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Old photo from April 2010

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Amazing precision. :)
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This here looks pretty fuckin perfect :) Those colours just work magically with the composition.
Just beautiful.
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Thanks to the flowers being so damn pretty! :D
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I like this photo -- What kind of camera did you use? The info isn't in the metadata... (there is no metadata).
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Hi there! I use a Fujifilm S9000. It has been a great beginners camera, though I'd love to upgrade, someday hopefully!! Glad you like the photo :)
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May I make a suggestion? Based on the little that I know, Canon makes great point and shoot cameras! I just upgraded to the Powershot SX130 IS... From the Powershot A580... Big difference, but ease of use and quality are there for sure!
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That is good to know, I actually already have a small canon (forget which one now haha) for point and shoot. I'm looking for something a little less point and shoot at this point. As I said my fujifilm was a good start for that, but now I want something new and exciting, interchangeable lenses for one thing (that's for sure)!!!
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Good idea - I am too actually, and believe it or not, I got some interchangeables for my Powershot A580 not too long ago, and then I found the one I upgraded to - just a meantime item until I can hop into a DSLR by Canon. Can't wait!
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AHH upgrading is always so much fun =3
I would be super excited if I were you :P
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