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Sauron vs wolverine

By HAL001
Wolverine fighting against sauron as in the old "retun to savage land" arc story.

As usual, constructive cristicism and comment are welcome and appreciated !

Sauron is my own scultped model, based on Daz Genesis as stock model - wing are mine and are part of my strigoi commercial product (for sale at Daz check it - low price, great fun ;))
Wolverine is made with several joequick freebies - claws are johh3d ones.

A big big thank to :iconisikol: for his help on this one - isi I owe you this one. :)
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Oh yeah, brought me right back to that old story arc! Awesome Sauron sculpt! Great job! :thumbsup:
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thank you lance.
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While I think its excellent and VERY VERY well done my opinion is that movies have given us a more reality based reference for things like super hero costumes. I think the garish colors that work perfectly in comic books and flat media don't work in a reality based media like CG where realism is whats intended. Again its excellent work I just think a reimagining of Wolvie's get up to better use the realm of the possible and make it not look like spandex would help. Take Sauran's jeans they are gritty and work very well and he's fighting a guy who looks like he bought a costume at Party City...LOL it's humorous.

Still very well done and the render is gorgeous.

Cheers mate, keep on keeping on!
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Very interesting comment. Although I wanted to make something close to an illustration I admit that you are right - Bright colored costume just don't work well for movies and CG.

Thank you for this comment :)

Ace Attorney Misc Emoji (Objection) [V1]

Sorry. Couldn't resist. ^^;

Sky High, Spiderman and the Superman movies would like to have a word with you.  They have bright colored costumes and nobody complains about them. Not everything has to be realistic you know.

Bright colored costume CAN work well for movies and CG if done right.

Maybe if you watch this video, you'll understand why.

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Anytime! Again great job!
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It is so nice to see the cassic Wolverine. Great model! Love the classic X-men. I remeber Sauron so well. I found a wonderful app to my iPhone and iPad called ”Comics” by comiXology and now I can re-read all the classics from my youth :) I will see if I can find the "Return to the Savage land".
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thank you bjorn, i'm glad you like it even i'm not fully satisfy with it. If you want to read it, this story take place in the uncanny X-men 114 to 116 :)
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I had those!!! I remeber reading this when I was young. Sadly there is a cap in the "Comic" app from number 25 to 125... a BIG gap, but at least I got the Phoenix saga :)
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The posing is great. The camera angle is good, but a little too side-on to be REALLY dramatic.

Mind you, that does make it harder to get a good look at both characters at once, but rotate around the scene maybe 30 degrees so they're coming in/out of the camera more and this would be hella awesome beyond words.
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thank for the comment krasch. I'll try to make an update render with another camera angle and some texture work on wolverine outfit.
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If you have ever read How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way, check out the section on camera angles and composition. Moving in/out of the screen is more dynamic than across it because it involves the viewer more IN the action as opposed to being a mere observer.
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It is soooooooooooo amazing!!
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Le bleu et le jaune du costume de Wolverine sont, à mon gout quelque peu éléctrique et ganeraient à être 'sali', texturé, obscurcis.
Trés joli boulot, félicitation.

Je fais une critique facile et vite fait mais je suis incapable d'en faire autant ;)
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merci :)

tu as tout à fait raison pour le costume de wolverine qui est le point faible de cette image. J'avais une première version avec une texture plus complexe pour le costume (avec des traces de salissures et du relief) mais au final l'interaction avec la lumière faisait que les tache avait plutot l'air de défauts. Avec plus de temps, j'aurais peint moi même ces détails mais j'avais déjà passer beaucoup de temps sur cette image et j'avais envi de passer à autre chose.

J'y reviendrais peut être.

En tout merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire et ta critique constructive... c'est vraiment ce que j'attend en postant des images sur DA :) :)
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This is pretty awesome :clap:
Great image of Wolverine- Poor Sauron ;)
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Thank you :)

Hehe, Not quite sure, Sauron is one of the greatest foe of the x-men...
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You're very welcome ;)
Maybe bit Wolverine is Wolverine and I shouldn't be to surpriced if Jubilee is hiding somewhere close. =D
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