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The Return

By Halcylon
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After the attack on the Jedi Temple, one lone protector returns to his home to find more evil than ever thought imaginable...

So after months of taking a break from Star Wars images, I'm glad to finally be back to my roots as an artist. I've always had a love for Star Wars artist and games. This image was produced in Photoshop CS4 over about 7 hours total (not including time collecting odd images and shapes).

Be sure to download the full image.


"May the Force be with you."
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It'd be hilarious if this is an AU where that is Revan after the Exile's force ghost was empowered by him sufficiently to break him free.  He now arrives back at the Temple after curb-stomping the sith emperor and dark council to find it in ruins.  He is...displeased and decides to vent some frustration on a few fools who instantly recognize him and realize just how screwed they are.
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Curb stomping the emperor? It would be Vitiate curbstomping Revan as he did in the novel. Revan is really overrated.
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...Revan wasn't curbstomped by the Emperor, he was betrayed by Scourge and captured as a result.  Then, when the Emperor tried to steal his power, he instead forced the Emperor to stay on his butt from then on, causing things like the Treaty of Coruscant instead of everyone being crushed and stole at third of the Emperor's power IIRC.  Revan did all of this while in stasis.  If Scourge hadn't backstabbed him, the Emperor would have been defeated.  In fact, Scourge outright realized this right after he did it and found his vision was a self-fulfilling prophecy.
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He was. He was on the ground being electrocuted similarly to what happened to Luke in episode 6, and was only saved by Meetra Surik. Scourge betrayed them when he noticed they would not succeed. 
Vitiate used Revan as a way to use the light side, but that same link made Revan also able to influence Vitiate. If Scourge hadn't betrayed Revan then they would have all been destroyed. Scourge never realized what you claim.
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Revan is not overrated. Her character was Butchered by dudebros who couldn't handle a strong female OR a properly written character. Revan was turned from a legend into a generic dumb white cracker with no personality because Bioware writers were too impotent to do their job right. 
Exam-Kun's avatar
Revan is overrated, and it's him. The only thing i will agree with is that they could have written him better, but you just can't handle that they decided Revan was a white man. 
Missisjoker's avatar
It’s not “him”, it’s “her”. And what I can’t handle is a Mary sued cookie cutter white soy boy they turned that brilliant character into. The worst assassination of the character in Star Wars universe.
narrva's avatar
You can make your Revan whatever you want in your own copy of SWtOR.  Nobody cares for you projecting that creation onto them.
Exam-Kun's avatar
Stop your whining, and just admit that Revan is a white man. Revan barely had a personality before the book and SWTOR was released, so nothing to assassinate. 
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imagine whats going through that guys head.
"May have to think this through a bit."
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great work man amazing!
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This is amazing. One of the best SWtOR pictures I've seen. Great job.
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Amazed, absolutely amazed!
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Wow dude. That is freaking epic.
the angle of the blade look a little off
everything else is great
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This is one of the best SW images I've seen thus far. Great lighting and contrast and I definitely like the detail in sparks and smoke etc. Really conveys a sense of epic conflict taking place. Great work
Designed-One's avatar
I bed the jedi doesnt understand how serious is his problem, Poor jedi... Its an exquisite piece of SW universe, good job man
Wow!!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing, did you actually draw this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome work, keep it up!!!!!!!!! And may the Force be with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a-rascal-cat's avatar
Damn. Ha you know what's actually kind of funny...I just finished watching the entire Star Wars collection! :D
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Just magnificent!
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You're too kind :) Thank you
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This is perfect mate! Could you make a prequel to this one, where the jedi is "facing" or surviving Order 66?
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