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Halconfenix Pseudocomic ep 1

ok finally i decided to try to do toys photocomics more often XD

so this are pretty much the rules of this comic:

- i'll try to update with new episodes on a weekly basis... if i dont then or i got too lazy or i finally got a job or it's an FX heavy ep.

- some eps won't apply to most commmon laws (of phisics, of anime, of tv...)

- this is a more general toy comic instead of a specialized one (even if has TF's, Gundams, KO's, Shinkis, Drones, crap and more crap...)

- the place where i live is what can be concidered a "junyard" do doing proper cleanup or not showing the nasty places is almost impossible so i decided to take advantage of it instead of hide anything and doing nothing.

- i only have a cheapo 3.2MP digicam with no optical zoom and automatic (almost) everything... thing that sucks, but at least i have a tripod to work with!

- my english has improved a lot but there are some parts that still... sucks! so while i'm fixing that bear with it!

- im hoping for some feedback as well since i really want to improve this comic in a good way and to do that feedback is important to me!

ok after all that boring speech of mine let's get started!
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