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Barty Crouch Jr and Bellatrix Lestrange.
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fantastic i would have loved to see the Death Eater Duo in the movie great picture
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Is it just me or does Bellatrix kinda look like an evil TARDIS?
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Best comment I have ever seen today :iconepicclapplz:
CuteNerdyBean23's avatar
I agree, I thought something similar to that when I saw "the doctor's wife."
Suitcliff-Ohara's avatar
omg...Au fanfic..Bellatrix as the doctors evil tardis....and The 10th doctor meets Barty...I feel a fanfic coming on...
CuteNerdyBean23's avatar
YES! I'm working on a fanfic w/Neville, but when I'm done,I totally writing this!
Suitcliff-Ohara's avatar
...We could make it a collab!!
Suitcliff-Ohara's avatar
Note me haha! ^_^ Could be epic, though I haven't seen HP in a while
CuteNerdyBean23's avatar
THat's fine... I live your profile pic by the way... Once-ler forever!
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holy GOD they make a good couple.
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My two favorite characters!!!! SQUEE!!!
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I wished they had a Rabastand and Rodolphus too!
In the movies!!
ANYWAYS...still doesn't make this rock less!!
He looks so badass! And sexy, of course...I love BellaxBarty they are a fun pairing and you did a great job here
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Is Barty Crouch Jr in the new movie?

I miss him :(

Nice pic, btw! *faves*
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No, but I wish they would bring him back! They did not actually give him the Dementor's Kiss in the movie, so technically he could come back.

I <3 Barty Crouch Jr. :)
DazzledByNorrington's avatar
See? He totally could <3
I just don't think David Tennant would have time to film it now...with Doctor Who and everything
jewelvenus's avatar
Well it is already filmed, and he is not on Dr. Who anymore unfortunately.
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Bella and Barty for the win.

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I wouldn't like to have these two knocking at my door in order to ask me a few questions :-)
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