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It's commonly known that Gregory House is the modern Sherlock Holmes, and James Wilson is his John Watson... no more to say... comments welcome!
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An American pretending to be English, and an Englishman pretending to be American?! What is this world coming to?!
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we had it already in TNG: A british actor, playing a french starfleet captain in an american series
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You made my day!! :XD:
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Very very very true.
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OH I love it :D... I wish it would happen to :P he is so good as House, it wud be great to see him playing the detective and not the doctor :D X
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I liked Robert Downey Jr. in the Movie, but I think Hugh Laurie would have been better.
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hehe, i always thought that they were a like XD
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his head looks a little bit ... big, but still pretty interesting the idea :D
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Gregory house and James Watson not bad for a couple of doctors
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When I first saw the new Sherlock Holmes, at the end I said "It's just like House and Wilson!" And here you are with the exact same idea. Awesome. :D
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This is Too Epic to effectively Comprehend X3
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You win 500 internets.
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