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What Dreams May Come

By Halessa
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Originally, Snape was described by JKR in Book One mid-30's of age, and of tall, thin appearance with sallow skin, greasy black hair and a large, hooked nose. Apart from the nose, I think David Tennant would have made an remarkable Severus Snape. And for the record, I adore Alan Rickman!

Edit: The title of the picture is a part of a line of the famous Hamlet monologue from scene I "For in that sleep of death what dreams may come"
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omg, unbelievable!!!
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I somewhat agree... and I too adore Alan Rickman, he's a brilliant Snape...but not the same Snape in the book. I always Pictured Steve Valentine as Snape though...
A manip I did for Snape. lol
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Haha, Barty Crouch Jr as Snape? I actually like it! It's such a Snape face.
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Wow-the expression on his face is perfect. You rock~
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OMG! I was staring now for about 5 minutes at this pic wondering that there was somethin so familiar in it! And no, not David Tennant. I know the SKULL! *lol* So you are at the St. Sebastian Graveyard from time to time? God, I miss this good old neighbourhood - it was so quiet and peaceful!
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Hiya, not David? Shame on you ;-)

Oh yes, the Dark Mark... hidden just around the corner... one of my favourite places in the graveyard (I already used it for my other portrait of Severus). For the background itself I used a image of the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon I made a few weeks ago.
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these will be much angrier Severus than mr. Rickman.
But I adore Rickman´s Severus for his pride behaviour.
His calm, his unbelievable voice... so cruel death for Severus in book seven :(((
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FANTASTIC! I am a DT-Lunatic and I love Severus Snape - but NEVER that Idea crossed my mind. Thank you for doing this picture!
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