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MMS DJ Tsugaru WIP

By halconfenix
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pretty much the color scheme i plan to use for my Busou Shinki Tsugaru Custom, giving her a bit of that beatmania style with my personal touch!

she's still a WIP since i'm using a white mms body as base i have a LOT to paint.... and the plain colors are pretty much just for reference since the colors i'm gonn use are all pearlescent.... and yeah i like it weird XD

any feedback to improve the design would be aprecciated... as long as doesnt include radical changes or too much detailing XD


DJ Dress added (and it's already made in RL as well since months ago, YAY!)

only thing left is paint the body and that's it! XD

tools used:
- Busou Shinki Diorama Studio for the base 3D model
- MS Powerpoint 2007 for the base vector traced lineart and design
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Are you be using MMS naked flesh color? =3
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a spare white body from my first Arnval which means a LOT to paint.... *sigh*
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Aw... lot of painting indeed...@_@