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Weird Toyz: Blade new Upgrade

By halconfenix
jeez.... i give him the best gift of the world and he complains about it? ...damn!


this is the tamashii web shop exclusive (aka: japan only) Armor Plus Tekkaman Blaster Blade

it's awesome i tell ya!

it was totally worth every problem i got into just to get it!
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You're welcome.
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Ugh... Same ol basic body...

Oh well, should look fantastic when put together! ( Just waiting for mine to arrive sometime this week -_-' )

You get Evil and the first Blade too?
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what's the deal with having the same basic body? anyway...

i missed the first blade due to lack of funds at that moment

and sabre (evil)... well... i wasnt that interested in him in the first place... and i had no experience with proxies by those days...

but to be honest i'm quite happy with blaster and that's what it matters now... :D

(although, honestly i have no idea when i'm gonna put him on my comic)

and thanks for the comments!
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The comment about the body, is that the body that you put the armor onto is the exact same as the ones used for Blade and Evil/Sabre ( except his was different colors)

Such a shame though... The figures themselves are so awesome... But yeah, making the last two harder to get kind of drove up their prices now. Such a shame, since I got my Blade for $100US... but paid $150US each for Evil/Sabre and Blastor Blade ( not including shipping tho... >_< )
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i actually see it as an advantage.... sorta

i mean... if you have normal blade and blaster you can mix and match parts... or even better, if you have enough skills in stopmotion you could recreate the blaster transformation scene...

and yeah... the fact that being exclusives makes anything harder to get...

but whatever...
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naked robots.

I can't think of anything to add to that.
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yeah... bad joke there...

but that's how the new toy works... you have to "dress" him up with the armor
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yo kererlos >,<!!! *saca su bolsillo y salen palomillas* D:!!
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