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Jeff Dunham: Puppet Disciple by haleigh426 Jeff Dunham: Puppet Disciple :iconhaleigh426:haleigh426 5 0 Revenge by haleigh426 Revenge :iconhaleigh426:haleigh426 14 51 Like Uncle, Like Niece by haleigh426 Like Uncle, Like Niece :iconhaleigh426:haleigh426 6 2 Journey of the Heroes title card by haleigh426 Journey of the Heroes title card :iconhaleigh426:haleigh426 5 1 Together We Work With Dunham, Jeff Dunham! by haleigh426 Together We Work With Dunham, Jeff Dunham! :iconhaleigh426:haleigh426 6 2
Watch Your Language! (Jeff Dunham edition)
Walter: (gets a message from his wife) aww f**k!
Haleigh: (gasps as she covered the sides of Achmed's head, takes him to the other room and makes one gasp at Walter)
(10 mins later)
Achmed: (after seeing the tail of his Eeyore plushy was ripped off) aww f**k!
Haleigh: (gasps as said above 10 mins earlier)
Peanut: (as he and the Wilsons were trying to keep Haleigh from hurting Walter) Haleigh, calm down.
Haleigh: (gasps as she beats the living crap out of Walter, who shrugs as he got his comeuppance)
:iconhaleigh426:haleigh426 3 11
Lots of love for Achmed by haleigh426 Lots of love for Achmed :iconhaleigh426:haleigh426 3 6 Haleigh and the 2 delightful boys by haleigh426 Haleigh and the 2 delightful boys :iconhaleigh426:haleigh426 7 5 Boy Believable as of the 4th season by haleigh426 Boy Believable as of the 4th season :iconhaleigh426:haleigh426 9 20 My relationship with the Dunham puppets by haleigh426 My relationship with the Dunham puppets :iconhaleigh426:haleigh426 6 4 H.A.R.H.A.M. by haleigh426 H.A.R.H.A.M. :iconhaleigh426:haleigh426 7 2
Goodbye Season (my version)
Late-summer rain
inside of a glasswork city
your profile wears a lot of boredom
You've become very beautiful
like an angel
I say goodbye to you in my heart
Oh, baby I leave this town
And then you follow
your new love with your eyes
Good-bye season, maybe
Someday a letter without a sender
Season will come straight to your door
Ah, it's tough, but tonight
I'll sleep on the couch
It's been a couple four years
Since I have met you
we walked through youth as if we were siblings
I have taught you
your very first kiss, but
now you are teaching me what jealousy is
Oh, baby, in this school festival poster
It's us about a year ago
Good-bye season, you
already graduated from this dream
And I began to chase freedom
Ah, it's nobody's fault
that we became adults
Good-bye season, as if
a season still youths
Season would fill quickly of dried leafs
Ah, you've become so beautiful
that you take my breath away...
:iconhaleigh426:haleigh426 3 2
King Hugh by haleigh426 King Hugh :iconhaleigh426:haleigh426 6 5 Rebootaire Crudulean by haleigh426 Rebootaire Crudulean :iconhaleigh426:haleigh426 4 0 The twig is safe with me by haleigh426 The twig is safe with me :iconhaleigh426:haleigh426 8 123
Lucky T-Shirt (crossover edition)
(Aardvark was seen holding a package of Hershey’s kisses as Momoko was standing around.)
Aardvark: hey Momo.
Momoko Asuka: hmm?
Aardvark: do you want a...kiss?
Momoko Asuka: (blushing hard) w-wait, I’m not ready... (tries to take off her shirt)
Aardvark: (stops her) what the heck, Momo?!
Momoko Asuka: I wanted to show you my lucky t-shirt before anything else, Aardvark.
Aardvark: ugh...riiiiight...what for?
Momoko Asuka: funny, you’d thought I was going to strip naked, didn’t you?
Aardvark: (chuckles nervously)
Momoko Asuka: you know I wouldn’t do that, that’s crazy! Well, at least not marry me. (Takes off her clothes, revealing a buttercream wedding dress)
(he stood in shock as Momoko appeared in front of him.)
Momoko Asuka: ok, now I’m ready.
:iconhaleigh426:haleigh426 1 0


Tombhunter Dora by HMontes Tombhunter Dora :iconhmontes:HMontes 879 246 Baby Groot by MommySpike Baby Groot :iconmommyspike:MommySpike 15 4 Baby Groot - Guardians of the Galaxy, vol.2- by didierplouviez Baby Groot - Guardians of the Galaxy, vol.2- :icondidierplouviez:didierplouviez 4 0 Groot by sunny-forever Groot :iconsunny-forever:sunny-forever 2 0 Making friends in the rain by AudeliSylphie Making friends in the rain :iconaudelisylphie:AudeliSylphie 31 5 Baby Groot Adidas Autism Awareness Shirt by nowniceshirt Baby Groot Adidas Autism Awareness Shirt :iconnowniceshirt:nowniceshirt 1 0 Blah blah blah by Arachnide-pool Blah blah blah :iconarachnide-pool:Arachnide-pool 116 9 Hi-5 by Arachnide-pool Hi-5 :iconarachnide-pool:Arachnide-pool 96 9 House-Jacked Squidward by AfroOtaku917 House-Jacked Squidward :iconafrootaku917:AfroOtaku917 307 29 WOY Sylvia motivational by Nuclearzeon2 WOY Sylvia motivational :iconnuclearzeon2:Nuclearzeon2 36 6 Cuphead - Djimmi The Great by raphael3215 Cuphead - Djimmi The Great :iconraphael3215:raphael3215 887 62 Peanut  by SoleilDai Peanut :iconsoleildai:SoleilDai 15 12 +Art Trade+ Walter and Wife by luthien-black +Art Trade+ Walter and Wife :iconluthien-black:luthien-black 7 5 Gintama 15th Anniversary! by KokoChocoBaby Gintama 15th Anniversary! :iconkokochocobaby:KokoChocoBaby 6 0 Groot by TheAnpan Groot :icontheanpan:TheAnpan 6 5 Baby Groot by Ralaina1476 Baby Groot :iconralaina1476:Ralaina1476 1 0


haleigh426's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
Good friends I get along with:

:iconpowerloud-girl: oh man, I love her memes, and I hope she do a lot more of them. (Hugs her) :)

:iconitzzera: she's such a sweetheart. Because she makes the cutest artwork ever. I also like cute things, too.

:iconprincessbreanne: because she's awesome since I met her in my childhood.

:iconboo-boo-kitty-108: we love to talk about our OCs and Toonstruck.

:iconsuperawesomehamtaro: we love RP and other good stuff.

:iconbravokrofski: we love cartoons and such.

:icondoraeartdreams-aspy: because I'm always there for her, even when there's bad stuff happening.

:iconoldiesfan017: we often talk about what's going on.

:iconmoosiful: if she's loves Lumpy, so do I. Don't judge us, haters. Lumpy is life, bruh.

:iconalexanderschlicht: we talk a lot, especially in funny pictures.

:iconadamantiel: we love to talk about God stuff, life, RP and Toonstruck. Never a dull moment with Toonstruck.

:iconpixelboid: she loves Miis, Toonstruck, little Dakota nod that outfit my darling Hugh wears, the upgraded outfit.

Former friends:

:iconmetalatias5: I don't talk to her anymore, and I don't want to talk about it, but I love her Undertale artwork.


:iconbart-toons: ugh! I hate this freakin’ bastard! He just blocks us for no gosh-damn reason, all because he has poorly written grammar, hate on Japan, Loudcest crap, theft for other good artists’ work and always says “I'm sorry.... but I mean it!” Jesus, man. I’d rather watch the PPG reboot than listen to this bullcrap. In fact, this guy SERIOUSLY needs to grow up, shut down his account and stop acting like a man child!

Art I do: Toonstruck, TNBC, OC characters, Doraemon.

Art I DON'T do: adult content, nudity, gore, omarashi, weight gain, inflation, violence, Frozen (I f**king hate Frozen :x) mature content and/or anything embarrassing or inappropriate.

I do take requests, gifts, memes.

I DON'T take any from anything I said from art I don't do.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Hey guys, sorry if I hadn't post anything in a while, I was busy with the first weeks of school.

Anyway, during the summer, I discovered an evil xenophobic Loud House fan named Bart-Toons. sure, he's a die-hard cartoon fan, but's a complete retard who deserves to die in prison. He treats Lincoln Loud as a pimp and a god. He has a fetish for Lincoln getting kissed on the cheek by his two sisters and it's gross, considering it as Loudcest. He never likes Japan and anime, which is f**king stupid and lame. He never takes in criticism and blocks everyone while he can, it makes me wanna put a bullet into his head and shut down his account by force.

So, in this picture, we have Bart-Toons gagged and tied up with an unbreakable rope whilst the legs tied up with a similar rope to the one that's unbreakable, forced to watch anime before getting shot in the brain with a rope-pulled gun with me in the background. It'll teach him not to mess with us and the Loud House fanbase. If not, share this picture and block him before he can block you.

NOTE: these anime pictures DO NOT belong to me, they belong to their rightful owners and creators.
Guys, whatever you do, don’t and I mean DON’T follow this deviant :iconrosesstella2008:. She is nothing but a jerk and always repeats her work with different color schemes.
There’s a reason why I don’t watch many cartoons anymore: MOTHERF**KIN’ FANBASES, MAN!
Jeff Dunham: Puppet Disciple
This is a very special picture of all, isn’t it? Here we are with nice little fanart of my own: Jeff Dunham, me and the Dunham puppets all in one spot. Let’s get moving, starting with the left side! yay Yay!Yay! Eddsworld  Kanade Anime Emoji (Oh yay Dance) [V2]Cheer Chili Anime Emoji (Yay Cheer and Fight ) [V2]   Fluttershy cheer - yay The X3 emoticon 

Sweet Daddy Dee: oh man, this guy. He’s funny even if he is black. I enjoyed how he always talks about being the “player in the management profession” or P.I.M.P. for short. He even makes a “tsss” sound after saying “Ha-ha!”, y’know, the sucking your teeth thing. Look it up, fool! The playa even told a brotha’ to run in “Arguing with Myselves.” If I was with him, I believe he’ll call me his number 1 hoe. I’d love it! xD

Peanut: who can forget about the lavender lover himself? Some bums would, but not the ladies! I like this guy, he’s funny, especially with coffee in his veins. Despite this, he always make fun of ethic folks and things, including José Jalapeño, so I try to keep my laughter in and give out a little stifle moment to minute. This woozle from a Micronesian island is going to be crazy with me and Jeff-fa-fa! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

José Jalapeño...on a steek: José, a simple Mexican jalapeño pepper born in Mexico. What to do with this suave man. He’s the sidekick of Peanut’s and bites back from his insults with “your mom” and other things. He seems most tame than the other guys, probably because he’s tired. I wonder maybe sometime soon, he and I can go tango to some Latin songs. (I know the feeling, pal.) If he gets trapped at Taco Bell, I’ll get him out by saving him from getting steamed or shredded, then maybe tie Peanut up to a pole. Oh, how evil we are!  Psyco 

Walter: the old curmudgeon who’s been married for 46, I mean, 47 years. He makes me laugh the most, due to him being grumpy and not giving a damn about anything in today’s world. This guy complains so much about his wife and I mean a whole frickin’ lot! He appears in a lot of media, including the news, lucky fella. Once Dunham starts off with him, we’ll be chatting up more than a storm, it’ll be the wildfires of California! I hope Walter calls me a dumbass and tell me to ”shut the hell up” sometime in the show, that would be nice.

Jeff Dunham himself: holy shrimp, I idolize this good man! Ever since February 7th of 2018, I couldn’t stop thinking of him and his crew, but then, it hit me! I wanted to join him for I am a female of might and quirks! But enough about me, this is Jeffrey we’re talking about. He’s the greatest thing ever since sliced bread and cane sugar was invented. He got a great family, does stand up, movies, even had a 7 episode show in 2009. I hope he soldiers on with his hard work and dream of becoming a ventriloquist, why, I wish he’d perform at a party at my place!

Achmed the Dead Terrorist: (sighs) everyone should know this by mind and heart. What’s a good terrorist? A dead one! Here he is, the most beloved dead terrorist in the show, Achmed! I adore this skeleton so much, even before meeting him and hearing his catchphrase, “Silence, I keel you!” . In his story, he said many things that caused his demise, one involving me, but that’s for another time. Anyway, he said he died in a cellphone freak accident while getting gas for his scooter. Some thought he died from a premature detonation. After his death, he joined Jeff to go into show business and prove people that he’s bad and have others fear him. Deep down and out, despite him being scary-looking, he’s actually an affable, innocent and harmless little skeleton who lived a life of suicide bombing. Just thinking about him being a failure of his job really shatters my heart. What’s even worse is that he’s tormented by Walter as he mentions. I really want to join him because I don’t want him to be alone. (Not in a clingy or stalking manner.) Whenever he IS innocent, he might ask for someone to hold him or even hug him. If he did, I would cuddle him sweetly and kiss him. Overall, he’s a great guy to have around, even when the going gets bombed. Achmed  eyebrow 

Bubba J: an alcoholic, white trash redneck fellow who never stops guzzling his beer. These folks do see him as a main character, but not entirely, unfortunately. Anyway, this guy really makes us laugh our bellies off, as he is as stupid as a block of wood with an IQ of -1. Thankfully, he's got some great knowledge on NASCAR and other sports, mostly NASCAR. for me, I think he's a decent guy to hang with at his garage or trailer. Bubba J does seem to be one of the guys in that one group from "King of the Hill", but that's for another piece. He seriously got it made in the shade, the old southern country lifestyle. Before he even met Jeff, he told us that he met his wife at a family reunion, and remembers seeing her with a corn dog in one hand, a beer in another, and leaning against a ferris wheel, "making it tilt." Perhaps maybe he and I should have a drink on occasion, but I will have to talk him over on not drinking too much.

Melvin the Superhero Guy: Superhero Guy? more like "Superhero-has-gone-fly!" I can't believe Jeffrey rarely uses him in the shows. Was he not that good of a puppet? not enough laughter? popularity, even? I assume it's the nose for that reason, no offense. Melvin looks to be an original superhero that would even save the day from fires, intergalatic aliens or maybe a meteor. I really like how he expresses his opinions on other superheroes, esspecially with Batman and the underage Robin. xD Kinda wish we all get to know him more, but no, he's in the closet with the other Dunham puppet rejects. If I were really going to meet Melvin, I'd tell him what life is like being a good guy and everything, we might even talk about families too. Melvin deserves more attention than anything, maybe he needs another makeover or turn him animated as up above on the right side of my picture and let me do a voice of him, but it'll be optional, though.

Welp, that's it, I am completely done with this list. Some of the puppets are mostly charming, full of advice, clean, a little dirty, slapsticky and overall a perfect family of puppets for a team. I hope Jeff Dunham does his best on continuing his lifelong dream of ventriloquism and I hope to meet him real soon, in order to join him to be another one to talk to. For those who are wondering about that, they can't do two voices at the same time, it's difficult and plain stupid. That's one of the reasons why I'm going.

Until next time. peace and shout it out! Racing Girl Emoji (Lovely bye bye wave) [V3] Jack Wave Plz Waving Bakura icon Hey - Bye Fella (Reactions) Yamato Waving Icon GIF Steven Universe - Have a Great Weekend! 

bases for the picture:…………………

Jeff Dunham and puppets (c) Levity Productions.


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