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Robin's Mask Colored

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I finally colored the sketch.
I used Maped Color Peps.
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sweet if you could add a face i would be even better great job !
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haha! thanks!
though i'll probably do another drawing with Robin's face but the mask won't have the white part so his eyes will be visible :) since this mask is turned to the side a bit so it wouldn't turn out right. (i already tried and failed)

Cute avatar :aww: I wish that could be me! :D
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i like your avatar too and thx and cool
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NO NO LO (l)[link] chek it out and read it plz
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OMG!!! I never wished for this to happen. I'm sorry little boy that you lost your ice cream b/c of me :(
I shall never use that word. Instead I'll use lvh (laughing very hard) so i can avoid this in the future.
Thanks for the warning.

Oh no! I just realised that 20-30 boys have lost their ice cream because of me :(:(

Poor boys to the side :D that's a cool pic :D
Thanks for sharing :)
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Ok so ur drawing another pic? I'm confused hope it looks good and that u didn't ruin it 2 much addin eyes

Yeah I've seen them they arnet very good
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Yeah, I'm probably drawing another one. Adding the eyes on this one really ruins it :(
Thankfully it was drawn only with pencil so I can erase it.
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phew well at least u can erase it and yeah cos there are those white bits so u couldent see his eyes
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Yup. Thank God you can erase pencil on paper :)
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just thought it would look cool and yeah i could be emersed in his eyes for days grat idea

thanks origonaly it was just a pic of sauske but i diced that sharingan is awsome so zoomed in on an eye xD
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it would look cool, unfortunatley i'm not a great artist or something like that. but i really think that i'll add his eyes. actually i'm drawing right now :D

you're welcome. yeah it is. man i wish i had sharingan. too bad it's not possible. *sob* :D
you just reminded me of something. i have a sketch/drawing of Sasuke that i forgot to submit :D
so i.m going to fiy that right away XD
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awsome! cant wait 2 see it ! xD

i too have wished i had sharingan also and just seen there are sharingan contact lenses but that wouldent be even almost as good
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i thought of that or maybe drawing another drawing of him but his mask wouldn't have the white part so we could see his eyes.
i think i'll probably do the 2nd on b/c it's easier that way and when i tried drawing eyes on this mask it didn't look good b/c the mask wasn't looking straiht. it was turned to the side a bit. so it kinda looked wierd :D but unfortunatley i have to wait to get hit by creativity so that the drawing actually looks like Robin. i really want the drawing too look good. and i want to make the eyes look as best as i can.

really?? i didn't know there were sharingan contact lenses. but i don't think they would look really, you know, life-like.

oh man i just saw what i'm making you read!! )if you're going to red it, that is XD) sorry about that
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you think so?
that thought never crossed my mind.
unfortunatley the mask took almost the whole paper. but i could add eyes though. (i mean who doesn't love Dick's blue eyes???) what do You think about that?

nice avatar. :love: love the Sharingan :D
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