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Oh man this is embarassing ;;;
-because I haven't been here for a while, that's why-

Hope you all have been well and enjoyed Xmas, New year, holidays, etc!!

So... uh....
It's getting awfully dark already.... ;;

Anyhow, I'm sorry for not posting anything for a long time! Dekomori Bowing Icon 
You know, busy what I'd like to say.....
But I've just been to lazy and asdfghjkl to do anything, and then there's school stuff to be taken care off, and then there's a lot of other stuff that I actually am not making up but am not telling since they're personal. Whew, talk about long sentence that probably doesn't make anysense since I'm so good at ENglsih!


Sorry ;;;
Life just gets toughter every year ;; Yukine Sigh Icon 

I'm still keeping this account for now on, and if I'll decide to push the red button I'll be sure to tell about it!
Yap yap...

Thank you every one for favourites!!!
I'm amazed to be honest.... Since, they're not really that good or anything, haha, but I'm glad if you enjoyed them Tomoya Grin Icon 
  • Listening to: HOSOYAAANNNN!!!
  • Reading: Uh... I'm typing so, this text that I'm producing?
  • Watching: Ok, I'm sorry! but I've never understood these???
  • Playing: like, how you do so many things at the same time??
  • Eating: ok ok, I'm srsly sorry for being smrtass, but
  • Drinking: sometimes you just have to
I don't know why I'm doing this X'DD

I got tagged by: :iconescoatic:


1.You should say 13 things about yourself.
2.You Must Answer the 13 questions asked by who spend you the Tag, just as do 13 questions who will spend the tag.
3.Choose 13 persons to spend the tag. Not 12. Not 14. 13. 13 PERSONS OK.
4.Make sure they know have been tagged.
5.Not "if you read this you has been tagged".
6.You can do tag backs.
7.MAKE A JOURNAL, do not be lazy OK.
8.If you do not do the tag in a week after receiving the tag you should obey a desire from who tagged you.

J-just so you know, you don't need to doo thissss!! but It'd be really happy to read your's if you do it hehe Alibaba Icon .  OTHERS ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO DO THIS AS WELLLLLL magi gif alibaba and aladdin 

soo.... 13 things about me..
1. I get pretty easily motivated, but also lose my motivation very quickly!! hahahhahaaa....
2. i m-might be fu...fujoshi...
(no seriously, I listen music everyday, and if I'm really into it I listen music all the time.)
4. One of my secret dreams is to walk in cafe with hot tea on a tray and then accidentally stumble and drop the tea on someones head!! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAmagi gif judar
5. I really love and most of all APRECIATE the work of voice actors!! a-and I really love 'em... whenever I listen some dramaCD's or watch anime I just can't help but smile or laugh!! hehe, I'm shoo embarassed right now ^^;
6. Just recently I've started watching Hetalia a-and.. I'M SHOO EMBARASSEDDD!!! b-but I really did fell for e-englandd... /// byhyyyyyy...
7. I love cup noodles and puddig
8. my real birthday is 16.9
9. i..i hate horror...... t-ttooooo scaryyyy
10. I'm aiming to study history in university ^^;;
11. I like it when people show attention to me.. but don't tell anyone!! shh shh, it's a secret ^^
12. I love good booze!! not with that I'd drink.. I usually drink when I'm having some sort of family meeting or when we're celebrating something
13. I'm actually only half finn... and half asian, I don't look finn at all.. I've had lots of troubless because I'm half blooded and I used to hate it.. since I didn't look like I'd belong anywhere.. but I'm starting to accept it.. hehe ^^

questions I've to answer

1. If you could PERMANENTLY change something about this world, what would that change be?
mn.... g-global warming
2. If you could master any talent, what would that talent be?
... hmm... maybe drawing? but I'd really like to be able to play flute again..
3. If you could heighten any of your five senses (taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight) which would it be?
t-touch? I wan to feel!
4. Would you rather be dumb and live in a world of geniuses, or be a genius in a world or idiots?
- what's with the question X'DD well... I can't say... maybe dump in world of geniuses..
5. Would you rather be blind but talented with music, or be deaf but have amazing artistic abilities?
6. Chess or cards?
7. If you really had to choose, would you rather die from hyperthermia (too hot) or hypothermia (too cold)?
GOODDDDDDNESS!!! h-hmh! from hypothermia...
8. Would you rather be in a normal-sized room but with filled with dying people, or be in a massive room all by yourself?
....massive room all by myself
9. If you were reaped to participate in the Hunger Games, what do you think would be the best strategy for you?
hunger games? s-sorryyy i really don't knoww..
10. Blackberries or blueberries?
mnn... blackberriesss
11. If you could prevent something from ever happening, even in the future or something similar like that, what would that be?
I can't tell... ssorryy ^^
12. Would you consider the ability to read minds a blessing or a curse?
13. Cake or cupcakes?
... I don't like sweets so much ^^;

f-fewww... t-that was harder than I thought ^^;;;

1.Your favourite movie?
2. Do you have allergiesss?
3. WHere would you like to travel?
4. What would you newer forgive?
5. Do you read books? (be honest XD ) and what's your favourite?
6.what do you think about that newest star wars?
7. What's your favourite fish? NOT DISH, FISH
8. What's your dream?
9. Do you like swimming?!! if yes then where? you knowww sea , lake....
10. Who's your favourite artist?
11. What do you know about Finland? ((I'm sorry!! Just had to ask X'DD))
12. What are your favourite pizza toppings? if you don't like pizza, than what is your favourite dish?
13. Why do you draw?

fheeewwww... That was harder than I remebered magi gif funny alibaba

My dear people I shall tag: :iconjang010: :iconkoogers17: :iconsesoulwhite: :iconmisakiayuzawa6277: :iconkeiko-italy: :iconwerahatake:
  • Listening to: c-character songs...
  • Reading: mnn.. m-manga...
  • Watching: ...
  • Playing: I wish I were..
  • Eating: notthing
  • Drinking: precious water~
  • Listening to: ......................................
  • Reading: ...
  • Watching: ...
  • Playing: ...
  • Eating: ...
  • Drinking: Coffeeeeeee
I have lots of free time and I don't really feel like drawing soo...
I got taggged by :iconmisakiayuzawa6277:

1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
6) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that". 
7) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8) No tag-backs.
9) You can't say that you don't do tags. 
10) You have the choice to make a journal entry! Comments if you prefer!

1. Do you have pets?
-yeaaahhhhh... well it's not actually mine (we are only taking care for it ( annnd he has been with us already 4-5 years ^^;;  ) umm.. Parrot and his name is Pjotr
2. If you were an animal, which one would you be?
-Bird or fox....
3. What would be the three things you'd take with you, if you went on a desert island?
-Aki and Ryou!! (well they are inseparable so that makes one
( if you guys don't know they are my headphones and music player ^^ )... glass of water and bottle of water....
4. Who is your Anime/Manga crush?
-HAKURYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU magi hakuryuu icon magi hakuryuu icon magi hakuryuu icon  magi gif hakuryuu ren  and alibaba magi gif hakuryuu ren magi gif hakuryuu ren magi gif alibaba and hakuryuu ren 
5. What would you do if you could switch your gender for one day?
- oh you don't wanna know ~Sebastian Michaelis (Hawt Response) [V2]  (no I'm serious .__. )
6. What is your clothing style?
- when I'm not home... usually my clothes are all black and I use dresses a lot... but when I'm home I wear something colourful so I could cheer up my mother and brother ^^ (I knowww..... but if it makes them even little happier it's worht it!! )
7. What kind of music do you listen to?
-.... I really like classical.... but I do listen japanese music lot
8. What was the first film you saw at the cinema?
-o____o I have horrible memory!! so sorryyyyy I don't know
9. What is your favorite fruit and why?
- I really like apples cause it's always fun to draw them ^^
10. Could you say the weirdest sentence that comes you to mind at the moment?
-I'd really like to be a typhoon...

I'm sorryyyy for everything againHibiya Amamiya (Sighs) [V2]

here comes my questions then:
1. What's your favourite drink?
2. WHat do you think about the newest nintendo games? And if you don't play nintendo games just tell your opinion about other games ^^
3. What's your hair colour?
4. Do you like dinosaurs?!
5. What are your hobbies?
6.Where would you like to travel?
7. What do you do when you're about to cry and there's people near you and you can't escape?
8. What do you think about smart phones and do you like ... umm.. older phones better? (those without touch screen)
9. Do you like reindeers?
10. Which do you prefer dark colours or lighter colours?
----SoRRYYYY if the questions are personal!!

and humans who I tag :
:iconmrspeedygamer: :iconmagicwave10: :iconjang010: :iconkirashingami: ......
I'M  SO SORRYYYYYY Hibiya Amamiya (Crying) [V1]  I truly am!! --- If you have no time or interest to do this please don't do this magi gif aladdin 
  • Listening to: ......................................
  • Reading: ...
  • Watching: ...
  • Playing: ...
  • Eating: ...
  • Drinking: Coffeeeeeee