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Mondragon's Gala Party: Entry (Alondra)
Alondra de la Fuente stirred to find the temperature inside her bedroom had dropped, signifying nightfall. She muttered as to express discomfort and raised her shawl to further cover her torso. Alondra did not always like winter for its evenings, but she had found the temperature at the end of afternoon luxuriously chill, she started the habit to taking siestas by the window. Alondra found that at the end of her cat nap, she would always be woken by the teeth-grinding air, no matter how well-bundled she always been. As if being dumped with a bucket of ice, she concluded, stretching and finally rising from the fainting couch she had slept on.
After correcting the position of her embroidered shawl, she resumed with closing the wooden window of her bedroom. It has started to make loud creaking noises for a while, thus alerting the other members of the house that she had roused. Tia Speranza barged in, like she usually did, firstly commenting how "hot" her bedroom had
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TBoLToW App: Alondra
Question 1: Tell us a bit about yourself who you are and where you come from.
My name is Maria Alondra de la Fuente y Ortega. Alondra is how I preferred to be called. I live with my three sisters (Maria Blanca, Maria Candela, & Maria Dalila) and my sickly mother in the city of San Angel. My sisters and I had abruptly finished our Spanish education and were summoned home to accompany our mother, who had fallen ill.
Our father had left our family two years ago for another woman, and since then, my mother had moved to live with the remaining of the San Angel branch of the Ortega family. From my father's family, the Spanish branch of the de la Fuente family was so ashamed, yet so far away, they cannot help us much. Infidelity was frowned upon by the Church and the overall society in my time, but we know it was something we made a pass for in secret.
I can say that people look at the remains of my family with pity, but I refused to bask in self pity. As young & unmarried daug
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Check this out! Horses that have manes & tails like fire! You're going to love this, I've never seen anything like this before!

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Patchheart Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Hello, would you want to join my harry potter rpg? It's new and looking for members. If not, I'm sorry I bothered you.
Inky-Momma Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Hey :) noticed you visited my page :icontopiansroleplay: Interested in roleplaying with us? 
halalau Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there! I'm currently browsing through your group to understand what you offer. I am quite new to dA Roleplaying & dA itself, so I'm not sure on where to start.
Inky-Momma Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I'm so sorry for the late reply. I've been away for quite some time with college and my job. So I made a reply that will be worth your time, and hopefully keep your interest. You are not obligated to join, it is still your choice (: Making this response is inspiring me to make it a journal/blog for those new like your lovely self.
dA Rp vs. Rp:
When you say dA rping, do you mean rping in general? or just dA? I know you said you're new to dA. but there's not much of a difference if you rp in dA, if you have rped online elsewhere. In my opinion, dA doesn't have a specified "RP". RP is the same way around the world without dA. Not sure what you mean by that. My friends and i still rp without dA, even on Skype. Hence why the group moved from dA to skype in the first place, only because Skype has become convenient to keep in touch with everyone daily. We don't web cam often, we only call when we need to as a group. We rp in the Skype comments like someone would in dA chat or even on facebook chat. anyhow, that's how i can clarify the differences for dA Rp. as for my group, i've made two dA chats, one for chat (where the ranks according to the plot are organized) and one for RP to separate the chatter from the posts that scroll up and become lost in cyber space. however in Skype you can always go back to the posts, even if you log out of the chat, and come back in. It will always be there. 
Cellular Rp:
if you're new to RPing in general and you would like to join MY group, i would suggest that you make a Skype account, if you haven't already, it's free. No worries. you can also make an account on your phone if you don't already know. i believe there is also a chat extension app for mobiles specifically for dA chats, I would have to look that up for you for the right kind of phone to have the app. the only difference is, with the dA chat app, and the Skype chat app for cell phones, Skype takes up a lot of battery and the more you're on Skype (it's the same way with snap chat), the more battery dies. I haven't tried the dA chat app yet, I'm willing to look it up for you if you need to because I'd like to have that now that I'm trying to convert everyone from Skype TO dA chats, and I'd like to have one for my phone that way I can still be with everyone at a daily basis like skype. 
Where to start: 
Here is a link as well as directions that you could abide by if you're still interested in joining. I know Topia is always in construction, so bare with me. Don't hesitate to ask any questions you have upon joining/roleplaying. We have been roleplaying on skype, however a new rule has been recently changed that if an admin is NOT available to be in dA chats, then rps are allowed in the Skype group chat.You can also Rp before submitting the character sheet (…) I've taken this link directly from the home page :icontopiansroleplay: on the right side where categories of links are in bold. From there you can also find that the plots have changed. The plot titled in bold 'original plot' is the plot from my novel specifically and in detail. This plot is where all the action comes from, and the reason we roleplay here. (Here meaning, mostly Skype). However the newest plot I would rather you pay attention to has been recently updated in the journals, and has not been posted within the links, sorry for that. But if you still read up on all the plots that are given, you will have an understanding of the latest gossip in the group. You can also start with the blog about How the World Works, and Magic. I know my magic blog isn't very specific, but it's the best i can do for now. I haven't done much blogging in forever because college just started for me, as well as my admins but they are still reliable. The ranks and species are the next step once you've understood the plot and are still interested in roleplaying with us.  
Rp expectations: 
There's not much to expect rule-wise, despite the fact that this IS a literate rp. There are some dA groups that require script form, there are literate rps like mine that require paragraph replies. I've been allowing some slack lately, which I shouldn't, for those who literally only type 3 sentences to reply to someone's post. A post should be 5-7, detail allows the reader to understand any confusion that should be clarified from the post, as well as knowing that detail offers the best action to read. Otherwise a script form that requires very little: ("Like this", he sneezed.) is accordingly NOT allowed. It irks me to the core of my soul that a RP actually rolls that way. Howeverrrrrrr, here comes the best part. I allow script form outSIDE of the rp for the hell of it. (Yes, I allow crude language to a minimum if it doesn't offend anyone). If you want to glomp (glomp is one of the popular emotes that dA chat offers, you can find emotes anywhere in dA, if you haven't already, that will provide the command.) a best friend, go ahead, if you want to start a funny script rp with your friend, or even the character if it's a conversation, go ahead. As long as it's not offensive "script format rp". It's allowed, but it's not preferred. 
Rp requests: Just ask, or request, it doesn't have to be in bold.
Weekly assignments: None. I don't roll that way. Most groups like to assign work for their members to keep them committed, or strengthen their talents. The only assignments I really do have is for my "Trainers" that are part of the plot, but even they don't have anything weekly. As long as they train and have fun!
That's also an obvious expectation! HAVE FUN! This is my crazy family, I have to warn everyone "new", that if they wish to join, my family is a litttttllllle crazy. But if you can handle that, then you'll fit right in (: if you can't, we'll still welcome you! We like to make sure everyone feels welcome and not left out. If there's any problem, even if it's personal, talk to us. We're here to chat and Rp freely. We are the Topian family.

I hope that satisfies clarification! :heart: Might make this a blog so thank you for that!