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Weird Toyz: Arnval Arrival

poor lady... T_T

i dunno how to solve this problem!

she arrived friday morning but i just managed to unpack her (and activate her) at night...

what i didn't expect was that she started crying like no tomorrow and blamed on me... what did i do?

i even asked for help... with not much luck!

she's more calm now but.... *sigh*

¿any ideas?
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More Shinkis solves everything!
...except the starvation... ...and random bouts of screaming lines from folk songs when I try to sleep...

... Or is that just MY Howling?
I miss My money.
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<HF's Howling> i dont thing is your howling

<HF> . . .

anyway my Arnval is not alone anymore.... and about to be upgraded! *points at pseudocomic*

(and your way of "speaking" seems familiar to me... are you from TFW or BSW??)
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I lurk at BSW but I haven't gotten around to joining yet...
Maybe I have a doppleganger around the internet?
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Pobrecilla se siente incomprendida
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y yo que pense que no lo iba a notar XD

almenos ahora esta mas calmada XD
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Oh you got Arnval as your first Shinki (like in the manga....XD ) Congrats!! ^_^ At least your shinki didn't go crazy... Like some Shinki I know *pokes YDA*

YDA: Eh?
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"didn't go crazy"?

i had her weaponry on another place by the time i activated her XDDD

i have an advice for you for the next time with your next shinki:
make sure you have some safety measures and a plan B just in case ^_^
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Next Shikni coming will be Sharatang and Razz... how can a violin and guitar get me into trouble...XD Then again...>_>
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they're gonna rock your house!!!!...down


just kidding!
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si, tirala al tanque de agua XD
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tirarla al tanque de agua? si me costo 75 de los verdes!!!

... aunque no es mala idea lanzarla al tanque de agua (aka: lavadero) que esta detras de mi pieza XDDD
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arnval~ TT_TT
i guess i have to wait for the light armour or the new arnval~
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you still can get her online via Angolz, just make sure you have the monies
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got no credit card etc lolz~ ^^;
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... then do it like i did

starve like mad to get the minimum monies, fight with 2 banks to get a proper credit card and blast anything that looks like an obstacle in the process XD

ok at least just ask how to get a credit card with help of another person or do some business... but DONT EVEN THINK OF NOT BUYING HER!


ok just spouting random stupidity here sorry!
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oh shi, at first I didn't scroll down to see the rest of her body, and for the second I though she is giving a bj to robot Dx
my damn perv thoughts :roll:
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err... for what? :lol:
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