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old works... just posting in here because i need some feedback for a more complete photocomic

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Hmmm... this photo comic looks interesting... Let's follow it then!
It's good to find an other photo comic maker, I thought I was only one. 
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In that case, "My dear gosh... Boyos! Bad news! We just got even more paperworks to do!"
Jut kidding. ;P You're awesome!
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There was only one thing going through my mind when I saw the words "Stand by... Ready!" in that comic:


The punchline was rather... Unexpected, to say the least.

P.S., Yes, I know this is nearly 3 years old. I just happened to drop by from your BSW thread...
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at least is good to know i still have someone who reads all my stuff from the very beginning!

thanks for the comment!

btw: what's your nick on BSW???
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Oh, I don't have a BSW account - Just a lurker, who happened to find out about BSW from Bangiras (Yes, I'm Thai like him).

I just got my For Bragg Dusk the other day, too. She's now standing next to Oorbellen (my first!) on my office desk. =P

I'll probably continue to lurk around... Until I get some modding started. Then we'll see.
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Hehe Chibi Zero...XD Go Arnval!! XD

Cool effects dude!! ^_^
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