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Heroes and Villains

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When I originally made this image, I felt that it was missing major parts, people, and places. Thankfully, I found some time to redo this image the proper way.

Be sure to download the .zip for all the resolutions :)


Heroes and Villains was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Halo: Reach, © Microsoft Corporation.
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I find the lack of Marathon... Disturbing.
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truman1999Hobbyist Digital Artist
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gonna need to do one big massive one after the reclaimer trilogy... that would by epic
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cmd95Hobbyist Digital Artist
This pic reminds me of noble team, *tear drop*

R.I.P. Noble team
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cmd95Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now THIS!!!... Is a wallpaper!
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fofo128Professional Artist

it's like the star wars one
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ShoopWoop17Hobbyist General Artist
I see no heroes, no villians. I see warriors for their cause. Wonderful job
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DosikLensProfessional Photographer
This is awesome! Really makes me want to open photoshop again and start playing around. Great job!
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This is the coolest thing I have ever seen in my whole life EVER!
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SaijkxHobbyist Digital Artist
;) very Nice
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Awesome! I see the silent cartographer.
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MalinionHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome. I like the death star top right ;) LOL
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This image is fantastic! You really managed to capture the spirit of Halo in this picture and your blending of different images from across multiple games within this wonderful franchise is marvelous. Anyone might begin to wonder if you're a Halo fan ;D
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dude this is amazing! sweet job =3
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Fascinating work my friend! How long did this take you to create?
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LordVurtaxHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, I cannot begin to imagine how many layers in photoshop there were. And for the most part it looks stunning. The only problems i think i have with it is the red lining on some characters without any real lighting effect added to hold water that there is in fact a light source.

Tell you what It'll take every inch of the Halo Universe told 100 times each with games, books, web series, etc. before I ever get tired of Halo. What's been most fortunate is how Microsoft has been for the most part handing it. I think they understand unlike george lucas that you don't put your cash cow in overkill mode. 6 games, 7 books (I think), Some one shot short films. And of course merchandising. For Bungie, Halo is the title they will always be remembered for over the others. For the fans like me Halo puts all the other sci-fi epics to shame.

God I love Halo
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Looks very awesome putting all the characters in the halo series together into one!!
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As usual you continue to amazing, impress, and inspire. This is my favourite piece you have done. It is clean, colourful, and absolutely beautiful. Keep it up!
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ODSTs, Spartans, Johnson I think you've done a great job with this!
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Cedric116-B45Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I LOVE IT!!!:love:
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dont listen to ~TFhybrid, halo wars should not be included. also is that the index in the middle?
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very cool
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