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Halo Periodic Tabe

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After 9 months of planning and 4 months of graphicing its finally here. The Halo Periodic Table of Elements. Hawty McBloggy [link] (aka bs angel) brings you the biggest project this graphic designer ever handled! Please visit the main post for all the details and downloads! [link]


The Halo Periodic Table was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo Wars © Microsoft Corporation.
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CipherZeroSixtyFourHobbyist General Artist
...Is it okay that I understand every single one of them?
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Finally another extreme Halo backstory fan! XD
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derp5578978newStudent General Artist
complex but cool!
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HaloArt117Professional Digital Artist
Wow, thats pretty interesting.
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haha gread ideea
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Delta406Hobbyist Photographer
This is a neato concept.
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AwesomelyDerped Digital Artist
I get them all!
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I like Master Chief as Ununseptium. It's like Uno Uno Siete. One One Seven for those of you who know no Spanish.
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linpostHobbyist Digital Artist
i like the fact that you took ununseptium for master chief :D
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VadamusHobbyist Writer
...you forgot Copernicum
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VadamusHobbyist Writer
fuck yes!
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halo's teaching SCIENCE, BABY! :iconwootplz:
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GUILTY-SPARK343Hobbyist General Artist
lol. this is great
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V1ke0r General Artist
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IAmRoyHobbyist General Artist
haha the No scope is genius.
This is awesome.
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King-HaukenHobbyist General Artist
Very, very clever. A guide for some of the abbreviations would be nice though. Ununseptium, for example, with the photo of the Chief. Don't understand the correlation or what the abbreviation has been changed to mean.
73H-FR33M4N's avatar
Ununseptium has atomic number of 117 :D
ThexSilverxWolf's avatar
This makes science look interesting, and I hate science
Lt-C0l0N3l's avatar
Carter should have been on Nobellium.
MOXANDNUNZAStudent General Artist
this is awesome :la:
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boomchicaHobbyist General Artist
Heck yeah!
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ElasmosaurHobbyist General Artist
We thank you for your contribution to the scientific community.
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JohnithanHobbyist General Artist
Nice picture. Good work.
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