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Fellowship of the Ring

By haleyhss
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some one on asked a picture of the Fellowship of the Ring, so I did it.
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It's so beautiful!😀

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I really like "The eyebrow raise" from Legolas
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The hobbits look adorable
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You have been attacked by Sunfrog! I thought you would like to know that they have stolen your work.
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I'm not sure if you're aware of this…
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Family Photo taken in RIvendell 3019 T.A.   =)
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They are awesome *-* Aragorn and Legolas are really splendid ! ^^
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That's so cool. I love it.
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AAAAAAW!!! This is sooo cute<3<3 I love the hobbits! And Legolas's smile XD
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the hobbits look so cute!! ♥♥♥♥♥
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q genial!!!! superb
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Yeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!!! Dan... Dandan... Dadadaaaaaan!!!! :D
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Omg how cute! La la la la 
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omg this is absolutly amazing
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can i use this picture to my presentation in game howrse?

I love your art!
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Legolas: Hey Arwen... *winks*  
Aragorn: I'm gonna kill you... 
Gimli: Yo Elf, u better keep off cuz imma use my axes... 
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Oh my gosh !! You have such a pretty style <3
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Here is the hottest boy band in Middle Earth.
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this is so entirely wonderful :D
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I just adore your style. Its... happy. Thats the only way I can describe it. C:
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