Daily Deviation Suggestion Guidelines

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Deviation Actions

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How do I make a suggestion?

  • Suggestions should come from the Literature Gallery . The artist should not have received a DD in the past three months.

  • Suggestions can be sent to by note to myself, ikazon or BeccaJS.  Please only send your suggestion to one Lit CV.

  • Please put "DD Suggestion" in the topic of the note.  Please send only one suggestion per note. A brief description of why you think the piece deserves a DD is always welcome!

  • I will likely not reply to a DD Suggestion unless it is selected.  But rest assured I read every suggestion I receive!

What am I looking for?

  • If the piece is in the literature gallery, I'm looking for it.  

  • For poetry, I am looking for pieces that have a specific outstanding element.  Be it an excellent execution of form, a well-placed extended motif, or a unique use of concrete poetry, I am looking for something that makes the piece exceptionally unique.

  • For prose, I am looking for flash fiction and nonfiction especially, but welcome any form.  Pieces that have a sharp dialogue, interwoven themes, and interesting structure are ones that will definitely pique my interest.

  • Though those are my specific interests, I will read through any literature suggestion that is sent my way.

  • If you have any questions, concerns, or would just like to talk, please feel free to note me!

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When you say "a piece in the literature gallery" do you mean a literature format or one that belongs to a specific group?
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Anything that is categorized as literature. If you look at the categorization of a deviation (found right above the artist's comments), as long as it starts with 'literature,' you can send the piece to me!
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Does this still apply even though it's from 2010?
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My term is actually up today. You can send your lit suggestions to ^lightningmonkey or ^Beccalicious though!
intricately-ordinary's avatar
okay, thank-you again!
intricately-ordinary's avatar
DANG IT I need to stop clicking links and looking at dates afterwards... *sigh* :dead:
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As I was thinking of what to send you with my suggestion, I saw your list of books that you must read.
I read The book of lost things, and I must say it's pretty awesome. It mixes a lot of the children stories we know, and some are twisted in a rather funny way.

You must read that one first!:la:
Halatia's avatar
You're the second one to suggest that in a short period of time. I'll move it up on my list!
AmerielleSeaglass's avatar
I've read The Book of Lost Things.
It is one of the most endearing, deep, and personal stories that I have ever read. It breaks your heart and wills you to move forward in the most caring way.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I can't find my personal copy because The Book of Lost Things is... lost when I look for it.
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Suggestions can be sent to by note to me, ^nycterent, ^GwenavhyeurAnastasia or ^GaioumonBatou.
I think that may need an update ^^;

I'm sending you some, btw :eager:
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uuuuum yes I think I should update that...

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I've always wanted to see if my literature was in a good enough standing for a DD, but i have no idea how to do this, and i don't even know if suggesting myself is even valid :P, well i guess i'll have to wait for a reply, and thank you for doing this job :).
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While you are allowed to suggest yourself, perhaps the best way to have others read and comment and suggest your work is to do the same for them. :)
TheCreativeJenn's avatar
Gee, there's so many of you to suggest to. :giggle: I'll try to bond with everyone other than Trevor just so I don't seem picky.

Plus, he's been dealing with this skank I told him to leave 4 years ago. I doubt he has anytime for me anyway. :iconhurrplz:
namenotrequired's avatar
Yay! :D maybe you'll receive suggestions from me when I start to clear out the deviations from my watch list :)

By the way, the DD script is broken and it doesn't look like it's going to be fixed anytime soon.^^;
Halatia's avatar
Oh, well that's just sad...

But thank you for the DDs to come!
namenotrequired's avatar
Yeah... it all works well except for the GM list, which won't load. And there's no other way to select a recepient. :hmm:

Hey, don't count on them yet! I said maybe.:noes:
Halatia's avatar
lol No, I'll keep an eye on it and re-add it if/when it's fixed!
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