOL

I'd be walled in.. XD
Let's Go Flying!
Very nice of you Concy. :)
Let's Go Flying!
^_^ *excuses*

Elmo sure takes a lot shorter amount of time to draw then how I draw my characters. Disney has their artists trained so well, they can design their characters in such an efficient and simplified way. His whole body is basically just a wide tear-drop shape with a round circle on top as a base shape for the head.

Yeah, it helps a lot, if you work at your computer desk like I do, having a webcam to take pictures with and a screen in your face to show them.. it's great!

^//O *enjoys the hug*

Well it's a GOOD thing right? O_o Better then just b/w isn't it?

Ah, well I do have the feelings of the characters on the situation in my head.. I think maybe my comic goes in and out between plot talk and feeling talk sometimes. You might not be familiar with it since you're just a writer. But you kinda HAVE to be picky and choosy with the dialogue and conversations characters have. Because you know in the back of your mind, every line of dialogue is probably it's own panel.. more work on the drawing side of things. So I DID kinda have to keep the plot moving.. yes. Get things said that needed to be said and move on.. this comic is already long enough. XD

Maybe that's one of the reasons people liked my character Zeep so much in the IZ comics.. she really did have a lot of personality in her speech, using shortenings like "doin'" and other ' related words.. having a nickname for the main character of "Doctor P".

Do! I wanna hear what you think of them, see if you agree I've gotten better.

Well her mom's getting older and frailer! <XD Violets all young and squishy and plump. ^_O Well.. and plus she's wearing that big puffy sweater so... Her mom is a housewife-type.. dressed for being inside, Violet's been moving so she's dressed more for being outside like her dad is.

O.o GAH! *is knocked down*
Farewell Pinky - PART 1
Thank you for the critique, you sleeveless deviant you!

That's great you liked my design for Hank, I drew him out ahead of time trying to design someone that'd fit the look. Drawing Elmo a bit in my unreleased comic really helped me learn how to draw overweight characters. Though Hank is more detailed, his base design is based off of Elmo. ;) Fun fact!

This is one comic I really wanted to get expressions down on, some of the panels I drew out expressions on another sheet first to get them right, or copied my own face in the mirror. You might also notice a better job done on hands? I used my own for reference for those two.

Hehe, I thought about you every time I put the AC unit in there. ;) *hug*

Really? : / Well that unfortunate how you feel about the color. It's a bummer yeah, but if you actually had colored those panels and saw how long those did alone you'd see how impossible it'd be. Maybe you'll understand more too once you see how long this 4 part comic really is! But you're a a fellow artist, you've colored, so I'm sure you have a good idea.

Honestly I was afraid it'd make the comic look unfinished too, I was actually happy with how it ended up.. kinda like highlight panels every now and then. Most of them are establishing shots, like one to show the mood inside the house, one to show outside, and well.. the last one with Violet's mom because I know the lighting would look epic.

Dialogue has never been my strong suit, but this does have better dialogue then my old Invader Zim comics did if you ever looked at those. So that shows me that I am getting better over time. :) But I know what you mean, some of the dialogue does maybe sound a little forced, but I at least am trying to make it being said in context and with natural intent. You sound like a better writer, could you maybe give me some pointers?

Heheh, you ARE an observant one! I thought it's kinda funny she's taller then her mom too haha.. it wasn't an error though. She's actually pretty similar in hight to her dad, I assume she just inherited her father's height more.. that she's maybe a little semi-unnaturally tall. But we are talking about like.. by inches here. Violet also has a little bit of heel going on in those boots, keep that in mind too. ;)

Thanks again Weirdo. :hug:
Farewell Pinky - PART 1